The Execution and Some Other Cool Stuff in Old Town

Hey All, 

Pretty unusual title for my blog this evening. 

When Beau and I visited the Muscle Car Show this past Friday, we had a few hours to “kill” so we walked around Old Town in Kissimee which was directly adjacent to the car show. We had fun just browsing around as Old Town had a bunch of unusual things, one being the guy getting electricuted on the execution chair (Yes, I know it’s a bit morbid, but I had to include it). Please enjoy all the rest of the photos that I am attaching as well from Old Town for your enjoyment. Have a great day. Gary

Having Fun At The Rodeo…Ye ha!

Hey All, 

As stated in the last couple of posts I did… Beau and I had a full day of events to partake in on this past Friday. One of the events was our attendance at the Silver Spurs Rodeo in the Orlando area. I am going to include a couple of photos and a few short videos for you. Hoorfully the videos will down load successfully. They even had cowboys as young as 5 years old on the horses doing varies group movements with other kids. Was quite impressive! Enjoy the Pics. Gary

Animal Farm 

I love animals. They bring me alot of joy! Maybe that’s why I had a fettish for stuffed animals and all those cute talking toys that you see in the stores at Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc; I think I bought so many of these things in my earlier years because they helped to relieve stress and made me happy and naturally, it would be a little ackward trying to have a actual live pet Giraffe, Bear, Monkey, Zebra, etc; in our home.

When Terry and I down-sized and were selling our home in Dallas a couple of years ago, I decided to go ahead (with Terry’s encouragement) to donate my farm/zoo of nearly 1,000 creatures. I felt that why not give them to underpriveledged kids and folks in hospitals in order to provide them some joy and happiness that these beautifil creatures provided to me over the years.

After the muscle car show on Friday and immediately following the Rodeo that Beau and I attended (to be posted in another future blog) we attended a county fair that was adjacent to the Rodeo.

I was so excited, because this fair had a petting zoo! I love petting zoos as ot gives me a chance to get up and close to the beautiful creatures that God gave us. I could stay there for hours and hours because I love bonding with my animal friends. At one time in the past I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

I hope you enjoy the video in this blog and the other photos that I am including for your enjoyment.

My hopes is that this post brings you all a bit of happiness today!

Luv, Gary

Say Hi Beau!

Hey everyone,

Kind of an unusual title for today’s blog, but I wanted to introduce you to Beau (Belinda) who I consider to be one of my closest friends. I met Beau through one of my Meetup groups and we have been doing alot of social stuff together.

Beau has lived in the Melborne/Cocoa Beach, Florida area for a long time and she knows everyone around here and is very knowledgeable about all the special events and great places to go  that most people who are not from this area would ever realize are here to explore and enjoy.

Beau is one of the kindest person’s you could ever meet. She is the type of individual that sincerely cares about other people and places their needs well above her own. She has been so supportive to me especially at such a vunerable time of recently losing Terry and she is one of only very few people (other than you guys my blogger friends) and a few select others that I have been able to be totally honest and comfortable with about sharing everything about my life and I feel she too has been very comfortable to share with me the happy and sad moments in her life as well. Beau is like a sister to me which i never had growing up in a family of all boys. Beau is really smart and down to earth (kind of a country girl). She can do just about anything. She can do things that most women (and men to tnclude me for that matter can’t even do). She is a great markman, can work on cars, can fix sprinkler systems, and doesn’t mind getting here hands dirty. She is good with finances (used to be a state auditor), has outstanding culinery skills and she can dress beautifully for the occasion, although she prefers to be casual when appropriate. She is also so flexible and veet easy going. She lives her life to strive to always be a good genuine person with a passion to help others. She does so much volunteer work within the community. She is involved with meals on wheels, caring for animals at rescue facilities, spends an inordinare amount of time helping an elderly man with dementia with his everyday basic needs, just to name but a few things. I can go on and on about Beau and her wonderful attributes but this blog post today would be way too long. I am certain you will learn more about Beau thru other blogs that I write in the future.

