South Beach Bound and a Surprise for My Fellow Bloggers!

Hey Everyone,

On Sunday morning after our pleasant visit and delicious brunch at the home of Emilia’s son, we were off to South Beach (just about a 20 minutes drive) to check into our upscale hotel on Collins Avenue in the Art Deco district.

Upon entering the hotel we were offered a complementary glass of champagne and provided a nice bottle of wine as a welcome gift since I am an premium IHG member. I was also able to get a room upgrade ….a corner penthouse that was totally private with a jacuzzi on the large balcony, a European kitchen with an expreso machine and a separate master bedroom with king size bed (for Marco and Rosaria) and also a living room with a pull out sofa-sleeper for me!

I am including below a video of the boutique hotel we stayed at.

Marco just relaxing!

Private jacuzzi on our balcony.

Hotel guests who take the one minute walk over to the beach are provided with an umbrella, 2 lounge chairs and 2 beach towels to use… while there, compliments of the hotel! The normal charge for this is $35 per day. We did have to pay a separate fee of $ 39 although for parking our car in the hotel garage as it is near to impossible to find any free parking in the area. Besides, everything we would do for the rest of the day was within walking distance as we were right in the most popular area of South Beach!

Marco and Rosaria doing a little shopping late afternoon after spending some time at the beach.

Me taking a selfie! So what’s new?

Marco and Rosaria walking down Ocean Drive.

A must photo for first timers to Miami Beach!

Okay….so here’s the surprize.

Let’s start it off with a little song by Louie Armstrong in honor of the person were were meeting for dinner and drinks that evening.

I think you my fellow bloggers figured it out…I got to say “Hello Dolly” to one of our fellow bloggers from “koolkosherkitchen” and her husband who live just a short walking distance to where we were staying in South Beach!

A photo taken at the entrance to Espanola where we went for dinner and for some drinks. It was a lively place. Unfortunately my cell phone malfunctioned and some of the videos I tried to take didn’t save. So below there is one I got off you tube to let you know what the Espanola area of South Beach is all about and then there is one short video that I was able to take at our outdoor table at the Italian restaurant.

Although the Espanola area was a lively and a fun place which I like and Dolly thought would be a good place to go for a unique experience of South Beach, unfortunately Marco and Rosaria didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

I completely forgot about 2 things…

Marco has a problem with his hearing and he generally doesn’t like to go to a place where music is very loud, especially when trying to carry on a conversation with new people he is meeting for the first time as it is near to impossible to hear each other.

As for Rosaria…she is a culinary expert and when she goes to an Italian restaurant, she is almost always critical of the food the restaurant prepares when comparing it to her own cooking.

So despite being a fun place to see, I probably should have suggested to Dolly earlier that we go to a quieter non-Italian place as it would have been more enjoyable to my friends. Oh well..I enjoyed it! Also, Rosaria was a bit irritable on Sunday evening (and didn’t seem herself) as I completely forgot that Sunday was the 13th anniversay of the death of one of her children who died from cancer at the age of 15 years old, so I think she was a bit down. Also, since we would be leaving very early the next morning as Marco had to be back to work on MacDill AFB by noon and since we had a full say…I think my International friends did not want to stay out too late…totally understandable. Still was nice to meet Dolly and her husband in person!

I’ll end this blog with Dolly enjoying her favorite drink …A mojito! Too bad we had to make it an early night as we would have gone out dancing which is one of Dolly’s favorite things to do!

Have a good rest of your evening!

10 thoughts on “South Beach Bound and a Surprise for My Fellow Bloggers!

  1. Gary, you are so sweet! It was lovely meeting you in person and meeting your friends as well, and now you have given me this big build up – thank you so much! I am so sorry about Rosaria’s loss; of course, I didn’t know, otherwise I would’ve suggested a different place, but I was planning on Marco Efrati, the owner, to be there and meet you all, and perhaps be of help to Rosaria. We will talk to him and connect you, if he can help.
    Next time we meet in Tampa, G-d willing!


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