Bastille Day Event in Miami (2019) Hosted by the French Consulate

Hey All,

I had the honor to be invited as a special American guest of France to the 2019 Bastille Day event in Miami held on Saturday evening (July 13th) that hosted by The French Consulate.

I attended the event in the company of my good French Navy Officer friend, Marcu and his Italian wife Rosaria from Naples, Italy along wife our good Italian friend Emilia also from Naples.

The event was a bit formal (cocktail attire) dark suit and tie for me. The event of course was held indoors in a nice air conditioned hall at Pier J at The Port of Miami. There were about 500 guests in attendance.

Attaching several videos and a handful of select photos that I took to give you an appreciation of the event.

Captured a perfect picture above just at the right moment !

Marco and I posing for a selfie with a 2 star Army general.

Emilia and Rosaria

Marco and I with a backdrop of the Miami skyline and bay.

Ok..As always I’ve got to get my goofy picture in !

Marco and I with The French Consulate

Have a great week everyone!

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