Hey Fellow Bloggers. Here’s an update on some future travels that I have been coordinating. Sure hope that we don’t end up having a second wave of the Corona Virus to require cancellation. of these 2 trips. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy the first video…which I’ve included to set the mood! Have a great Sunday!

Health Update & My Condo is Finally Finished!

Hey fellow bloggers,

I have included a pretty lengthy video in today’s blog to give you an update on my newest health issues and to show you how I ended up finally completing the furnishing of my condo.

The first video is a prelude to my video and will bring back some memories of a popular song back in the mid 80’s. My hopes is that I never have a surgeon for any of my operations like the one in this video! LoL!!

Enjoy! Gary

Have Two Male Stripper Gigs Scheduled in July! I’m So Excited!!

This pic of me was actually taken back in 2004 when I was 48 years old and doing some Male modeling for a health magazine. I wish this was me now!!

Hey fellow bloggers…

You are probably wondering why is Gary getting into the “Male Stripper” business at his current age of almost 64 years old? Quite frankly…I have no choice!!!

Now when I am speaking about stripping it’s not what you probably initially thought! Got you! HaHa!

Yesterday, I went to see my vascular surgeon to go over the results of a recent ultrasound I had. It was discovered that there is a lot of diminished circulation going on in my legs and significant pooling of blood especially in the veins in my lower extemities. This will lead to continual problems and the formation of more ulcers on my “already ugly legs” if not corrected.

To correct some of these issues, the Vascular surgeon will be performing 2 phlebectomies (veins stripppings) on both legs. The first surgery will be on July 17th (on the right leg) and second surgery on July 31st. (on the left leg).

This will ultimately bring my surgery count to 15 operations on virtually every part of my body in just the past 19 months! Yikes!! The only place that hasn’t been messed with is my brian (what’s left of it!)

Hopefully these upcoming surgeries to include the one schedule with my Orthopedic Surgeon on June 12th for my bursitis, and nerve damage to my left elbow, arm and hand will be the last operations for a while, unless of course I injure myself again?

You guys know I am so accident prone! Just a few past pics! LoL