Who Wants to be Mummified…….and the Winner Is?


Hey All,  Went to another Halloween Party this evening at the Patrick Air Force Base Marina and Yacht Club.  There were a lot of people dressed up in their Halloween attire.  I went once again as the “Shah of Twin Sheets” since it was a hit at the other Halloween Party I went to a couple of week ago. Didn’t include that photo here since yu=ou saw it in my other blog.

One of the contests they had was to see which team of three could do the best with covering a person in toilet paper “like a mummy” in a set amount of time.  Our team was the winner as shown in the larger photo at the top og this blog!  I won a Indoor/Outdoor 20 LED Utility Lantern, which will be useful if we ever have a power outage in the RV park.  Sorry the photo was taken after we began to unwrap our Mummy.

The other photos are a select few of some of the other people in costumes at the party.  Sorry the photos are a bit dark, but the lighting in the room was very dim.

The short video at the end is a candy corm relay race contest to see which team could get as many candy corn from one bucket to another by scoping the candy corn up with a large spoon held in your month.  No hands were allowed.

They had chicken wings, potato salad, veggie trays and assorted desserts, to include carmel dipped apples and Halloween cake and cookies.  Of course they had a cash bar as well. All the food was complementary for club members.

It was a nice evening.

Have a great week !

Luv Gary



Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Hey All….I goofed…the video did not take in this blog and didn’t know how to incorporate it here, so went ahead and did a separate bog titled Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party – Part 2 (The Video)…go check it out !



Hey All,

Had a great opportunity to attend a really nice Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday evening.  I was invited to this event by 2 girls that I met at the Pride Parade in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.  The home is owned by 2 really nice guys name Derek and Ken.  They have a really beautiful house and they went all out with Halloween decor’.  Actually it reminded me of what Terry and I used to do in our former home in Dallas, TX when it came to all the Holidays. Naturally, when we down-sized all the holiday decor’ was either sold in our garage sales at pennies on a dollar or just donated to others who could not normally afford such things for their enjoyment. We realized that there just would not be enough room to store all non-essential things in our RV.

So when I entered my new friend’s home, I really could appreciate all the time-consuming work that they did to decorate.  The party was really nice and it also reminded me of the many times that Terry and I would attend these couples group parties and pot lucks at homes of our friends in the Dallas area.  It brought me a bit of comfort to be able to participate once again in a gathering of this kind although now having to do this alone.

I hope you enjoy the video and the other photos of me just being a bit silly posing with all my scary friends.

You will note the photo of the lite jack-o-laterns proudly displayed by the pool in one of the photos.  That was the fruits of our labor!  You will also see in one of the photos the pumpkin that I brought home with me and put on my outdoor table.  I will admit that I actually didn’t do the carving on my pumpkin.  I let a couple of my new friends Dave and David do the actual work on it for me as they never did pumpkin carving before and I wanted to give them the opportunity to excel. You will see them diligently working on my pumpkin in the earlier part of the video.

Have a wonderful day !  Luv Gary





I’ve Moved !!

Hey All,

Just wanted to let you all know that I recently moved !  No I didn’t end up moving to France like my blog video showed 2 days ago, I am actually still here on Patrick Air Force Base in Coco Beach.  However, I had the opportunity to pack everything up on Tuesday of this week and in the pouring rain I moved to a great lot !  I love it !  It has allot of yard space and great view from all the windows in my RV.  To the Front of the RV I have the view of what I have been calling the Indian River Bay, but actually it is know as the Banana River and the Dolphins love it and I love watching them.  One of them out there is probably Terry and I am sure he will eventually (when I least expect it) swim right up to me and give me a Dolphin chirp.  To the rear as my video shows is a nice berm of tropical vegetation. So luckily I have a lot that won’t back right up to another RV.  The space on both sides is very ample and about twice the distance I had in the original lot and my backyard area is to die for.  I could have a really big outdoor gathering there and there’s plenty of room there for fun and games, like bad-mitten or volley ball or some other outdoor activity.  I can’t express how much I love this new space (and Roxy loves it too)…It was definitely worth the hassle of the move !!  Enjoy the video !  Have a great evening. Hope everyone is doing well.  Luv Gary



Bicycling Through The Countryside of France Today !

