You’ve got a friend in me !

From Randy Newman Lyrics in Toy Story.

Hey All,

One of my main drives these days since returning back to Tampa is to get more involved in volunteer initiatives and devote more of my time with helping others.

So, you will probably see less posts on socializing activities and more of volunteer work. To be quite honest, getting a bit tired of dealing with my most recent nose surgery and appears it’s going to take forever to heal, especially since I undergo revision surgery on June 10th. Been 2 months already! Hope all this eventually heals properly. Don’t mind doing occasional activities with groups I already belong to that know me,but hard for me to want to try other new groups and to meet other new people looking like I do right now.

My French brother Marco’s wife Rosaria (from Italy) has now arrived here to Tampa and will stay with Marco until he leaves in mid July. Although Marco has been living in one of the apartments off base being paid by the French government and has a rental vehicle that he had been using for work and personal use around the area, with his wife being here, although it really doesn’t cause the French goverment any extra funds, he could not have his wife share the apartment with him, nor can she travel in his current rental car. So, Marco successful found a nice cottage in Tampa and has recently moved there with his wife and so is now paying for the rent there on his own, while the French gover ment still pays for the now empty apartment at a rate of $ 3,000 per month. What a waste of money, but rules are rules. Concerning the car…His wife doesn’t drive because she was unfortunately exposed to four catastrophic car accidents in her younger days with her family with her dad driving. Since she can’t even go into the government rental car, Marco was considering buying a used car to a accommodate getting out and about with his wife when he’s not at work. After I discussed the situation with him as to all the costs he would incur to purchase and register a car he’d purchase and then would have to quickly sell it in such a short time when he leaves in August, I convinced him it would be better to rent one for 90 days. So I helped him find one a week ago and last Wednesday, I picked him up at noon time at the Coalition Village on base and helped him with getting the rental vehicle. Also, since Marco works such long hours as Chief of Staff in the French Coalition with a very demanding General, his wife would have difficulty with getting around. So I did some research on Public transportation and was able to figure out a way for her to take the city buses within an easy walk to the bus stop from their current place is. Also figured out transfer points and bus #’s to take and made her a help sheet so she would clearly know how to do all this. She is now all squared away.

Now concerning another issue that has generated and that is ironically so personal to me. A couple guys I know here in Tampa (who were from Massachsetts) that I met several months ago at one of my meetups, have a challenging situation that has arrised. They have been together for quite awhile, just like Terry & I. One of the guys about one month ago started to have blood showing up in his urine (just like Terry). After tests and a scraping were done his was disagnosed with bladder cancer! Seems like it has spread into his muscle like Terry. He just underwent another surgery this week to look deeper into his bladder muscle and they are now awaiting the pathology results, just like Terry and I did. There is a good chance that he will have to undergo a total bladder removal to prolong life and minimize the futher spread of his cancer to other places in his body. All this is so similar to Terry. I have now taken a vested and personal interest into their welfare and because as you know I went thru all this, I’ve made myself a available to them 24/7 for advice and support. They are getting care at Moffitt Cancer Center and he has some of the same Oncologists that Terry had. It seems so ironic that I made friends with these guys several months ago as if God had a plan for me to have met them and to now extend my assistance. Yes, it brings back sad memories for me and I pray that my friend can overcome and eradicate the spread of his cancer. I am so glad to be there to assist them in any way I can. That’s what friends do!

Also recently I’ve also been taking on the role of travel guide. Since I’ve so many meetup activities in the area, I have learned a lot about fun places to go all around Tampa and St Pete as well as all the beach areas along the gulf. My neighbor in the RV park (Jesse) has his wife visiting this weekend and I designed a whole bunch of activities for them to enjoy this weekend. I’ve also made a new friend from Ireland who is here in Tampa only until August. His family has flown over from Ireland and will be here for two weeks. I worked up an busy itinerary for him and his family as well to enjoy during their time here.

I really enjoy helping friends out. It gives me a good feeling to be of assistance to others.

Have a great rest of your weekend fellow bloggers!


2 thoughts on “You’ve got a friend in me !

    • Thanks Derrick. I was invited for dinner last night at the house of the the guys dealing with cancer. Had a very nice evening while we had a good meal and chatted about all the ins and outs concerning the cancer. Didn’t leave until 1 Am and I had an hour to drive home.

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