Annual TBA 4th of July Party on Maderia Beach, FL

Hey All,

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July Weekend with family and friends. Mine was filled with all kinds of activities as usual to keep me amused!

Today’s post will focus on the annual Tampa Bay Adventures ((TBA) 4th of July Party which was held at Bob and Ana’s beach house located right on Maderia Beach.

Bob and Ana go all out for this party preparing all kinds of food and dessert, supplying all the beer and soft drinks and hiring a live band to making the party festive and to get people up and dancing to some great tunes. Everyone that attends usually brings a side dish and some other beverages of choice to share as well, so needless to say…we don’t starve and have plenty of food and drink to last way into the night.

Bob and Ana have a really cool place. Their house is on stilts and they have essentially turned the downstairs area under their house into a fun and private beach bar to include a stage for the band, a dancing area, several bars, plenty of seating and tables for guests and neat beach decor’ throughout. In addition their house is so close (just 1_2 minute walk) to the beach where people from the party also go to congregate and socialize with other TBA friends.

At Saturday’s party we ended up having over 150 people in attendance who trickled in all afternoon and evening to join in the fun! What a great time. This hosts aim to please !

Enjoy some of the pics and videos that I took of this great event!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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