My International Connection of Friends is Growing!

Hey All,

Had a great time at Happy Hour and Dinner on Friday with my Tampa Bay Adventurers Group. This is the first social event that I’ve attended with them since coming back to Tampa and after also being away for a month in Ft Walton Beach and Orlando.

Took Marco and his wife Rosaria to meet some of my TBA friends. They thoroughly loved it!

While there Rosaria who is from Naples meet another Italian girl “Emelia” who ironically is also from Naples who was a first timer to our group as well. What was the chances of that! If you know the culture if Italian women, once they bond they can talk together for hours!

The 4 of us (the 2 Italian women, Marco and myself then went out to dinner afterwards. It was a nice evening.

Also at the event, I made another new friend Rena from Russia (also a first timer) to the TBA group. She was very pleasant.

Rena is the girl in the middle of the photo above.

Then I met a really nice guy from Australia who was also a new member.

The Ausralian is to the left in the photo above with Rosaria and Marco (or as Rosaria calls her husband…Jean-Marc).

Very rare to have all these new International people all showing up for the first time at the same event. It was really cool…I love my International friends. Told you before how much I enjoy hanging out and conversing with them. Makes the world feel like one big happy family!

Was so good to also have so many of my TBA friends come up to me and give me a big hug and to let me know how much they missed me. Gave me a warm feeling.

Blog break…Extra, Extra…just as I’m sitting outside here now typing this post, a big bird flew above and pooped right on me! Guess that bird was not happy to see me like my TBA friends were and he let me have it! YUCK! LoL!

I guess a good time to end this blog here and clean the bird poop off of me!

I am supposed to go out with Marco and the 2 Italian girls tonight. Not sure where yet? I think maybe the Casino?

Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend!

P.s. So I nodded off into a deep sleep outside on a chaise lounge while on my stomach with my cell right below me. To my surprise when I opened my eyes there in front of me was a little albino frog sitting right on the screen of my cell looking up at me. I know it must have been Terry! Tried to do a “frog selfie” but it was impossible to do as the frog was sitting right on my photo icon! “Terry…you’re so bad!”


5 thoughts on “My International Connection of Friends is Growing!

  1. When a bird poops on you, it brings you good luck! Next time you see this Russian girl, please tell her your blogofriend Dolly said “Privet.” You have a veritable United Nations there – great to see, and wonderful to see you having a great time, Gary.
    Have a fun Memorial Day weekend!


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