Hey all now that I got your attention through my blog title, I was actually bicycling through the countryside of France today at the Patrick Air Force Base Gym via the virtual bike video screens that they have there on their aerobics equipment.  You can key in all kinds of places around different parts of the world or go to many of our National Parks in the states or pick a type of terrain you would enjoy seeing on a particular day such as the mountains, the deserts, the ocean, the prairies, the forests, and then just bike to your hearts content right there in the safety of the gym while feeling like you are actually right in the environment that’s on your screen. “Osyth” from Halfbaked  will really enjoy this because right now she is living temporarily in France.  The video screens help to take the boredom out of just bicycling in one place and looking at the blank white walls.

I will end this post by attaching a few more photos of the other rooms at the Patrick Air Force Base gym and after this consider my gym rat series of posts of giving you tours of different parts the gym here to be complete as I will have many other things to share with you in the weeks ahead.  The remaining photos will give you the impression that the gym here on base is not that busy, but it actually it gets very busy.  I have just been taking the photos during non-peak times.  Enjoy.  Gary

A Love Note from Peru

Image Provided by: Harbor Light Hospice

Dear Friends –
I  wanted to share with you a beautiful note I just received from my Cousin Lisa who lives in Lima, Peru. Like most of you …..Lisa has never actually met Terry in person and up until now has never had an opportunity to experience his blog site (which I have now shared with her). However, somehow through the periodic emails that I have written to her she has gotten to know and to love Terry.
Lisa is such a special person and her letter came at such a good time for me as Terry was  cremated yesterday according to his wishes.  I looked over to the empty chair last night where Terry used to sit, and I realized that Terry will no longer physically be with me anymore.  Then after a moment of crying and temporary despair, I was comforted as I reminded myself that Terry truly is in a better place, and although he is no longer here with me in person, I know his spirit will continue to live within each of us for eternity and that we will meet again.
The power of his spirit is amazing. To think, in less than just one week since Terry’s passing, I have witnessed the goodness in so many of you, and although Terry’s body has now been transformed into a simple pile of dust (according to God’s plan) his spirit continues to radiate and to touch others.  In this one example…..his spirit shined a light upon the heart of my Cousin Lisa all the way to Peru!
Love, Gary
P.S.  I will be leaving the Tampa area for a few days to stay at my brother’s in Orlando.  I figured staying in a house verses an RV would be safer due to Irma. I have a blogging friend helping me post these right now, so please don’t be upset if I am not able to respond back right away.  I will learn how to use this soon and hope to carry on Terry’s torch here at Spearfruit.  Please know that I am reading and very much appreciate your comments and notes.
Note from my cousin, Lisa:
Dear Gary,
I logged into my gmail on Monday, and the subject line of your email pierced through my heart.  I broke down and cried at the inhumanity of this dreaded disease, and I have found myself at a loss for words until now.  Cesar and I both send our most heartfelt sympathies to you and to Terry’s family.  As it happens, one of Cesar’s aunts is losing her own battle with cancer at the moment, but holding onto hope and a good vibrational spirit.
Some of us are destined to be taken away at a moment’s notice.  I may have told you that Cesar’s brother Antonio left home on Christmas Day 2015 and was never seen or heard from again by the family, until his body was found ten days later, in a decomposed state.  Incompetence and/or corruption on the part of the authorities made a mockery of the homicide investigation and added to the pain and sense of injustice.  To this day, there are only unanswered questions and lingering suspicions.  That wrenching from the family bosom, and the mystery surrounding Antonio’s disappearance and death, have left an open heart-wound.  (But Antonio was a fervent Christian who lived his life in happy expectation of the next life, so there is comfort in knowing that he is where he was called home to be.)
Others of us, on the other hand, are destined to be faced with the knowledge of how and when our end of life on Earth will likely unfold.  It is an emotionally, psychologically, and physically cruel transitioning.  And yet, there is the blessing that one is given the opportunity to reflect and to reach out to express everything that needs to be expressed while there is still time and to close any outstanding emotional wounds.  Terry survived his remaining months on Earth with courage and wisdom and humanity.  I thank you so much, Gary, for sharing the reference to his blog with me.  I spent hours reading through much of it on Monday and will continue to go back to read more and to re-read the posts and comments that I already did read.  It amazed me what a sweet, generous soul he obviously was, always brightening someone’s day, always offering a kind and considerate comment.  That, in and of itself, would have made him special to the many people who knew him through his blog.  But his willingness to openly reflect on inner struggles and issues that are common to all of us in one form or another and to reach the core of others through his example clearly made him more than special.  And seeing himself as ordinary made him extraordinary.
The only thing I really knew before about Terry was his fascination with Christmas lights, and it struck me at the time that he must have been a real kid at heart.  Now I am struck by the childlike innocence and trust with which he revealed himself to himself and to everyone else through his posts. I am reminded that Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Terry really did become like a child, didn’t he, in his simple, plain, open, guileless honesty and generosity of spirit, and that touched people and made them connect.  That kind of human unity is divinely inspired.  I don’t think that there is any doubt about where he is now.
The difficult part for Terry has passed.  That is the blessing.  For you, too, dear Gary, the agony of watching him deteriorate and suffer is over.  But the void is real.  You need time to grieve and heal.  However, I have faith that you will meet some of the many people who developed a profound love for Terry, and that common bond of connected souls will make your spirit bounce once again and never let you feel alone.  Terry opened up a new world of good people with hearts of gold of their own, and I know that by reaching out to them, as you have, they will reach back.  Don’t worry about the future.  That is probably one of the most precious lessons of Terry’s mission.  You will find the path that you were destined to follow, perhaps one that you would never have found if God hadn’t brought an angel named Terry into your life.
Gary, it goes without saying, but if at some point you feel the need or desire to get away and would like to come down here, our arms are open.
I love you, Cousin.
Peace to you,

