Up Up and Away!

Hey All,

My RV is back in storage and I am currently free-loading for a month as a “wandering gypsy” up at my younger brother’s home in Crestview, Fl. Spent last weekend and the beginning of this week at my older brother and sister in law ‘s home in Oviedo, FL (near Orlando). Video pretty much explains everything so I won’t repeat here. Have a great test of your week!

TBA Pool Party in Clearwater, FL on This Past Saturday Evening

Hey All,

I went to a fun pool party on Saturday evening at the home of one of my friends from the Tampa Bay Adventurers group. We had over 100 members in attendance. It was a great time.

Sorry …could only attach a few photos to this blog as I have once again exceeded my photo limit maximum in the media section of my Premium WordPress subscription.

I need to go back and delete some of the photos from my older blogs to free up more space so I can add some new photos to accompany my future blogs.

I’ve also included 5 fun videos that I took from the event and downloaded them on You-Tube and then pasted them here in this blog.



The Return of the Mummy–The Sequel

Hey folks…This post is not actually about a sequel to a Hollywood movie…but then again if it was, I guess I’d have a great chance at getting the lead part in the movie? No makeup required!

Yes….this morning I went to an appointment with the plastic surgeon as I was not not comfortable about the way my face has been healing in the lower right corner.The concern is that on this Saturday I will once again be closing up my RV and moving it to storage and traveling out of the area back to my brother’s homes for one full month.

I’m leaving here a bit early (only after 4 months) so I can get back here by the end of September so I don’t forfeit my six month reservation in the RV park (which I had to do a year out) for the snowbird season. Remember, I can only spend six consecutive months in the park, and must then leave for 30 days before I can return back for another 6 months. If I stayed here for 2 more months, it would screw up my snowbird cycle and I’d lose my reservation.

I wanted to see the surgeon this morning as I didn’ want to assume everything would be okay and things from my last surgery would heal normally while away a whole month especially if there was any issue with the on-going healing of my face or lack there of.

Sure enough…it was a good idea that I did made this appointment today as the surgeon agreed, the wound in that area wasn’t healing well and it was best to do another surgical procedure on it today and to apply more stitches.

So as a result…my face is once again bandaged up for the next 10 days.The plan now is that I will still leave here this Saturday and go to my brother’s house in Orlando. Then on next Wednesday morning I ‘ll make the 2 hour trip back here to Tampa for an 8 AM appointment to get my stitches out and then continue on the road that same day (provided all is good) for the 6 1/2 hour trip up to my other brother’s and house in the Fort Walton Beach/Destin, FL area where I’ll finish up the rest of my 30 days before I can return back here to MacDill AFB to move back into the park for another 6 months.

Ah the life of a “Gypsy and Traveling Mummy” !

Bon Voyage Marco!

Hey All,

Tomorrow my French brother Marco heads back home to France. His duty assignment here in Tampa ends today. His replacement from France (Dominic) arrived this past week.

Marco has had little time to prepare for his departure (he’s even working to about 5 pm today on Friday with so little personal time to take care of things) so I’ve been trying to assist him a bit.

Yesterday I helped move his wife Rosaria from their current apartment in Tampa to St Petersburg. Rosaria will be temporarily moving in with our other Italian friend Emilia until a more permanent place to eventual live is determined. As you know from my past blogs, Rosaria will be staying here in the U.S. while Marco goes back to the French Riviera to take care of personal things like diwn-suzing by selling alot of their stuff and then to make arrangements to ship what they want to keep back to the Tampa/St Pete where they eventually hope to live as future U.S. citizens. Time will tell how all this works out.

Right now they are making arrangements to obtain work Visa’s by getting social security cards, a U.S. driver’s license, opening a bank account, establishing a consulting business for Rosaria in food preparation and applying for job opportunities for Marco in property management positions.

Last weekend I helped Marco for about 6 hours taking his 42 years in the French Navy and developing a strong 2 page resume’ for him (that focus on his attributes) and also writing a great cover letter for him. He has already submitted the documents for potential jobs and he has gotten a few responses of interest from several local companies which is promising.

So hopefully things will work out for Marco and Rosaria and in time they can become full U.S. citizens!

It will be nice to have my French brother and Italian sister eventually living here in the Tampa/St Pete area!

Have a great weekend!


I’m A Bit “Nozy”

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I had my revision nose surgery.

This past Monday I went to the surgeon and got my stiches out.

