All Is Ok !

Hey fellow bloggers..just a quick note to let you know that all is Ok with me.

Just decided to take several week’s break from blogging to concentrate on my health issues and some other stuff I needed to attend to.

Recovered pretty well from my left elbow and left hand surgery I had back on 6/12 (Operation # 13) but do have a bit of residual pain in left hand. Surgeon injected some steroid in the left hand joint on this past Monday to help with the discomfort.

On 7/17 I had vascular surgery (Operation # 14) on my right leg and then on 7/31 I had vascular surgery (Operation # 15) on my left leg. Both went well with no najor complications, but I’ve got to wear emboli stockings for the next two weeks which isn’t much fun in the Florida hot summer heat!!

All my family and friends are doing fine with Covid. Plan to go visit my Mom and younger brother for a short while in the forthcoming weeks. Beau is planning on going with me.

Other than that…been pretty boring recently due to limited social activities and restrictions because of Covid. I think you all can relate to that as well!

Did manage to get out a bit with a friend on Sunday Aug 2 on my 64th birthday but tried to remain safety conscious and practice social distancing while out in public, not like some USA “pseudo” leaders I know in Washington DC!

Ok..about all for now. Take care, be safe and stay well! Will try to get back into blogging more regularly soon!

Love, Gary

Trying out to play “Mary Poppins” in a movie sequel! Seeing if I can sucessfullt fly in the air using one of these umbrellas !

I love my Ice Cream!!
Ok…now I need to work out but looking so ridiculous in my embolism stockings and hand brace (pathetic)…but hey…got to work off that Ice Cream from the day before !!

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