Getting My Groove Back

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

I just couldn’t stay couped up in my condo any longer! I have literally only walked outside of my condo front door for 4 times since March 17 th! Twice to get some groceries and the other 2 times for post surgical follow-up appointments at the VA. The main reason for being a “bear in hibernation” hasn’t been because of Covid-19, but more so because of physical limitations after my surgery. I’ve been having to keep my left leg wrapped up and elevated because of where the deep incisions were made to remove the cancer I had there. However, more important to me…I have not wanted to be seen in public with my ugly screwed up nose that is looking worse than it did before! I have a phone conference with my surgeon this afternoon to discuss. You know I have been dealing with this since March 13th, 2019!! 4 actual times in the OR for my nose and 2 other times in the dermatology office where surgical revisions were performed. I am sooooo over this!! Sick of wearing bandages 24/7 for 365 days a year. Got a bunch of other health issues on going as well with my left arm, hand, leg and elbow but won’t elaborate on those things now as that’s not what today’s post is about. Let’s just say I will have these other health challenges to deal with when full medical services are again available at the VA Hospital after the virus subsides a bit.

Now back to the key reason for today’s post…

Looking out my condo window late yesterday afternoon and seeing that it looked so beautiful outside..I just had to get out for a while. My new bike has been just sitting here in my condo collecting dust and begging me to take her out on a test ride. How could I refuse helping out my new friend and getting her wheels spinning and gears in action. So off we went!

Being that my Condo is centrally located…figured I’d attempt to ride to the central part of the City of St Petersburg. The drive time there is approximately 18 minutes and distance is 14 miles one way. I figured it would take me about 2 1/2 hours to pedal the round trip which would be about 28 miles. It was about 5 pm …so figured I should be able to do it and make it back home no later than 8 pm before it got too dark.

Below is a quick video of a portio of downtown St Pete when I reach my half way point. I won’t elaborate here because I’m speaking on the video while pedaling on my bike so no need to be repetitive by writing what I said on the video.

Well all went well..made it back home with no injuries which is almost a first for me! I know I’m not supposed overdue things, but you know me..I always try to take my exercise to the next level and because I haven’t been doing much… I needed to make up for lost time!

As you listened to the video, I know I sounded happy & upbeat, but quite honestly I have actually been very depressed . Primarily because of not having my surgeries being sucessfull at correcting my problems to the extend I had hoped for. It has made me feel very self-conscious about being out in public having so many visible scars showing. Makes me uncomfortable. I guess the only good thing is that this recent surgery and recovery has coincided with the CV-19 lockdown so not much open out there anyways and even though my nose really looks bad..we will probably end up needing to ware face masks out there for a while. I guess this will disguise my nose a bit… but I really just want my nose to be back to normal!

Ok..will end this post here. Stay Safe and hope your week goes well!

Love, Gary

5 thoughts on “Getting My Groove Back

  1. I already wear a face-mask …. It hides smiles which sucks! Stay well and I am so glad that you felt up to doing a long bike ride. You are an active man and being cooped up for whatever reason just doesn’t seem right for you 😊


    • Thx Fiona…every little bit of activity helps until I return home and realize that I am going to be dealing with these health issues still for quite awhile going forward and then I get back in my state of depression

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      • It’s hardly surprising …. you are battling serious health issues and then the world nosedives into a place where suddenly social contact is dangerous and to ensure we are safe we are kept confined to barracks for weeks on end. One of the things I am most fearful of is the mental health impact on masses of people. Loneliness is no joke and it is extremely lonely being forced to stay alone with virtually no interaction with others except by phone or Zoom.


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