Road Trip To Sarasota

Hey everyone. On this past Saturday, I took a ride with Marco (my French brother) and Rosaria (my Italian sister) to Sarasota. Rosaria was supposed to have an interview and taste test for a management position at two Italian Restaurants there. The drive from Tampa took us around 1 1/2 hours.

Remember, the challenge for Rosaria is not her excellent culinary expertise and management credentials, but more so her ability to obtain a work Visa in the USA. She must find an Italian establishment who is willing to sponsor her Visa application. The restaurant has to work with a special lawyer and to follow certain protacol to justify why their business needs the special qualifications that Rosaria has that can’t be fulfilled by anyone else in the states. They have to also prove this by ensuring they had properly advertised the position for some time without getting any qualified applicants. Very time-consumming and costly and a bit risky for the restaurant if the work Visa ultimately gets denied. So as you can see…Rosaria really has to impress and find the right place willing to do the leg work and sponsor the Visa request.

So on Saturday we drove to Sarasota for the interview. However, when we got to the restaurant, we found out that the manager wasn’t actually there and was working at the other restaurant about 10 miles away because of a shortage of staff there. So we drove to the other restaurant. When we got there we waited patiently for a while as the manager was busy doing host duties and filling in as a waitress as well. She then said to Rosaria, I need you to come back at 8 pm too busy right now. So what could we do but come back in about 2 hours. So we went to a popular area near Lido Beach where there are many shops and cafes/bars and had a few drinks to kill time.

Okay, so we came back to restaurant and the manager said we had to wait till 9 Pm, so we patiently waited ! Then it was 9:30 pm and the manager finally squeezed in about 5 minutes and said to Rosaria that she would have her come back to do a week of work to be further evaluated and to determine if she was a good fit and that she (the restaurant manager) said woud pick up the costs for Rosaria’s travel and accommodations while stsying in Sarasota. So in the end, we figured our patience had paid off.

Since it was already 10:30 Pm and since we didn’t have much fun waiting around for so long, I suggested we take a quick detour to Siesta Key Beach, as I remember from my time there with Terry several years ago that the area had a pretty active night life crowd and since we were already in the area why not enjoy ourselves for awhile.

Okay…maybe Marco was having too good a time…he was really getting into the music!

Okay, so on Sunday evening the day after, Marco, Rosaia and myself met our new Italian friend Emelia at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa where we did a litte bit of gambling and then had a nice Chinese dinner afterwards.

Note: Enroute to the casino, Rosaria was a bit upset as she found out that the Italian restaurant owner that she had met in Sarasota the day prior was not planning to do as she had told Rosaria about having her come back to Sarasota for a week as a trial. The manager actually put out a new advertisement request seeking a fill for the position. Rosaria confirmed this with that manager. Don’t know why she lead Rosaria on. Not a way to do business ! That’s what lead to my idea (joke) while driving to the casino, about patnering and opening up the “La Fipa” restaurant of French, Italian and Polish-American cuisine. Just wanted to cheer Rosaria up.

Okay…about all for now!

7 thoughts on “Road Trip To Sarasota

  1. This is a very tough situation for Rosario, and restaurant business is notorious for lack of reliability and false promises. Perseverance pays at the end, but it’s a long and difficult road. Good luck to her and to Marco!


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