I”ve share my spearfruit blog site with Beau, so feel free to chime in and welcome her into the famiy of bloggers!

I am going to include for your enjoyment in today’s blog, a number of photos from the muscle car show that we went to on this past Friday afternoon in Orlando.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Luv Gary


Hanging Out With My Pirate Friends

Hey All,  Seems there was an issue with the you tube video for my blog today.  I am going to true to republish it as a part 2 to the blog…..Sorry!

Hey all,

Went to a seafood festival last evening with friens in the Viera/Melbourne, Fl area. I am enclosing a video of me hanging around with some of my Pirate Friends. Also including a few other photos from the festival for your enjoyment. I was also surprised to see my old friend “The Plant Guy” at this fair! Remember my former blog and video from the RV show in Tampa a few weeks ago where I first met my green friend. I guess “The Plant Guy” is “branching out”

to other locations. Have a great weekend. Gary


Hey all….

Received this message below from a friend of mine and wanted to share it with you all as a word of warning.  It is so sad to think that there are people out there that would do such a mean and senseless thing to “man’s best friend”.  Would hate to see this happen to any of your beloved pets. Luv Gary

Warning to all dog lovers!

Last night my sister’s dog, Jake, was at the community dog park. He was playing and running and having a blast. He picked up a Nerf football that was just laying around. He immediately dropped it and shook his head. He got a drink and played a bit longer. Then all of a sudden he wanted to go home. When he got home a few moments later, he laid down and in minutes he was dead. This was a wonderful, healthy 4-yr old Golden Retriever mx. Apparently someone didn’t like the dog park and had left the ball full of poison. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LET YOUR DOG PICK UP ANYTHING THAT HE DIDN’T BRING WITH HIM! Any toys abandoned should immediately be put in the trash! This was a horrible loss and my sister is devastated! I doubt they will ever know who did this, but don’t be the next victim. Spread the word–SAVE A LIFE!

5 Months Today

Hey all….Today is the 5th month anniversary of Terry’s passing.

Not a day goes by without Terry being in the forefront of my thoughts.  I  constantly think about him and continually reflect on the wonderful times that we shared during our 15 years together.  I miss him so much.

In recognition of Terry’s 5th month anniversary, I thought I’d list 5 of his key attributes:

T= His Thoughtfulness to me and to others

E= His Endurance to continue to live out each day to the best of his ability (despite his physical and emotional pain) as he continued to seek all avenues to beat his cancer

R= His Righteousness. Always honest and wanting to do the right thing

R= His Resourcefulness to be creative and to constantly think of the most efficient ways to do things

Y= His Youthfulness to embrace life each and every day and to remain hopeful (despite the odds).

Luv Gary





The Big Parade

Hey all, 

Feeling a little better so I thought I’d send you a few more videos from the RV show I attended last week in Tampa.

The main video is of a little parade they had during the day with some of the entertainers that were there (to include my friends “The Green Guy”and “Rex not ftom Tex”) Look closely at that video and check out what’s pulling the covered wagon wheel. Didn’t think that animal was that strong!

The second video is of a Scotish Bag Pipe Band and the 3rd video was just a local Hill Billy having fun.

The last 2 photos I took just when getting to leave the show. It is a Class B + 2018 Airstream Atlas. (You can goggle it for more photos). It is essentially a wider van with a Mercedes engine and something I could live in if I really wanted to down-size even more and be fully mobile to travel and park my home anywhere and be totally self-sufficient. It has a full bathroom with a dedicated shower and a cool queen size Murphy Bed, making the space very efficient. This particular RV is a little pricy although at over  $ 210K, so before rushing into something like this, I would really need to do my homework to ensure it would be the best one for me. Again no rush to do anything just right yet, as my current home is sufficient for my present needs to spend 6 months on the East and then West coast of Forida each year. Eventually I’ll figure out what is best, when the time is right.

About all for now..have a great weekend! Luv Gary