Not All Meetups Are Created Equal

Hey All,

Sorry I haven’t published many posts since returning from my Keys trip in early June.

To be candid…I’ve become a bit depressed lately about my recent health problems. Seems that I spend more time each week these days at the VA Hospital at specialty appointments or undergoing painful medical procedures which are exhausting. I have already written about all this in a previous post, so I won’t elaborate it all over again here. However, I must admit, my quality of life right now really sucks and I am so tired from all my health issues and weekly procedures, that I have no interest or strenghth left these days to participate in any social meetups. Hopefully things will change soon and I will get back into the swing of things.

In today’s post I will attach some cool pictures and videos from a former meetup that I attended back on Saturday, May 26th just prior to my Keys trip.

Since I took so many photos and videos from that meetup and since it actually encompassed 3 separate events, I will do a series of several posts over the next few days to cover all the dsys events for your enjoyment.

Although it will look like I was having a great time that day, unfortunately, this will most likely be the only time that I will participate with that particular meetup group.

I generally have had positive experiences with all people and meetups that I have attended thus far, but for this particular meetup group, the organizer and I just did not click and I did not like his attitude or some of the comments that he made. Although I always find ways to get along with people and to have fun, this guy, let’s call him “Bubba” was so mean and hateful, that I just didn’t like being around him. He would just sit there all day and look upset everytime you joked around with others and tried to have fun and he keep talking bad about other meetups and the key organizers of other meetup groups that I belong to. “Bubba” also boasted about putting new members of the group that he didn’t like into what he called “his corn field” which meant he would block some folks as he pleased that he did not want in his group from attending any future events. It’s as if he would spend his entire time watching you and taking notes about members, rather than just simply chilling out snd having fun. There were also a few other long time members in that group very close to “Bubba” that also did not have a welcoming demeanor.  It’s unfortunate because the rest of the members of the group were great.  So, as my title states…”Not All Meetups are Created Equal”. Thank God that there are so many other groups in the area that I belong to our that I can choose from.

So meet “Bubba”

The pictures above of “Bubba”above kind of tells it all, just by his demeanor !

Okay enough with the negativity, now on with the fun stuff.

For the Meetup that day, the group did 3 seperate things. All the events were about an hour’s drive from me, so quite a drive.  Most of the meetups from this group in the future are also held in the country and would have been a good distance away from me as well. So for that days events we…..

* Lunched at Cafe’ Masarytown (a local country restaurant)

* Visited  Sweetfields Farm and Sunflower Maze

* Visited The Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery

Today I will just post a few of the photos from lunch. These photos are kind of boring. However tomorrow and possibly the next day or two after I will cover Sweetfields Farms which I really enjoyed because I got to bond with so many farm animals and to do some cool things there. That post is one YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!  In the last post of this series I will then cover the Vineyard and Winery visit which also was a lot of fun.

Goodnight. It’s 2:30 AM and I have got to get some rest as I have an early AM dermatolgy appointment at the VA for follow-up on my leg wound.


“TGINTOT” is now my new replacement phrase for “TGIF”. Hopefully you will figure out what it stands for by the end of this post.

I went through my 1st round of injections in the urology day surgery clinic this week for medical issues that have recently developed in an area not usually exposed to the sun. I experienced the worst pain that I have ever experienced to this point in my life.  All other medical procedures in the past do not compare to this!. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! I get to look forward to going thru this same medical procedure twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays for possibly the next six months and then I might need to go thru an extensive operation if these weekly procedures do not gradually correct the problem.

Think of my affected organ as a road that has had an unexpected and sudden disruption lets say due to a tornado or some other weather phenominum that is now in need of repair. The construction engineers after assessing the issue might first try to remove any physical debris on a portion of the road so that traffic may once again move more directly and efficiently as it always did in the past, rather than having to be diverted in another temporary direction which is less optimal. The engineers must be very careful when removing the debris and probing thru the affected road surface to ensure stability, especially since underneath that road there are many utility pipes, electrical wires, ect; They need to correct the road issues as quickly as they can, but not too hastily to avoid hitting the utility lines and plumbing below which could make things much worse or lead to other problems.

Some concrete drilling equipment might need to be used to break up some of the hard arears on the road that were damaged from the larger or heavier items that may have become imbeaded into the original road service.

Hopefully after all these debris are broken up and removed, “the road” may once again return to its regular direction rather than to require the temporary diversion that is now required to do as a results of the weather issues that had disrupting it. However if the small probing and cutting in portions of the road turns out to be ineffective in correcting the traffic issue flow, then the engineers might have to regroup and to consider another future alternative. They might eventually have to take a much larger section of the road totally out where the damage originally occurred and to do a much greater and extensive repair to that area to bring the road totally back to its normal state. However, the engineers prefer to go the alternative and more costly repair at a later point in time only if it becomes absolutely necessary.

So goes the status of one of my health issues.  Time will tell ?

Have a great weekend!


Private Recording of Terry–Concerned About Taking Care of Me

Hey All,

The other day when I was writing a post called “Oouch….” in which I discussed some of my current and potential future healthcare issues.  Simultaneously and totally by accident, I came accross this private recording that Terry saved on his smart phone. It’s as if he wanted me to discover this message recording at that very moment.

Despite all Terry’s past challenges while combating his cancer and fighting for his life, he worried not only about his future destiny, but concerned about not being able to care for me when I might need it after his passing. He also did not want me to live out the rest of my life in loneliness. It just goes to show what a good, kind and caring person Terry was.

