Some Things Happen For A Reason

yeaterdatHey Everyone,

Do you remember the post I did about 1 year ago where I told you how emotionally affected I was by witnessing a tragic accident along Bayshore Boulevard on Tampa, FL where a young mother and baby were killed by teenagers racing down the road.

I entitle that blog “Take Two, Get Two and now Weep for Three” The link from that blog is below.

Ironically, yesterday afternoon, I was going to forego my bike ride since I was invited once again to my French brother Marco and Italian sister Rosaria’s house for dinner. However at the last minute, I decided to go ahead and do my bike ride before leaving for my dinner evite and I am so glad did so!

As I was peddling along Bayshore Boulevard I saw a bunch of Television Cameras being set up right where the fatal accident occured one year ago on May 23, 2018.

There was a group of people gathering at the site along with one guy in a wheel chair. My emotions overtook me. I stopped my bike ride and asked the group if any of the family members of the victims were present. The guy in the Wheelchair in the attached picture below was the Uncle where the mother and baby had been staying at his home while the father was doing flight training in another part of Florida. So naturally he had the biggest emotional impact when the tragedy happened last year and was truly the last relative to see the mother and baby alive and how happy as they were as they wete leaving the house that day one year ago to take a stroll prior to this tragedy.

I entered into an emotional discussion with that Uncle, expressing how deeply impacted I was by that horrible fatal accident last year and how I think about his niece (the mother) and great niece (the baby) each and every day as I ride past where the tragedy occured. I told him that they did not die in vane and a result of this unfortunate tragedy, many vehicular traffic changes were made by Tampa that have potenially saved a lot more lives of the people who enjoy traversing along this boulevard every day on foot, bike, stroller, roller blades or skateboard. The speed limit has now been reduced from 45 to 35 MPH, many crosswalks with blinking lights are now in place so people can safely cross the busy street and police are noq always monitoring this area to deter potentual speeders.

I then discussed with the Uncle death in general and how I think about it these days especially when someone dies so young as his great niece. I told him about my deceased spouse Terry and how I try to look at early death at if God was giving the person a special accelerated promotion to go to the front of the line ahead of others to live eternally with him in heaven.

The uncle was very appreciative of my loving emotions and really perked up after I gave him another way to rationalize why God let his innocent niece and great niece be tragically killed at such a young age. Suddenly, I could feel the Uncle’s spirit becomming uplifted, as if my words and emotional discussion healed his grieve. He actually used much of what I told him when interviewed on TV as if I had written his script. I was so emotionally taken by all this as well. The uncle and his wife wanted my cell # so that they could invite me to their house for dinner in the near future as we definitely bonded. It was so ironic that I have completed a complete emotional circle pertaining to this event. First witnessing the tragedy, then feeling the strong emotions as I peddle each day by this site and now actually meeting and making friends with the victim’s family members and having a positive impact in helping to reverse the Uncle’s emotions that are now for the better.

I left the Uncle and group with a warm heart as I continued on my bike route and headed for home.

Link of original post that I did one year ago:

Small excerpt below from Tampa news:

“People gathered Thursday along Bayshore Boulevard, near West Knights Avenue in Tampa, to remember a mom and her little girl killed when they were hit by a car.”

Video on the news about the one year on-going Vigil yesterday.

Source: Vigil held for mom, daughter killed crash on Bayshore Blvd a year ago

The Uncle today just shared with me the vigil that was also held in Ohio by the husband/father and other family and friends there ss that’s were the family lives. That vigil was done simultaneously at the same time that the one in Tampa was held. So precious! He also sent me last years vigil here in Tampa. Link is at bottom.

The uncle also just sent me a you-tube video of a celebration remembrance celebration on what would have been Lillia birthday 2nd birthday. Aug 29, 2018

A tear jerker. Could have happen to any of our kids

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