TBA Halloween Party – My Last Hoorah Event Before My Surgery!

Hey All,

Wanted to quickly send you this long post on a Halloween Event I went to on Sunday evening with my Tampa Bay Adventurers Group.

I decided at the last moment on Sunday to go ahead and have some fun before needing to take it easy for awhile after my surgery on Monday.

Glad I did. What a fun party with so many cool friends!

A bunch of people did some really great skits on stage and the costumes were fantastic (except for mine of course, as I didn’t feel like getting dressed up)!

I took so many pics and videos. I hope you open them and enjoy the show as much as I did.

Still having issues with posting pics on wordpress as my media area on there is completely full. So for now I circumvent around this by doing videos and putting the. on you tube and then posting the links on to my wordpress blogs.

I eventually will have to delete some of my older pics from earlier blogs to make room for my many new pics that I have from several other fun events I’ve gone to since returning back to Tampa. Eventually I’ll be able to share some of those great events with you as well!

Have a great week and enjoy the show via my videos!

Love Gary