Like Mother Like Son ! Happy Belated Easter

Hey All.

Sorry that I have been so sporadic on WordPress lately. I guess being couped up inside my condo as a result of Covid-19, complicated by my recent surgery with so many physical restrictions put on me by my surgeon to not be able to ride my bike yet, be out and about doing errands or even relaxing in the sun, I haven’t had much interesting stuff to write about lately.

I really have been just stairing at the 4 walls in my condo since March 17 th (the day after my sugery). Also, since I’m not supposed to be walking around much because of my deep leg incisions, I am still having to keep my leg elevated and bandaged up for a few more weeks. Have become a couch potatoes. Thank God I got most of my condo in order prior to all this!

Also, my nose as usual has been a big disappointment. When will all this end. I feel like I’ve been around the world and back. 5 surgies on the actual OR and 3 revision in the office and still looks like S__t! Now instead of just having scars on one side of my nose, I now have scars on the other side as well and accross the middle from side to side. You might as well just use my nose to play a game of tick tak toe on it! Oh well.

The good thing for me about Covid-19 if you want to look at it with a positive spin.. all my social events have been cancelled and so many places remain closed, so if I’m going to be having to recuperate indoors than this is probably the best time to do it!

I can only write and send so many videos to you of my condo and only talk so much about my health before putting you all to sleep, so let’s change this up a bit.

I hope that despite so many restrictions and all the cancellations for attending church services or social activities, you were able to have a safe and enjoyable Easter and to reach out to your other loved ones and friends via phone or Zoom.

As for my Mom, she had an enjoyable day with my younger brother Randy (as best as I can see) as he sent me this photo of her I’m attaching.) I can see she like me and the rest of us are all in bad need of a hairdresser, big they’re all closed! I didn’t get to speak with my Mom on Easter, because I’ve been sick all day..coughing, throwing up, chills (but no fever) weak and a small degree of breathing degradation. I hope I don’t have Covid-19? I’ll watch myself over next few days and only go to the hospital if my breathing or other conditions becomes problematic or if my temperature spikes. At least since I’m confined to my condo, (it’s like being being quarantined) so I can ‘t spread it to others if it turns out to be positive.

So, as you can see from the above pics…loving bunny rabbits runs in our family. Actually when I was growing up (still working on this!) we had a cute bunny rabbit as a pet for such a long time. His name was Pinky (not sure why we called him that because he was stark white)!The pics of me above were actually taken many years ago at about age 45, when I was having some fun as a male model in Dallas and Houstin, Tx during my mid-life crisis. Also did some modeling for a heath magazine as well as several smaller ads. I happen to find all these pics when sorting thru a few of my boxes I hadn’t unpacked yet.

Ok so let’s ends this on two more things about the Covid-19 virus that we might all be able to relate to, especially right now. This one has to do with protective gear…. I went to a party in Austin, Texas many years ago when I was about 40 years old. As trivia it was a guy I knew that lived right next door to Sandra Bullock! Unfortunately she was out of town doing a movie shoot that weekend do couldn’t attend, but her father showed up! (Nice guy). The theme was to wear something black. I came up with this cool outfit. I happened to find this pic when rummaging thru my storage boxes. Wish I still had that outfit now! Would have been perfect to protect me from the Corona Virus when out and about doing essential errands! LoL. Would have gotten some stares I’m sure!!

I’ll end this blog with adding one more cool you tube song from my favorite music artist. He is so spot on right now about how everyone is feeling being on lock down in their homes because of the Corona Virus. Enjoy!

Love, Gary

Watch “‘Bored as Hell’ by Chris Mann (A Lizzo Parody Cover)” on YouTube

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