Another Great Evening Dining with my French/Italian Friends!

Was invited once again over to Marco and Rosalia’s house for dinner this past Thursday night.

We were having a send off for another good coalition friend of ours “Karim” who was flying back to France the very next morning. I will miss “Karim” as he was also my workout buddy at the gym!

Of course, as always..the wine and other alcoholic beverages were plentiful and flowing!

Rosalia out did herself again. This time an Italian pasta dish with Salmon. Very delicious!

I need to get Rosalia to send me some picturers of her specialty culinary plates and the beautiful presentation of each when she managed 3 five star restaurants in Bahrain. They looked so professional! I know you culinary bloggers out there would love them!

Rosalia would like to open up a restaurant in Florida if Marco and her can get work visas. I told her that I would partner in the business with them, as it would be fun! Already have a catchy name for the upscale restaurant. “La Fipa” it stands for French Italian Polish-American cuisine! Had to get my ethnic heritage into the restaurant name! Would certainly get clientele’s attention. What a combo of ethnic culinary cultures! Would be unique. We will have to be very creative in our dishes! LoL!

On Thursday evening I brought Rosalia a nice “Memorial Day” centerpiece of red, white and blue flowers and also a store bought “homemade by someone else!” apple crumb pie which we easily finished after our delicious main course meal with ice cream of course!

Later that evening us guys went over to the game room and played pool for awhile. Before you knew it 1AM had arrived and time to call it a night or morning I should say!

P.S. “Karim” is planning to travel back here for a vacation with his wife and 2 kids, sometime later this summer. Once I know the dates I am going to try to reserve one of the furnished RV rentals in the park on MacDill if available for their accomdations which would be much cheaper than a hotel!

Have a great rest of your weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

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