Four in One!

Hi everyone.

On this past Friday evening I attended four different social events. Marco’s wife “Rosaria” accompanied me. The plan was for Marco to eventually drive to St Pete to join us. Unfortunately, due to Marco’s work at the French Coalition, it is very hard for him to break away early from work (even on a Friday evening !)

The first place we went to was called “Jannus Live”. It is a open air roof top bar with live music and great drinks. This was the meeting place for the evening for members of my “Tampa Bay Adventures” group.

After “Jannus Live” many of the us from the group walked over to the lively and very popular “First Friday Fest” event in St Pete held on Central Ave , which was just a few blocks away.

It was now about 10:30 PM and Rosaria and I had enough fun at the fest so we decided to take a walk to another popular area in Saint Pete. At that time we had finally heard from Rosaria’s husband “Marco” (my French brother) who just left work but indicated that he was so tired and would just go home from work to rest up rather than to join us in Saint Pete. Totally understandable. Marco was grateful that I had picked up Rosaria earlier that evening and took her to St Pete as she is pretty much couped up at home during the week when Marco works (as Rosaria doesn’t drive)and he knows it’s good for her to get out once in awhile.

Now here’s where it gets a bit interesting…

So as we were walking we passed by a “gay” bar called “Enigma” and they had a sign indicating that they were having a Drag Queen Show at 11 PM. Rosaria wanted to go in and have a drink and see the show. So I said why not! I had only been in that place a couple of times and I knew a couple of my friends from my other meetup group were going to be there. So as we entered, got our drink, ran into my two friends Paul and Burr, and then the show was ready to begin. So out came a really tall drag queen who was at least 6 3/4 feet tall! So “she” announced that they were having a lip sing/dance contest and “she” went around selecting participants from the audience to come up on the stage and to compete. Oh course yours truly got selected! So the first thing the drag queen did was buy all the contestants a shot which we drank on the stage and then the contest began. I was the last contestant to sing and to do my dance. My act was to one on “Cheer’s” popular songs. These songs were chosen at random by the disc jockey. My friends went ahead and videoed my act which I’ve included below for your enjoyment. After we all competed then a vocal vote was taken by all the spectators in the bar to decide who won the contest. Now who do you think had the crowd going and who had the greatest yelling and screaming to win the coveted first place? Yours truly!! I was the BIG winner and as a result I had my bar tab covered for the rest of the night! Enjoy the brief video below!

Okay…Rosaria was also getting into the lively music at the bar and even this guy as shown in the video below came up to dance with her! Ok Marco…watch out…you’ve got completion! See…what happens when you decide to stay home and sleep instead of joining us!

Ok….once we had our fill at the “Enigma” Bar and having finished signing autographs for my fan club at the bar after my eventful dancing on the stage (LoL!), Rosaria and I decided to head out and walk back towards where I had parked my car, which was about 1/2 mile away. But wait….had to stop by just one more popular place called “Ringside” because one of my favorite local bands called “No Filter” was playing and I know that a bunch of my Tampa Bay Adventures meetup group friend would be there! The place was packed as usual, but well worth going in for a short while. Going to include a link to this wonderful band. They really get the crowd going!

Ok…It was now 1:30AM and time to finally head home! All in all a “four for one” fun night!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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