Bon Voyage Marco!

Hey All,

Tomorrow my French brother Marco heads back home to France. His duty assignment here in Tampa ends today. His replacement from France (Dominic) arrived this past week.

Marco has had little time to prepare for his departure (he’s even working to about 5 pm today on Friday with so little personal time to take care of things) so I’ve been trying to assist him a bit.

Yesterday I helped move his wife Rosaria from their current apartment in Tampa to St Petersburg. Rosaria will be temporarily moving in with our other Italian friend Emilia until a more permanent place to eventual live is determined. As you know from my past blogs, Rosaria will be staying here in the U.S. while Marco goes back to the French Riviera to take care of personal things like diwn-suzing by selling alot of their stuff and then to make arrangements to ship what they want to keep back to the Tampa/St Pete where they eventually hope to live as future U.S. citizens. Time will tell how all this works out.

Right now they are making arrangements to obtain work Visa’s by getting social security cards, a U.S. driver’s license, opening a bank account, establishing a consulting business for Rosaria in food preparation and applying for job opportunities for Marco in property management positions.

Last weekend I helped Marco for about 6 hours taking his 42 years in the French Navy and developing a strong 2 page resume’ for him (that focus on his attributes) and also writing a great cover letter for him. He has already submitted the documents for potential jobs and he has gotten a few responses of interest from several local companies which is promising.

So hopefully things will work out for Marco and Rosaria and in time they can become full U.S. citizens!

It will be nice to have my French brother and Italian sister eventually living here in the Tampa/St Pete area!

Have a great weekend!


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