Tampa Bay Adventures (TBA) Christmas Party on Dec 7th, 2019

Hey All,

To continue my night of social events this past Saturday evening, I left about mid way through the Christmas / House Warming Gathering at my good French friend’s home (Christophe’) in Clearwater, Fl where I was having such a wonderful time with all the French nationals living in the area and then got back on the road and drove for another 30 min over to Seminole, Fl where the Tampa Bay Advenruers group were having a very lively party hosted by another one of my friends named Andrew. Andrew always goes way out when he throws a party!!

As you know…”Tis’ the Season” and so often all these gatherings unfortunately can occur on the same evening…so I do my best to make the rounds so I can get to spend some time with each of my groups of friends as much as possible.

There was also another group that I belong to that was meeting that same evening for a Christmas event at the Largo Botanical Gardens, but it was just way too hard to fit that 3rd event into my evening. Sometimes just too hard to attend everything ! Oh well.

I hope you enjoy all these fun videos I took from party # 2. The TBA group always throws festive parties and yes…they can get a bit wild! I’ll admit I get right in there with the best if them!

One of the fun things we did during this party was to have a belly dancing contest. First a competition among some of the men and then after, a group of women competed. I took 1st Place in the men’s group! (See Video 4 below..don’t want to miss this one)!

We even got a snow storm that evening here in Florida so why not have a snowball fight! (See Video 11 below). We get a bit imaginative !

After eating all the wonderful food and treats from these Christmas events, I’m starting to feel like I’d be a good candidate to fill in for Santa. Soon I won’t need any belly padding if I continue to indulge on all this Holiday food…Ho Ho…Oh no!!!

Have a great rest of your week!