Back to Back Events on This Past Saturday.

Hey All,

Had a fun day this Saturday attending 3 back to back impromptu events.

Got a call on Friday from my good friend Jonathon inviting me to the beach in Treasure Island on Saturday morning. There were a bunch of guys meeting there at about 9 Am from a group called Krewe of the Caviliers. They do alot of good things in the community and also usually have a float in many of the local parades in the Tampa/St Pete area (to include Gasparilla). Thought it would be good to meet some of the guys and maybe get involved in this group as another opportunity to do something different.

Jonathan is to the left in the above photo. A real nice guy.

Also got a message from Marco on Friday evening that the French Coalition group was having a party on Saturday afternoon. So…it being so hot at the beach…I decided to leave there about 1 PM and was off to the coalition party back in Tampa.

Really enjoyed meeting Margarita the girl shown to the right in the above picture. She is from Spain and grew up in Malaga (in the Costa del Sol area) in Southern Spain where I have visited several times so we had a lot in common. The guy in the photo directly accross from me is a Army officer from Belgium. A nice guy.

The guy in the above photo with the baby is from Albania. He is also such I good guy and I’ve got to know him and his family recently as they have attended several events that I’ve gone to.

Three good friends from France above. I’ve know them for several months now.

The guy above “Lionel” is a Army Major from France. He, his wife and 15 year old son will be stationed here for the next 3 years. They just arrived a couple of weeks ago. We hit if off immediately and I’ve been helping him and his family with getting acquainted to the area. We are already building a great frienship.

Ok… so while I was at this party…got an impromptu message from another friend of mine “Paul” from one of my meetup groups. A bunch of guys were planning to meet for dinner that evening in St Pete. Told him that I would get back with him later and confirm if I’d join them. Well after a few beers (ok many!) while at the coalition party…decided to forego driving to meet the guys in St Pete and instead went with Marco (as my designated driver) his wife Rosaria and Emilia to a very nice restaurant that evening in St Pete Beach with a rotating circular floor with wonderful views of the beach and sunset. It was a great evening.

Picture taken at the restaurant.

Above 2 pictures show St Beach Beach at Sunset.

Ending this post with a picture sent to me from our good blogger friend “Dolly” from South Beach.

Dolly was doing the Flamingo after one of he classes. Oh what fun…go girl!

Ok, after a full day and evening Saturday just chose to rest up on Sunday!

Have a great rest of your week!

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