Two Thumbs Up!

Hey Everyone,

No….contrary to what you might be thinking based on the tile of my blog, I am not doing a critical review of new movie release!

The “two thumbs up” title has to do with my actual thumbs!

One of the chronic health conditions that I have is psoriatic arthritis. It can severely affect my joints and can cause a lot of inflammation resulting in significant pain and discomfort. You will also note in the photos that it can affect my nails as well, causing them to become brittle and crack.

This recent disformaty of my left thumb and joint is a bit concerning and has made it difficult lately to hold things securely, especially since this is my dominant hand.

I will admit…it was even difficult to hold my beer bottle and wine glass on my recent adventures to Miami !

I saw my rheumatogist just before departing on my recent trip and he is trying a new regimin of medications on me. One of which requires regular blood work to be taken to monitor my kidney functionality.

My fear is that my arthritic condition will continue to get worse over time. I am hoping that the new medication will be effective in alleviating the discomfort. You all know how active I like to be and how much I enjoy doing my daily workouts at the gym. These workouts keep me fit both physically and mentally. Doing just little things these days are becoming a bit problematic such as tying my shoes or trying to open up a new jar.

This arthritis is also beginning to be felt as of late in my big toes as well, but worse right now in my left thumb.

As a side note…I will be going to the Veterans hospital this morning to have my pre-operative tests done. I am scheduled for the revision surgery on my nose on next Friday, July 26th.

Also today I will be dropping off a copy of my radiology x-rays of my left knee that were taken after my left knee revision surgery was done back in Dallas in 2006. I just received in the mail a copy of those images. My orthopedic surgeon here in Tampa was a bit concerned that the metal shaft in my left leg seems to have shifted considerably from the center and is getting very close to my outer skin layer in my left leg. He wants to compare current x-rays to what the images looked like afrer my 2006 surgery. I have so much metal in that left leg right now that there is little bone structure left to have a 3rd knee revision operation if it becomes problematic. Unfortunately (although it feels okay to me right now) if it eventually becomes an issue..the only way to fix it is to amputate that leg and learn to live with a prosthetic one. Time will tell…

I will taken one health issue at a time as I continue to live my life positively one day at a time !

Have a great weekend.

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