Happy 60 th Birthday Sherry & Terry !

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

It was exactly 60 years ago today that God blessed Don Tidwell and Mary (Cole) Rawls with the birth of what would be their youngest child….”Terry”. It was also a doubly special occasion because on that very same day and just moments before “Terry” was born God also brought into this world his twin sibling sister “Sherry”. A double miracle to the Tidwell family and to mankind!

Who would have ever thought that the youngest child in the Tidwell family would be ” specially selected” by our maker to ultimately go to the front of the line and be the first to enter into the gates of heaven well before me, any o his immediate family members and all his friends still residing here on earth on a short and temporary basis.

I always think it’s important to recognize and to reflect back on one’s short time while on this dear earth of ours. Also, I try to look at one’s passing with a positive spin and in a unique way. It helps me to move forward in life and to know that all will be okay. Death is not the end (it’s a rebirth) …It is merely just the beginning of the next step that ultimately transitions our soul to our ever eternal life with God and gives us the opportunity to be reunited with all our loved ones and friends who have passed before us.

Birthdays are truly just a number and although they can signify milestones in our lives and are generally celebrated in the company of family and friends, I remember Terry often saying to me that as each bithday comes and goes, a person merely moves up one notch closer toward reaching the gates of heaven. Terry was certainly right about that and he always looked at his future passing not to be the end or a bad thing. but just the beginning. I believe that God specially selects each of us at a certain time and at a specific location and for a certain reason and according to his plan to be in a much better place with him for eternity.

Today April 5th also marks the 3rd year anniversary of when Terry and I first arrived to MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. It was actually Terry’s 57th birthday on that very day 3 years ago. In honor of Terry we chose back then RV spot # 57 to reside in. Ironically this was the very same spot (now sacred) that ultimately became the place where Terry’s spirit ascended to heaven on September 1st, 2017.

From that point of arriving to MacDill AFB and going forward, as you all remember from Terry’s previous blogs, it was 5 full months of constant health challenges. It was at that time period that Terry’s body started to become much weaker as each day passed. Remarkably however, his spirit and his inner strength (and of course mine as well bring his 24/7 caregiver) become ever stronger despite so many obvious signs of cancer ultimately taking over.

Things as I always try to remind myself happen for a reason and we have to accept these realities as part of God’s ultimate plan as they are out of our direct control.

So, on this special day.. I wanted to wish you “Sherry,” a very happy 60 th birthday and I know that your dear twin brother “Terry” is smiling down upon you and the rest of us as we remember and celebrate you and your brother Terry’s special day!

The selfie video of Terry that I have attachd below will bring back memories of Terry from exactly 3 years ago, as he and I were enroute from northern Florida with our RV, excited about what was to be our new and temporary home here in Tampa, FL as we would begin to work with experts in the oncology field to evaluate and treat Terry’s condition and provide hope. As I mentioned before…despite all the medical assistance..God truly had a bigger plan for Terry and according to that plan… called Terry early to come be with him behind the glorious gates of heaven.

I raise my glass of wine to honor both you Sherry and you Terry on your special 60th birthday!

I hope tthe video of Terry that I’ve included brought you Sherry and the rest of the Tidwell family and other friends a true reminder that Terry’s spirit is and always will continue to remain alive within each of our hearts.

With Love.


4 thoughts on “Happy 60 th Birthday Sherry & Terry !

  1. Gary this is beautiful. Just that. I feel truly blessed that our lives crossed because of Terry and his wonderful spirit, now a spirit that watches over you, exists in that special pocket in your heart and reflects back the kindness and wisdom that hallmark you both. I send you great love xx


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