Here We Go Again! When Will All This End!!!

Hey All,

Had an appointment with my Orthopaedic Surgeon this morning. I was referred out by the VA to a civilian facility  due to inability for VA to see me due to Covid-19 restrictions at there facility.

I have bursitis and nerve damage to my left elbow and left hand that will not correct itself without surgery. These 2 areas are inflamed and painful and have gotten worse due to my bike accident with a car 2 weeks ago.

I will undergo surgery on June 12th with about a 2 month recovery.

I am losing count of number of operations I’ve had in last 16 months?

Surgeries in OR:

Urology Issues: 2, Abdominal Hernia: 1, Nose Surgeies & Skin Cancer removal: 3 Elbo and Hand Surgery: 1 (on June 12th)

That makes 7 surgeries in OR!

Also 4 other nose surgeries procedures done in Dermatology procedure room and also cast on right foot and right hand from last bike injury when I run into wire between two polls last year and ya I forgot..broken bones in left foot from a accident while visiting my brother and mother last spring.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound on my legs for bad vains. I am sure the Vascular Doc will probably want to schedule removal of bad vains in both legs as well? that makes 11 surgeries thus far. One more for sure with left elbow and hand on June 12 th and then is if I end up having venal surgery. ..That will be # 13!

I don’t like that # 13. It is so unlucky! Maybe it’s a sign?

Oh well…so what kind of surgery haven’t I had yet? Most other body parts have been worked on. Guess next one with be on my brain.. it could use a revision! HaHa

See you tube video below!

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