God Bless The USA Duet by The Robert’s Twins (Great Niece and Nephew of Terry)

Hey All,

I have a special treat for you.  I am sending to you a duet that I filmed by the Robert’s Twins who are the children of Jason who is one of the twins of Terry’s Twin sister Sherry. As you probably know from past posts, Terry’s Twin sister Sherry had twins and one of her twins had twins.  Now the question will be will one of Sherry’s grandchildren end up having twins to keep the record going ?  Time will tell.  Enjoy !


Tidwell Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Gathering

Hey All,

It is the eve before Turkey Day and the Tidwell Extended Family are all at the “La Mission” Mexican Restaurant in Midland, TX.  This has been a tradition of this family for many years to gather at this place and share each other’s company over a nice meal and of course large glasses of Magaritas !

This evening is also special in that it is Mike Tidwell’s 60th Birthday !  This is one of Terry’s brothers. Happy Birthday Mike !

We had about 30 folks in attendance this evening to include Terry’s Dad and Step-mom, his two brother’s and their families, his twin sister and their families, two of Terry’s three sons, Terry’s grandson and his nieces and nephews, Terry’s half brother and of course me !  Terry’s Mom unfortunately was not in attendance this evening as she was busy at the nursing home visiting with her husband (Terry’s step dad) who is very ill.  Terry’s Mom however, will be with us on Thanksgiving Day.

I am also including in this blog a few other Pics and 2 very short videos (hopefully they will download).  One of the videos is a very small portion of the birthday wish from the restaurant staff to Mike on his 60th birthday.  The other is a real treat… a very short video blog of Terry’s twin sister !!  See…she can video blog too, just like Terry !!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I am sure I will eventually send out more stuff.

Love you all….   Gary


Fort Lauderdale / South Beach Weekend Excursion

Hey All,

Quick Post as I must get some rest since it’s already 11:30 PM and I’m leaving for my 14 hours drive to Dallas at 6:00 AM in the morning.  Video is from the Art Deco section of South Beach.  Photos show the 2 hotels I stayed at and several picture perfect beach scenes that tell it all. Sunshine, beauty and pure relaxation.  Just what I needed to energize myself for the long road trip west his week  Have a great Thanksgiving with your families and friends. Will be back on line later in the week as my time permits and in between my travels. Luv, Gary


Upcoming Travel Plans–Busy Two Weeks Ahead !

Hey All,

Unless anything unforeseen happens in the next few days below are my travel plans:

Beginning  tomorrow (Friday AM) I will be doing some extensive driving, so I may not post for several days. First I will be traveling to south Florida for a couple of days (Friday and Saturday) about a 8 hour round trip, but then will be returning back to the RV park in Cocoa Beach on Sunday afternoon for just about 1/2 day to repack again and to get Roxy. While I’m in South Florida I will be leaving Roxy with a couple of friends of mine in the RV Park. Then on the road again on Monday AM for a 7 hour trip to my younger brother Randy and my mother in the Fort Walton Beach area, but only for an initial 1/2 day visit primarily to drop off Roxy while I continue my travels. Then the following day (Tuesday) will be doing a 12 hour drive to Dallas to stay with Terry’s Dad and Step Mom. Then on the next day (Wednesday) will be doing a 5 1/2 hour trip to Midland, TX with them to spend a few days with Terry’s family for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Thought it was important to be the stand in for Terry there to fill “the void” being that this is the first year at Thanksgiving without Terry.  I hope this will add some comfort to Terry’s immediate family and I hope Terry will be smiling from Heaven that I made the long trip on his behalf as I thought this would be the right thing to do to help bring more closure to Terry’s passing.  I will then be returning to Dallas on Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving, will attend mass on Sunday AM at the church that Terry and I used to go to and after seeing a few friends and maybe doing lunch with them after mass, I ‘ll be  driving north to Oklahoma to the Winstar Casino for a couple of nights. Then on Tuesday after Thanksgiving (hopefully after the holiday traffic becomes a bit lighter) I will make the 13 hour trip back to my brother’s and my mother in Fort Walton Beach and stay for a couple of days. I then plan to  drive the 7 hour trip back to Cocoa Beach on or about Thursday 11/30 with Roxy and if my mother is up to it she will accompany me to stay for about 3 to 4 weeks in Cocoa Beach with me in the RV Park. Then Christmas will be at my brother and sister-in-law’ home in the Orlando area, along with my Mom and my younger brother Randy from Fort Walton Beach who will drive directly there. Then after Christmas my Mom will return back home with Randy to Fort Walton Beach and I will return to Cocoa Beach to hopefully ring in the New Year.  I’m so exhausted just writing this ! Lots of long driving ahead !  Wish I didn’t have to make thins trip all alone. Makes it much harder to do.

In case I don’t get a chance to blog for a few days…wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Luv Gary


erGary Seeping

Dinner with New Friends

Went to a dinner at a nice local Italian Restaurant with some of the new friends that I met in another one of the local social groups that I recently joined. The group is made up of single people 50 years old and up who just want to get together and have a nice evening among friends. Many of the people are long time residents of the area and have known each other for many years. These nice folks have a wealth of knowledge of the area and are genuine and very helpful. Joining these types of groups have been very therapeutic for me, especially during the upcoming holidays. I am glad that I am making a concerted effort to get involved in the community and to remain positive.

Have a great day.

Luv Gary


Blowing Off Steam at Mulligans


Hey Everyone,

This past Friday I met some friend’s at a place called Mulligan’s.  The establishment was located in Cape Canaveral, not too far from the cruise ships.  Never realized that this area had so many bars and restaurants.  My experience in past years at Cape Canaveral was just to embark or disembark from a cruise ship going to or from the East Caribbean. Really never paid attention to the actual surroundings in and around the port area.  Now that I’m temporarily living in the area, I get to explore my surroundings a little bit more.

Mulligan’s was a really fun place with a great atmosphere.  The have a really elegant restaurant inside and then outside on the patio they have 3 bars, a large stage with a thatched roof used primarily for the live band and in one area near the dance floor they have that space covered with pure white beach sand and Adirondack chairs to provide a relaxed area to just chill with your tropical drinks.

Sorry, the pictures came out a little dark.  I need more experience in taking night photos so they are clearer.  The pictures also came out a bit pinkish (had nothing to do with the name of the live band that evening called “Hot Pink)” but rather had to do with the lights that kept changing colors very close to where we were all sitting.

I thought to myself later, after leaving Mulligans’s that this was actually the first time that I have danced on an actual dance floor in nearly 10 years !  I used to love to dance, but for some reason ever since I had my knee replaced, I lost interest in dancing.  I guess I felt I became a bit stiff since I felt I wasn’t able to move freely around the dance floor like I could do in the past. Actually I felt pretty comfortable with dancing once I got on the dance floor on Friday and I guess I now will have to start doing more of it in the days ahead.

Okay…about all for now everyone.  Have a great Wednesday !

Luv, Gary


Free Dinner — Wow!

I very seldom take advantage of the free bennies given by establishments on or around Veterans Day to active duty and retired military. I would prefer to make more room for those in greater need than me for these kinds of gratuitous offers.

However last night I was invited by a couple of old friends of mine (Jim and Jodette) from the RV park to join them for the free buffet meal offered by Golden Corral. So I decided to accompany them.

Wow….couldn’t believe  the size of the lines just to get into the restaurant! Luckily we got there early, so we made it in on the first shift. I guess alot of people take advantage of the generosity and appreciation of business estanlishments on or around this holiday. It is very thoughtful of these estblishments to set asside a special day to recognize veterans.


Luv, Gary