Saturday In The Park…I Think I Was The 4th of July…I Broke My Record Today!

Hey Fellow Bloggers!

Saturday turned out to be a fantastic day! When I first woke up in the morning I felt a bit lethargic and very bloated. I have been eating everything in site the last few days (or should I say…late at night and throughout the entire night). I am such a nocturnal eater and you would be at awe with the amount of food I can eat in just one night and it usually I will admit …isnot healthy food! In the mornings of late I pay for my bad habit! I could just easily just lay back down on the couch and watch Netflix all day with hopes that my bloating would just go away..but if I did this..I guarentee you, I would soon wrigh 400 pounds! Nope…not me! I’ve got to be active to offset my extreme eating habits. It’s a vicious cycle for me! Always has been, I’ll admit!

Ok…so it’s Saturday and there is something I wanted to do, but been putting it off. I wanted to see if I could break my record of pedaling 65 miles in one day. So I decided today would be as good as any to hopefully do it!

So after getting my act together, I decided to pedal from my condo to downtown St Petersburg and after riding around there for a while I would continue on my ride to the Fort Desoto State Park near Tierra Verde, Florida to check it out. Since I am going a round about way of getting there, I will pedal about 40 miles just to get there and then after pedaling around the park for 10 to 15 miles I would begin heading back to my condo which would be about another 35 miles. All in all I would pedal that day (the Lord willing) about 85 miles or about 140 Kms for you guys on the metric system!

So here goes….enjoy the ride with me!

Further down in this blog, I have thrown in a little bit of nostalgia for you all in the 50 to 70 years age group. I had to set the theme just before pedaling into the park. Hope this nostalgia doesn’t give you the “ear bug” syndrome for the rest of your day! HaHa!

South-southwest of St. Petersburg, Florida, Fort De Soto Park is a park operated by Pinellas County on five offshore keys, or islands: Madelaine Key, St. Jean Key, St. Christopher Key, Bonne Fortune Key and the main island, Mullet Key. The keys are connected by either bridge or causeway. Wikipedia

So here I wind the clock back a bit to your earlier years in life! Enjoy!

Ok…you are now in for a real treat. An impromptu pleasant diversion off my course. Wait until you see these beautiful mansions that I stumbled upon as I began pedaling back towards home. Enjoy the next two videos! It must be nice ti be able to live here!

Ok..Lastly, I am not usually one to get political or to discuss something controversial, but I had to do a quick commentary about the current USA havoc on-going! How quickly we forget Covid-19 and now focus our attention to a new crisis in the USA!

Ok….now back home and I am happy to report that I achieved my day’s goal! Left 10:30 am from my condo and returned back home at close to 6:00 pm. So pedaled about 7 to 7 1/2 hours straight (with only monimsl stops) and covered 85 miles during today’s ride! Yay!

Ok…now ready for a cold beer! LoL Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Here We Go Again! When Will All This End!!!

Hey All,

Had an appointment with my Orthopaedic Surgeon this morning. I was referred out by the VA to a civilian facility  due to inability for VA to see me due to Covid-19 restrictions at there facility.

I have bursitis and nerve damage to my left elbow and left hand that will not correct itself without surgery. These 2 areas are inflamed and painful and have gotten worse due to my bike accident with a car 2 weeks ago.

I will undergo surgery on June 12th with about a 2 month recovery.

I am losing count of number of operations I’ve had in last 16 months?

Surgeries in OR:

Urology Issues: 2, Abdominal Hernia: 1, Nose Surgeies & Skin Cancer removal: 3 Elbo and Hand Surgery: 1 (on June 12th)

That makes 7 surgeries in OR!

Also 4 other nose surgeries procedures done in Dermatology procedure room and also cast on right foot and right hand from last bike injury when I run into wire between two polls last year and ya I forgot..broken bones in left foot from a accident while visiting my brother and mother last spring.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound on my legs for bad vains. I am sure the Vascular Doc will probably want to schedule removal of bad vains in both legs as well? that makes 11 surgeries thus far. One more for sure with left elbow and hand on June 12 th and then is if I end up having venal surgery. ..That will be # 13!

