Healing “The Big Reveal”

Hey All,Just a quick update on my health. So far since my Friday’s nose revision surgery, the healing process seems to be going pretty well. Always a challenge for me is to get the bandages on my face to look a bit less noticeable as time goes on and as the healing process moves forward. When I got out of my operation I looked likethis (see below).

Then on Saturday I changed my bandages to make it look a bit less noticeable. Also used tan paper tape instead of the bright white tape used by the medical staff at the VA.

Then on Sunday morning got my dressings to be even a bit smaller while still being able to protect my wounds.

Now the initial big reveal. Of course with stiches in for the moment until next Mon, Aug 5th. The most important changes done during the surgery was getting the seem down my nose to become a bit tighter so the skin would heal better and their wouldn’t be a noticeable gap. Also, there was an issue on the skin fold where the corner of my nose meets my cheek tissue. The surgeon did some manipulation there as well. Also some fatty tissue was removed under the skin flap of my nose where the grafting was done so the new skin would be a bit smoother and level with the rest of my nose.

Photo directly above shows a more close up version of the operative work done.

As for activities while I am in the healing process:Friday evening just rested.Saturday afternoon I helped Marco and Rosaria with moving their stuff from one house to another. Just boxes and bikes, no big things to move but quicker to do with my truck.On Sunday morning I went to the gym in the morning and did my late afternoon 25 mile bike ride as well.For now…I plan however to keep my social activities to a bare minimum for awile… at least until my stiches get removed and then will see from there how things progress.Ok..have a great week!

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