French Revolution “Bastille Day” Event in Tampa

Hey Everyone,

As you know from some of my previous blogs…my good French Navy friend “Marco” has been planning for a large French Social event in celebration of Bastille Day which officially falls on this coming Sunday, July 14th. This was just one of his many tasks in his current position. He worked so diligently on this event over the past 4 months and remarkably accomplished so much for this celebration in spite of being extremely busy with many operational missions as part of his responsibilities within the French Coalition. “Marco” is a great organizer with a keen mind for attention to detail.

The celebration was a actually scheduled for this past Wednesday evening, July 10th due to his boss ( the 2 star French General) needing to travel back to France to participate in the actual Bastille Day weekend events in Paris with the French President and other dignatories there.

As you know, I was delighted (and quite honored) to be invited to this French Revolution event as “The special American friend” of the entire French Coalition group!

As I had expected.. the event on Wednesday evening attended by over 200 people was a great success! Everything was so perfect and I met so many new and interesting people from all over the world. It was truly a wonderful evening.

I took so many videos and pictures….in excess of 200!

Due to getting close to my photo limit in WordPress I’m going to select a representative sample of pics to give you an appreciation of the event.

The Women’s Club on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa where the event was held.

View of Tampa Bay directly across the street from the Women’ Club.

Flowers and French perfume given as a special gift to each women guest.

Photos of the WWIi (98 year old) Veteran honored at the event by the coalition group on behalf of France.

Actual Award certificate.

French Legion of Honor Medal.

The honored award recipient.

The recipient’s family who traveled from all over the country to attend.

Good French coalition friends if mine.

An Italian friend.

Two star French Coalition General

Wonderful 90 year old French lady.

My good Italian friend, Emilia

Marco’s wife Rosaria ” my Italian sister!”

Marco in his Navy uniform.

Group of my good Italian friends.

Some military coalition group attendees from various countries.

Good Korean Officer friend and his wife.

A cute Italian couple who are friends of mine.

Guy in the left is from Iraq and guy on the right from France.

Nice couple from the Chech Republic.

All the photo below show the wonderful appetizers, main course and desserts. The caterer was from France and he is the very best Chef in all of the Tampa/St Pete area.

Ok…about all for now. I will be going with Marco his wife Rosaria and our good Italian friend Emilia to Miami this weekend. I was invited by the French Embassy to be a special guest (thanks to Marco) to attend a formal Bastille Day event at the Port of Miami on Saturday evening. We will then stay in Miami on South Beach for an extra day to enjoy the Beach and the Art Deco vibe there.

As a side note, while in South Beach, plan to meet up with my good blogger friend “Dolly” and her husband for dinner and drinks. They live right in South Beach. Should be a fun weekend!

4 thoughts on “French Revolution “Bastille Day” Event in Tampa

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was a student at the Sorbonne and an au pair for a couple in Paris. My first Bastille Day I won’t forget the drinking and the partying that went on. In the end, it was a little more refined than the celebration of the Emirati Day in the UAE. There were many inebriated people roaming the streets of Paris. Celebrations. I am glad I experienced it once.


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