The incision down my nose looks pretty good now and I think it will heal and smooth out over time.

However, I was a bit disappointed in the surgical manipulation that was done by doctor in the right lower corner of my nose where it meets my cheek. The incision there didn’t heal as well as the surgeon had hoped after the stitches in that area were removed. The surgeon now wants to wait another 6 to 8 weeks to let things settle down a bit in that area so he can assess if I will need a 3rd revision surgery to fix that spot so there isn’t a scar there. He said sometimes things can heal on their own and so he doesn’t want to rush things as he said it’s easier to work with and to correct after some of the natural healing takes place. So for now I must patiently wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, I have to apply vasoline over that area several times a day and cover that corner with a piece of tan paper tape to disguise that scar a bit so it isn’t as noticeable.

The scar down my cheek from my 1st surgery is still a bit noticeable, but I am hoping over time is will fade and blend in a bit better.

So…for the moment I am still a work in progress and just have to deal with the cosmetic inconveniences for a while longer. Hey…I been dealing with all this since January (for 8 months now)…so what’s a few more months. Oh well …so for the momement I am still a bit “Nozy” !

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh What A Night: A Wonderful Meal Among Friends

Hey All,

On Saturday evening I went to a wonderful dinner party at the home of my friend Emelia in Historic Kenwood in Saint Petersburg, FL.We had 14 people in attendance. It was a beautiful blend of people from France, Italy, Spain and of course myself from the USA.

One of the guests that came was a Spanish Navy Admiral and his wife. The admiral is the senior Spanish officer stationed in the Coalition Village on MacDill Air Force Base. I had my opportunity to practice my Spanish by conversing with these two in their native tongue and remembering all the wonderful times I had visiting their beautiful country in the past.

Of course Rosaria (Marco’s wife) was the lead 5 star chef for the evening and as always she did a fabulous job at preparing all the wonderful dishes of food for all of us to enjoy.

Emelia was the other chef and lead dinner hostess and she made from scratch one of the best cakes that I have ever eaten. I was so impressed with her bakery skills!

As you can from the photos and videos below, the table setting was so elegant and with so many courses of food…we went thru so many place settings throughout the evening meal.

I will give myself a pat on the back as well as I volunteered to be the lead dishwasher and after the meal I went to work (with the help of a few others) to quickly clean all the dirty dishes and to put everything away in Emelia’s kitchen so that she wouldn’t have to stay up all night doing this.

All I can say is that everyone who attended had a fabulous evening enjoying a wonderful meal and conversing with one another.

Today (Sunday) I will have to workout extra hard to burn off last night’s fabulous meal!

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the pics and videos below!


I Have A Dilemma!

As you know I had birds recently that constructed a nest in the hitch area of my RV and subsequently gave birth to two new baby birds. The baby birds once strong flew the coup about a month ago. Once they left I cleaned out the old nest and brought everything back to normal.

Now I have another Mommy and Daddy bird who are trying to move in again to make another new family in my hitch!

Yesterday, I decided to clean out the new partially built nest yhey started making with hopes that the future parents would get the hint.

However, just after I got home today ….. low and behold this couple has been going to town again and have reconstructed a new nest once again!

I love birds and generally don’t mind sharing my “bed and breakfast” establishment with them. I guess the word’s going around the criter world about my 5-star establishment that the service is good and that the rent is cheap… Actually Free and who doesn’t like a free place to stay !

The problem is that on Aug 24th I’m putting my RV in storage once again and leaving the area for one month. I’ve only been in the RV park here for just 4 months this time. However, to get me on the normal rotation cycle again and to be able to keep my RV reservation during the “snow bird season” I will need to leave here in late August and will return back to MacDill AFB once again on or about 9/24. After that point I’ll be good to stay here for another 6 months.

What I’m afraid is that if I let my lovely tenants build their nest and fully move in anf have their kids all this would probably occur just around the time that I plan to move. I would hate to destroy the eggs or evict my new tenants with yhe young ones but I would have no choice!

I guess tomorrow when the parents venture out, I’ll have to clean out the new nest again and block the area and put up a sign to let them know that my “bed and breakfast” will be closed to new tenants from now until early October! Hate to do this as I am sure they’ve work so hard to rebuild the nest again, but i’d rather evict them now before the cute baby birds are born!

Oh well! The trials and tribulations of running a “bed and breakfast” !

Have a good evening.