Bahama Breeze for Friday Night Happy Hour with my InterNations Group

Hey All,Had a wonderful evening last night at a cool place called “Bahama Breeze”. I really like hanging around with all my new found International friends. So glad I discovered this group! They are a lot of fun and interesting to socialize with. Feel very comfortable with them and have learned so much. I am really branching out and building some great new friendships with them all!Woman from AusriaGuy from ThialandGirl from Seoul, KoreaGroup of Italians all from Southern Italy.Mix of European women and the guy is from France.Woman to right of me is from Peru. Other two are from Portugal.Guy is from Iran. Woman on left is from Kuwait. Woman on right is from Kenya. Women to fair right is from Argentina.Women to left is from El Salvador. Guy to right is from Brazil.Three fun Italian women. Very lively and colorful!This girl is from Venice, ItalyNice couple from Naples. They are tenants in a small cottage that my Italian friend Emilia has adjacent to her main house in St Pete.Me with 2 girls from France and one from Holland.Guy on far left and Woman on right are from Belgium and the guy in the middle is from Munich, Germany. Nice people!Girl on left is from Montreal, Canada. Two on the right are from Spain.Girl in the middle is Anna from Poland. Girl to the right is Emilia from Naples. Going to Emilia’s house in St Pete on Saturday (tonight) for a private dinner and party with about 30 Italians. Should be fun!Guy on the right is Christophe from France and the woman to his right is his wife. Guy to far right is from Italy. My friend Christophe and his wife and a bunch of their friends from France and I stayed at the bar until it closed down at 2 Am. We had a blast! Christophe and his wife took an Uber home and they were joking around when they heard that “Jesus” would be their driver. Christophe sent me a text message this morning and said…”Good morning Gary
Jesus brought us home and not to heaven!
He didn’t try to drive over the water although he said he could walk on water. I told him thst’s good. Better to drive on the roads!
So Everything is fine and thank you for joining us for a fun night!”

All in all there were 85 people in attendance last night from about 38 different countries! Can’t wait to the next social event with them!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

My French brother Marco and his wife Rosaria didn’t go last night as Marco had to work late at the coalition village. I’ll see them tonight at Emilia’s party!

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