Au revoir !

This evening I was invited for a farewell dinner at my French brother Marco and Italian sister Rosaria’s home.

Marco and his wife (Rosaria) were honoring 3 French military soldiors in The French Coaltion Group that are finishing their tour of duty on MacDill AFB and will be returning back to France in about a week. Their military replacements were also in attendance.

When these French servicemen come to the states to do a foreign tour of duty, the time period they stay here is only 6 months. Thus, the staff is constantly changing. Also, because of the short time here, most of the guys come unaccompanied, leaving their families back home in France.

Since Marco is the Chief of Staff and second in charge for the French Coalition it was a nice gesture for him and his wife to have everyone over for dinner and drinks. As usual his wife Rosaria prepared a great Italian meal !

They even have a fine French wine with the same last name as Marco…”Coppola” !

I really feel at home with all these guys. I don’t speak French, but after a few drinks it seems like I do! The group is so nice to speak primarily in English when I’m around, but when they do converse in French from time to time they always take a moment to translate what they were saying in English. This is so thoughtful.

This guy in the front “Karim” is one of my French workout buddies. A real fun guy.

The drink above is a special liquor popular in the south of France. It’s very potent…but good!

It was such an enjoyable evening and I feel so privileged to be included as a special American guest to the French Coalition.

Tonight (Wednesday) I was invited to another social event where the entire French Coalition team will be in attendance to include their 2 star general.

Have a great day!

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