Meals on Wheels

Hey Everyone,

As you know when I was away staying at my younger brother Randy’s home for about 3 weeks and then at my older brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s home for a week in April I ate decent meals.

I said at that time that when I returned back to Tampa, I would once again go back to eating my basic TV dinners every day.

However, since I’ve been back here, seems like I’m always attending one thing or another involving food and of course I’ve eaten several excellent meals prepared by my French sister Rosaria from Italy (who is Marco’s wife and a gourmet Italian cook).

Last night I went to a Potluck and Game Night at a club house hosted by one of the members within a meetup group I belong to. As always is the case, we had a wide variety of diverse food and it was plentiful!

As usual, at the end of the event there are so many wonderful dishes left over. Rather than just throw these items out, I selectively box up the good stuff, put it in my truck and then when I get back to MacDill AFB, I go into my “Meals on Wheels” mode. I begin driving around the base providing all the stand by crews located at the front gate, the ambulance services and the military police with a full buffet of great food and beverages to enjoy. They are always surprised and grateful to get these late night treats and I am happy to share it with them all.

Below are just a hand full of other photos from last night’s event.

Okay..about all for now. Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Meals on Wheels

  1. That is very nice of you! I remember working in security at high end condos in Florida while getting my graduate degree. Some of the gifts given at Christmas and the people I met: they were very generous as to my husband getting his MBA and his second security job was watching over Bayshore Boulevard. Very generous. Keep on doing this.


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