I Have A Dilemma!

As you know I had birds recently that constructed a nest in the hitch area of my RV and subsequently gave birth to two new baby birds. The baby birds once strong flew the coup about a month ago. Once they left I cleaned out the old nest and brought everything back to normal.

Now I have another Mommy and Daddy bird who are trying to move in again to make another new family in my hitch!

Yesterday, I decided to clean out the new partially built nest yhey started making with hopes that the future parents would get the hint.

However, just after I got home today ….. low and behold this couple has been going to town again and have reconstructed a new nest once again!

I love birds and generally don’t mind sharing my “bed and breakfast” establishment with them. I guess the word’s going around the criter world about my 5-star establishment that the service is good and that the rent is cheap… Actually Free and who doesn’t like a free place to stay !

The problem is that on Aug 24th I’m putting my RV in storage once again and leaving the area for one month. I’ve only been in the RV park here for just 4 months this time. However, to get me on the normal rotation cycle again and to be able to keep my RV reservation during the “snow bird season” I will need to leave here in late August and will return back to MacDill AFB once again on or about 9/24. After that point I’ll be good to stay here for another 6 months.

What I’m afraid is that if I let my lovely tenants build their nest and fully move in anf have their kids all this would probably occur just around the time that I plan to move. I would hate to destroy the eggs or evict my new tenants with yhe young ones but I would have no choice!

I guess tomorrow when the parents venture out, I’ll have to clean out the new nest again and block the area and put up a sign to let them know that my “bed and breakfast” will be closed to new tenants from now until early October! Hate to do this as I am sure they’ve work so hard to rebuild the nest again, but i’d rather evict them now before the cute baby birds are born!

Oh well! The trials and tribulations of running a “bed and breakfast” !

Have a good evening.


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