Depite my emotional ups and downs after Terry’s passing, I have tried to remain strong and to force myself to get out socially and to remain as active as I could, because I know this is the best thing for me to do and it is what Terry would have wanted. Now with the current development and some possible future health challenges, I will continue to remain strong and to confront each issue positively and to remind myself that there are many others in this world with health problems far greater than mine, so I must be grateful and never let myself become angry.  This is life and as Terry says in his voice recording at the very end “we are all going to die anyways.”  Now, although to my knowledge I am not near death (hopefully) I know Terry’s spirit continues to be with me and he is smiling down upon me from heaven and bringing me the comfort, the love and the strength to confront my current and future challenges and to remain optimistic to live my life to the fullest despite any obstacles.

All will be well.

Note:  FYI , June 1st was Terry’s 9 month anniversary for departing this earth to a much better place.  Also, This past weekend was actually the last time Terry was actually able to get outside and to take a long walk with me around the entire base without any assistance (i.e. walker, cane, wheelchair, etc;)  The weather was beautiful that day and Terry truly enjoyed the fresh air and natural beauty of what God gave us. However, that very next week, Terry began showing significant signs of deteriorating health and developing new complications.  That necessitated more specialized doctor visits, several hospitalizations, new medical procedures and a couple of inpatient stays in hospice until finally returning back to our RV to rest peacefully in the  last few days of his life.  From Father’s Day (last year) thru end of August, fortunately all Terry’s immediate family members had a chance to take turns to travel to Tampa to spend a few days with him, even if just to sit in our RV to chat or to reminisce or as applicable to visit him at the hospital.

Recording Below:



Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 2)

Okay All,

Remember the photo I included in Day 3 from the “Garden of Eden”

Well below is the big reveal!

Ha….You were all wrong!!! Should have taken real $ bets !! The house (that’s me) would have taken all as you all said “YES–That we got natural.

Now just to let you know when Beau and I ventured up to that roof top bar there were folks in their natural attire. The establishment didn’t allow photos to be taken except in the one corner of the bar where the sign of the Garden of Eden was where we took our photo. While we were sitting at the bar one of the naturilist chated with us for a while like anyone would in a bar. He was totally comfortable just hanging there in the buff and it didn’t bother me or Beau.  Believe it or not, he was a lawyer from Tampa! That man actually was nice to offer to take the photos of Beau and myself  as it was hard for me to do a selfie. Aftet we finished, he was also gracious to offer to pose with Beau for a photo shot. For obvious reasons….I had to crop the photo a bit.

Beau liked his hat. As the night went on, more people hung around in the buff. Very interesting. Everyone was nice and it was just like being in any other bar. An old man to the right of us at the bar chatted with us for a while. He indicated that he hangs out there often (okay…maybe a bad choice of words). Let’s just say that he was a regular customer there ! He said that some nights up there that’s all you see are sausages and on other nights that’s all you see are double helpings of sunny side up eggs and at other times there is a mix of both… kind of like a mixed breakfast buffet. Very interesting analogy.

Okay, this pretty much closes out my blog series on my recent Florida Keys trip. Hope you all enjoyed the write ups, photos and videos and that you almost felt like you were there with us all.

Have a great week!

Luv,  Gary

Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 1) (VIEW & ANSWER QUESTION IN DAY 3 VIDEO FIRST!) “Big Iquana” (or not ?) to be revealed in this post”

Okay all,

Now that iI got your attention and you’ve answered the poll question in my Florida Keys Trip – Day 3, I will reveal to you the “Big Iquana” literally. Ha …Got you here! I know this isn’t what you were expecting as you were thinking about “The Garden of Eden”!

The above video of the “Big Iquana” was actually filmed while at happy hour at one of Beau’s favorite places in Marathon, FL called “Sparky’s”. During happy hour besides reasonable priced drinks you can get large raw shimp or chicken wings/drumsticks with buffalo sauce for only 30 cents each. Quite a deal. While we were sitting at the outside bar, there were all kinds of Iquanas looking up at us begging for food. We started throwing them shimp shell scraps and they loved it. It was alot of fun watching them fight for the food.

In the morning on Sunday, we did some washing of clothes and spent some time until early afternoon by the pool and then went to Sparky’s. Later that evening we put most of our belongings back into our cars and then spent a few hours in the resort hot tub with friends from the group. The plan was to get on the road early the next day. Me for my 7 hour trip back to Tampa and Beau for her 5 hour trip back to Melbourne.

Okay … now let’s get back to what you were waiting for….the big question did we get natural in the rooftop of “The Garden of Eden” or not?

Will reveal the answer after a station break. Sorry having some technical difficulties loading more photos on WordPress. I will have to delete some in the media library first. When resolved I will do a Day 5 (Part 2) blog. I sound like a host on one of the game shows….everyone is waiting to find out about the finalist that won and they go into a station break or commercial first. Sorry!

Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 2)

Hey All,

You are in for a real treat with this blog. Decided to go ahead and publish it early, since I was in the mood for writing it. It contains alot of videos and pictures from our Saturday evening Luau at the beautiful Coco Plum Resort where we were staying in Marathon, Fl

The food for this event was catered and we had live music. Although i couldn’t do to much dancing, I couldn’t resist doing the twist and I even got a chance to sing a little bit with the guy providing the live music. Everyone had a great time!

I have to publish a few of the longer videos via youtube first and then to share them back to word press as seperate posts, as they wouldn’t directly upload to this blog. So there will be a Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 3, 4, 5 and 6) to complete the Luau event. These seperate videos are fun worth watching!

Luv, Gary

Beau out of the shower getting ready for the party.

All changed and ready to have fun at the party!

People lining up in the food line.




20180602_1936251214218956.jpgThis guy is 86 years old and hilarious and just enjoying life and living for the moment.


This was Pebbles in our Flintstone skit from the other day.

Thus girl does a beautiful Hawain Dance in a seperate video.

Fred and Wilma from our Flintstone skit from the other day.

This couple is getting married in a couple of weeks so the group got them a cake.


Lola the comedian from the talent show from the other video.