A Few of Rosaria’s Culinary Creations!

Hey bloggers as promised in my last blog, here a a few of Rosaria’s (Marco’s Wife) culinary presentations. She is good! Just got to figure how to incorporate my polish entrees into this. Could be interesting.



6 thoughts on “A Few of Rosaria’s Culinary Creations!

    • Hey Dolly

      Dolly. FYI the “La Fipa” restaurant and me going in on the business was meant to be a joke. I was kidding around with Marco and his wife the other day about it and came up with the catchy name. I know nothing about food preparation and all the ins and out of opening up a restaurant, but thought it would get a good laugh. Problem is that Rosaria has to find a sponsor that really likes her work and credentials that would be willing to put into work the justification for specifically needing her unique specialty to facilitate approval for a work Visa in the USA. It usually can be costly and involves a lawyer as well from what I understand. She would have to do some lead chef work or to manage these excusive restaurants 1st before even considering opening up an upscale restaurant on her own here, I think. I guess my LoL at the end of my “La Fipa” idea did not make it clear that I was just only joking around a bit. I would be the last person to know how to run an upscale restaurant, unless TV dinners were on the menu! LoL

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