Pronounciations While Speaking In A Foreign Language Can Often Be Misinterpreted!

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

For those who have never seen the video “An Italian Man Goes To Malta” you will love this.

My French brother Marco shared this funny video with me several weeks ago.

After chit chatting with my foreign French and German friends the other day many examples came up of how people often can misinterpret what one foreigner might be trying to say to another, just by a mere difference in the way one pronounces a foreign word or phrase or because of a difference in the meaning of the same word used in one country compared to another. Often times there can also be differences in the pronunciations or meanings of words even in different geographical sectors withhin the same country.

So be careful when traveling in a foreign country or when traveling within different geographic sectors of the same country as what you are attempting to say to another could be inadvertantly misinterpted and embarasing as is illustrated in this funny video!

Hummm… Wonder what my French friends thought of what I might have been saying when I attempted to kareoke in French on Wednesday night?

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Pronounciations While Speaking In A Foreign Language Can Often Be Misinterpreted!

    • Figured you did. Ireland is not as bad as Scotland although. You have to really listen to them to understand what they are saying. Did you travel the whole country of Ireland or primarily stay in one sector? How long were you there for?

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        • Nice. I remember that route well. I started in Belfast first, then traveled south to Dublin and the rest of the route you guys took. I was Belfast when all the Catholic/Protestant stuff was ongoing. Armored vehicles everywhere. Wanted to experience the tension and speak to people on both sides. A bit dangerous at the time, but found it interesting.

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