I don’t like that # 13. It is so unlucky! Maybe it’s a sign?

Oh well…so what kind of surgery haven’t I had yet? Most other body parts have been worked on. Guess next one with be on my brain.. it could use a revision! HaHa

See you tube video below!

Bike Ride on Thursday 5/21 to Indian Rock Beach on The Gulf of Mexico

Great bike ride from my condo to the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon. It was about an hours bike ride to Indian Rocks Beach and then afterwards I pedaled about another hour or so thru some nice beach towns like Indian Rock Shores, Redington Beach and Madeira Beach and then then reversed course when I reached Treasure Island and headed for home. Got in 4 wonderful hours of biking today! Doesn’t get better than this!

Going the Extra Miles and Sighting a Celebrity as an added Bonus!

Hey all,

Yesterday I really did a marathon bike ride and then some! I left my condo about 3 Pm and began my ride that eventually took me over to the Courtney Campbell Causeway along the pedestrian path where I got hit by that car a week ago.

However since I left earlier than I usually do on my afternoon bike rides, I decided that rather than turn around where I usually do, I would continue riding into the center of Tampa. To my amazement there were some awesome bike trails that continued off the bridge into Tampa that I had no idea were there! It took me thru some beautiful parks, by the Tampa airport, the Buccaneers Football Stadium and other cool places of interest. I could have kept going! I really was tempted to continue pedaling all the way to Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa (my old bike route when I lived on MacDill AFB) but since I already pedaled an additional 12 miles thus fa past my normal bike ride in this area, I realized I would still have to back tract this entire course, making my bike ride that day to be about 60 + miles or 100 + Km’s (round trip) for a total biking time of over 5 continuous hours. Figured that was more than enough aerobics for one day! LoL

So here comes the added surprise…on my way heading back when on the pedestrian trails near the Buccaneers Football Stadium, I biked right past “Tom Brady” the famous quarterback formally of the New England Patriots and now on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. I was a bit star shocked! Wasn’t sure what to do? My cell phone was not easily accessible at that moment and it would have been a bit awkward stopping to retrieve it and to take a pic. Thought it really wouldn’t be cool and probably wasn’t smart to be disturbing Tom Brady’s workout and looking like a stupid American Paparazzi! So as I passed Tom who was jogging to my left, I just yelled out “Hey Tom welcome to Tampa Bay! We’re so glad to have you on our team! Great afternoon for getting in a workout man !” He responded by giving me a thumbs up. As much as I really wanted to get that pic…I held back and just played it cool and continued on my way. Hey, I figured now that I know where he was jogging at, I’d probably run into him again in one of my future bike rides anyways. Hey, maybe we’ll eventually become training buds. HaHa

All in all..a great bike ride and no new injuries!

Friday 5/15 bike ride : Evel Knievel Wanna Be?…Well not Quite…Just call me crazy!

Hey Bloggers,

Just a bit of trivia. I found out that Evel Knieval used to live in the Condo Development where I currently live! Maybe that’s why I can be a bit daring when riding my bike again just a few days after I was hit by a car. Call me crazy…but staying inside was driving me crazy so I just needed to get out there and just do it. Ended up pedaling about 40 miles. Don’t worry about me wanting to attempt riding my bike over a bunch of buildings like Evel Knievel. My claim to fame will now just be to make the round trip bike ride with no incident and to return my home safely in one piece ! LoL

Robert Craig Knievel, professionally known as Evel Knievel, was an American stunt performer and entertainer. Over the course of his career, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps. Knievel was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999. WikipediaBorn: October 17, 1938, Butte, MTDied: November 30, 2007, Clearwater, FL

Mr Hulk Wanna Be

Hey fellow bloggers,

Woke up this morning with a lot of pain and inflammation from my accident on Monday evening.

Was thinking I could apply to be the lead actor in a “Hulk” movie sequel! My left arm is at least twice the size of my right arm!

Although it makes me look strong, in reality I can barely move it. Can’t even reach for something in my kitchen cabinet with this arm or open up the cover on a new jar of some food item. I basically have to find ways to make do only with my right arm. Hopefully this will subside over time! Just another setback for me.

It’s a constant challenge!