Oh What A Night: A Wonderful Meal Among Friends

Hey All,

On Saturday evening I went to a wonderful dinner party at the home of my friend Emelia in Historic Kenwood in Saint Petersburg, FL.We had 14 people in attendance. It was a beautiful blend of people from France, Italy, Spain and of course myself from the USA.

One of the guests that came was a Spanish Navy Admiral and his wife. The admiral is the senior Spanish officer stationed in the Coalition Village on MacDill Air Force Base. I had my opportunity to practice my Spanish by conversing with these two in their native tongue and remembering all the wonderful times I had visiting their beautiful country in the past.

Of course Rosaria (Marco’s wife) was the lead 5 star chef for the evening and as always she did a fabulous job at preparing all the wonderful dishes of food for all of us to enjoy.

Emelia was the other chef and lead dinner hostess and she made from scratch one of the best cakes that I have ever eaten. I was so impressed with her bakery skills!

As you can from the photos and videos below, the table setting was so elegant and with so many courses of food…we went thru so many place settings throughout the evening meal.

I will give myself a pat on the back as well as I volunteered to be the lead dishwasher and after the meal I went to work (with the help of a few others) to quickly clean all the dirty dishes and to put everything away in Emelia’s kitchen so that she wouldn’t have to stay up all night doing this.

All I can say is that everyone who attended had a fabulous evening enjoying a wonderful meal and conversing with one another.

Today (Sunday) I will have to workout extra hard to burn off last night’s fabulous meal!

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the pics and videos below!


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