Pride Weekend in Saint Petersburg

This weekend was the Pride Celebrations in Saint Petersburg, FL.

I opted not to go to the actual Pride Parade that was held there on early Saturday evening (since when you’ve seen one parade you’ve seen them all) but did venture out to to St Pete later that evening to attend a private (by invitation only) Pride Parade party at the magnificant condo of two new friends of mine (Jonathan and Stephen). They live in the most exclusive high rise condo in all of St Pete! Their condo is on the 25th floor and has the most magnificant views of all of St Pete, to include the Marina and Bay and all the exciting night life that St Pete has to offer. The “One Building “where they live is now the tallest building in St Pete and these new condos are the most exclusive right in the heart of the downtown Their 3 bedroom/3bath condo has a value in excess of 1.5 million!! As you know it’s all about location, location when it comes to real estate costs.

Jonathan is the guy to the very left and is a school teacher and very involved within the St Pete community in spear-heading many worthwhile charitable events. I helped Johnathan with raising funds via a car raffle that was held this weekend at Pride to support “Bees Learning”, a hands-on program designed for underpriveleged children for obtaining enhanced educational opportunities to better themselves in life that they would otherwise not be able to afford on their own. Jonathan’s husband Stephen (they guy in the red shirt to the right) is a doctor of 10 years who works at the St Pete Veterans Administration Hospital.

Here’s a few photos of their interior condo, the fantastic views from their balcony and a few pics from the after Pride party in their condo.

You could see the fireworks right at eye level from their balcony!

Here’s a little about Bee’s Learning…the good cause charitable drive that Jonathan is so passionate about.

Ok, about all for today…Will write and show more pics in another blog about the Pride Festival that was held in St Pete the very next day on Sunday afternoon. I did attend that event with one of my meetup groups and it’s always fun to just walk around and take in the fun and to check things out at the local booths being offered by many establishments in and around the St Pete area.

Have a great start to your week!


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