Haunted Theater in Tampa?

Tampa Theater claims to be most haunted place in Tampa Bay area

Hey All,

Remember the theater that I wrote about last week when I attended the opening night of the Tampa Film Festival with friends? I did a video along with that post that time to show you the beautiful architectural design within that building, but the video quality was ot that great. Just came accross an interesting video about that building and wanted to share it with you since we are getting closer to Halloween. Enjoy!

Opening Night at the G & L Film Festival in Tampa

Hey All,

This past Friday night I met a few friends from one of my meetup groups who were attending the opening noght of a film festival occuring in Tampa.

Wow…I never knew this cool theater exhisted in downtown Tampa. What a beautiful place with an interesting stage backdrop.

Sorry for the quality of the you tube video as I was having some issues with my cell.

The Tampa mayor spoke briefly before the movie started to welcome everyone. I had an opportunity to chat with her for awhile at a social event outside theather before the show began and to meet her wife. I as well as my friends had no idea that she was married to another women. You learn something new every day!

The movie was nothing special, but it was nice to get out and about as I try to get back into my social groove again (despite all my heath issues) now that I’m all settled back in for the next 6 months at MacDill AFB.

Yes…typical me. I am not sure if it was the 4 vodkas I had before the show, the company I was with, the movie we were watching or just typically me who is notorious about nodding off when in a movie theather! Ha Ha!

Have a great rest of your week!

Update on Me

Hey All,

Did a quick video update on me. I’m now back on MacDill AFB in the RV park and I am all setup for the next six months here. Also forgot to mention in my video that I am also doing my daily gym workouts and afternoon bike rides. Have a great weekend!