The Return of the Mummy–The Sequel

Hey folks…This post is not actually about a sequel to a Hollywood movie…but then again if it was, I guess I’d have a great chance at getting the lead part in the movie? No makeup required!

Yes….this morning I went to an appointment with the plastic surgeon as I was not not comfortable about the way my face has been healing in the lower right corner.The concern is that on this Saturday I will once again be closing up my RV and moving it to storage and traveling out of the area back to my brother’s homes for one full month.

I’m leaving here a bit early (only after 4 months) so I can get back here by the end of September so I don’t forfeit my six month reservation in the RV park (which I had to do a year out) for the snowbird season. Remember, I can only spend six consecutive months in the park, and must then leave for 30 days before I can return back for another 6 months. If I stayed here for 2 more months, it would screw up my snowbird cycle and I’d lose my reservation.

I wanted to see the surgeon this morning as I didn’ want to assume everything would be okay and things from my last surgery would heal normally while away a whole month especially if there was any issue with the on-going healing of my face or lack there of.

Sure enough…it was a good idea that I did made this appointment today as the surgeon agreed, the wound in that area wasn’t healing well and it was best to do another surgical procedure on it today and to apply more stitches.

So as a result…my face is once again bandaged up for the next 10 days.The plan now is that I will still leave here this Saturday and go to my brother’s house in Orlando. Then on next Wednesday morning I ‘ll make the 2 hour trip back here to Tampa for an 8 AM appointment to get my stitches out and then continue on the road that same day (provided all is good) for the 6 1/2 hour trip up to my other brother’s and house in the Fort Walton Beach/Destin, FL area where I’ll finish up the rest of my 30 days before I can return back here to MacDill AFB to move back into the park for another 6 months.

Ah the life of a “Gypsy and Traveling Mummy” !

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