A smashing success!

My first dinner party at my condo on Saturday evening was a smashing success! The food preparation was so efficient (thanks to Beau for doing a lot of the prep work at her home prior to arriving here), the table setting was so beautiful (thanks to Gary’s interior design touch), the food presentation and layout was so professional and inviting (thanks to both of us) and the taste and quality of food was out of this world thanks to Beau’s great culinary skills!

Sorry, that the salad bar photo was taken after the guests had already made their salads and because of trying to be a good host I completely forgot to take a picture of our beautiful dessert display!

It was good that we had this small dinner party as I think people really needed a chance to get out a bit to not go stir crazy . We were real careful to try to practice social distancing wherever practical and to have plenty of sanitizer on hand!

Hopefully the Corona virus knew that they were not invited!

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