Stacia — The New Look! The Transition Is Underway!

Hey All,

Today was set aside as a Mother and Son Day.Earlier this morning my brother Randy took my Mom for her routine lab work and then treated her to a pedicure/manicure.

Shortly after they returned home I then took my mother to the beauty parlor for a well overdue hair transformation. Unlike most ladies who would love this…my mother is a bit different. She does not like to go to the beauty parlor to have her hair trimmed, colored and styled. It has been several years since she’s been to a beauty parlor and her hair was so long and so white that yes…I must admit she definitely looked like ” the last living witch of Salem!”.I kind of had to trick my mother to get her to go with me to the beauty parlor. I had to tell her she was accompanying me while I was going to do an errand. Then when we got to the place she questioned where were going and I told her we we going in to visit one of my brother’s neighbor’s (Lucy), which we actually were as Lucy was also getting her hair done in the place when we arrived.After a little bit of whimpering and anxiety I finally got my mother to the chair so the hairdresser could begin the transformation…

The transformation can now be seen in the two photos below.

That evening I treated my brother Randy and my 0mom Stacia to a new seafood restaurant that just opened up a couple of weeks ago in the local area called “The Juicy Crab.”

All and all a productive day giving our Mom a bit of well deserved pampering.

Have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Stacia — The New Look! The Transition Is Underway!

  1. Hi Gary,
    What a wonderful story.
    You did well to take care of your old Mom and use a small ploy to take her to the beauty parlor. The chosen hairstyle and colour embellish her face. No more witches around you! You’re very lucky to be able to take care of Her, acting as a good Son.
    The crab restaurant was the icing on the cake. The crab dish served seems delicious. Enjoy your weekend with your family.
    Your little French brother:)


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