Oh What A Night With My French and German Friends!

I was once again invited last night to another French Coalition function in honor of several French Coalition members finishing their tour of duty at MacDill AFB and now getting ready to head back home to France.

After the get together several of my French Friends along with my new German friend Marc and of course me, headed out for a night of Kareoking in Davis Island. We had a blast and closed the place down at 2 AM! I had a great opportunity to Kareoke in French! We had so much fun!!!

Enjoy the videos and pics from last night!

My new German Coalition Friends. Most of these guys are from Berlin. Marc, the guy to the left of me was a lot of fun. He joined some of my French friends and myself for a fun night of Kareoking at Davis Island after our French Coalition get together on Wednesday night. Marc is a party animal!!!

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