MacDill AFB International Fest !

Hey everyone,

You all know my passion and joy with mingling and socializing with my great International friends. I was in my element on Thursday evening (Dec 5th) This International event was coordinated by all the International military attached here on MacDill Air Force base in coordinated operational support to the Central Command (Centcom)

This was an evening that each group of International soldiers and their families could showcase their culture and wonderful food to all Amwrixan military and their families assigned to Centcom.

This event was not open to the general public or other military groups on MacDill AFB. However, I had the privilege of receiving a special invite by my 2 star French General friend to attend as a special American friend of the French Coalition group!

I absolutely loved the event! It was so much fun, especially since I have gotten to know so many International Soldiers stationed here and over the past year and half, I have been helping them and their families with advice and suggesting interesting things for them to do in and around The Saint Pete and Tampa area. I’ve kind of transitioned into an American Liaison to them all and have tried to show them good old American hospitality. I want to ensure they have a favorable impression of American people during their short stay here. I love helping them and can relate to most of the places they’ve come from since in my earlier years I was so well traveled and spent time in many of their homelands.

Enjoy all the fun videos I added here.