Enjoying Time With Friends.

Hey All,

Pretty relaxing weekend for me.

Although there were ongoing events on Friday evening with some new groups, I chose to just relax and stay home. Still a bit apprehensive to socialize with new groups of people that I don’t yet know until my facial surgery is totally healed. Don’t mind getting together with groups I already belong to where I know most of the people although.

On Saturday evening I attended the St Pete Art Walk with friends. Of course,took my French brother Marco and Italian sister Rosaria with me.

Another good friend of mine above. David from Columbia.

Here with David and another good friend of mine (Burr) in the middle.

Of course had to pose for a photo opportunity with the hot lips painting. Notice I posed showing only the good side of my face.

Posing above with Jean, the wife of Geo a good artist friend of mine that has a gallery in St Pete

Had to pose with this cute yellow doggie (was Terry’s favorite color).

This little clay art figure that one of the artist’s was working on looked a little like me (but without the screwed up nose of course!) Can you see the resemblance?

After finishing the walk, a good portion of the group decided to go out for dinner at a really nice Greek restaurant. The food was awesome!

Of course, always got to have fun with the restaurant staff. As they say…when in Greece do what the Greeks do!

After dinner, Marco, Rosaria and I decided to take a walk towards the bay and get desert at one of the many lively eating establishments there. Every so often I’d snap a photo of Marco and his wife…but making sure Marco kept his eyes open! (He has a tendency to close his eye when taking photos!)

Oh…isn’t the above one cute!

Ok…on Sunday evening I was invited to dinner at some good friends of mine (Stan and Lenny). They live in Clearwater. These are the guys that are now dealing with bladder cancer which is progressing so similar to Terry’s. They are anxiously awaiting the biopsy results from a day surgery procedure that was done on Lenny a few days ago, so better decisions can be made concerning what medical procedures need to be done next. I am trying to give them all the morale support thstvI can give, since as you all know.. I’ve been down this road with Terry. Lenny is being treated at Moffitt and has the same oncologist that Terry had. Brings back so many memories. We sat and chatted for hours after eating and before I knew… it was 1 Am! I had a 50 minute drive from their home to get back to my RV on MacDill AFB. It was an enjoyable evening. Didn’t take any photos while there except for the one below with the large giraffe on their front lawn! Made finding their home easy!!

I guess I’ll end this post here. Have a great week!

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