Watch “I’m Alive and Doing (?)”

Hey Everyone,

So sorry that I haven’t been on WordPress for awhile, just been busy wiyh other things that I needed to get done and so on-going health issues.

I guess we all have periods in our lives where other things sometimes need a bit more attention.

I am going to begin posting new blogs again soon.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

I wish you all well, especially under the current Corona Virus Pandemic. Please stay safe! Inluding a you tube video below. Take care…


3 thoughts on “Watch “I’m Alive and Doing (?)”

  1. Gary! I have missed so much as I missed you. I will ring you in the coming week and in the meantime, know that you are front and center of my thoughts. I’m still knocking the dust and cobwebs off myself that accumulated during my naval gazing period of crisis of mental health. But I am well. I just need to readjust my routine somewhat and of course, right now we are all fully discombobulated in terms of trying to even HAVE a routine in this new and strange state we find ourselves in. I am relieved that your Doctor went ahead with what are clearly essential surgeries. I love your new Condo but I am sorry you are having, alongside us all, to self-isolate when I know that you need company. You are like my second daughter, the one I worry about the most just now who is a person who needs people energy in her day and who is now locked in a tiny flat in Bristol, UK and more like a caged bear than a hibernating one! Take it easy, dear friend and I promise I will be in touch in the coming days. Just bear with me as you bear-hibernate! 🐻


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