Hospice & Home

Last Monday’s post ‘Cancer will take my life‘, I wrote the following –

Cancer will take my life.  I have always referred to this cancer in my body as my cancer as it does not belong to anyone else.  My cancer will take my life.  Those pictures associated to last Friday’s post revealed just how much my cancer has taken over and my fight is coming to an end.  My body and mind are worn and it is time to prepare for what is ultimately to take place.

The family visits of past weeks are over and my body is tired and mind is ready.


Image Provided by: Harbor Light Hospice

Hospice will begin this week and changes will take place in many areas for both Gary and me.  If you read my post yesterday, starting this week; the amount of posts will be reduced.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Now being home for a week, I feel much better being back in my comfort zone.  I am thankful to have spent time in the hospital, because I needed to be there.  I need to be home also, and I am certainly thankful to be back here now.

This past week I have I received much needed rest and Gary and I have started new routines based on my Hospice care.  The nurses and other associates with Hospice are wonderful and I feel very comfortable in their care.  This past week, though at times difficult both emotionally and physically; this past week, the transition felt right, certainly felt needed and I was ready for it.


Emotionally I accept where I am in my life, what is left of it and honestly, I am ready for the end.  I know others are not ready for the end; it is coming and I find myself at times wanting to look at a calendar to see what date that will be.  I have no date, and find at times I am frustrated with not knowing.

Physically my body is beaten down by my cancer and as each day passes, so does some strength, flexibility and mobility.  I preform exercise at least once per day and sometimes twice to help slow down the deprivation taken place in my body.

Now that I have a ‘G Tube’ inserted into my stomach, I no longer eat by mouth.  All my nutritional needs are through IV as well as my pain medication.  Remember I also have a urostomy bag that collects my urine and along with all other outside aids, I have lots of tubes coming and going from my body.  I also recently was put on oxygen due to shortness of breath and the amount of effort it takes me to do small tasks; such as changing positions.

20170416_194313 (2)

Gary is here beside me always willing and able to take care of me with the small tasks to taking care of changing my nutritional IV that requires changing on a daily basis.  There are many other daily tasks he does to help make my life easier.  I eat lots of ice chips and if it has flavor, then it is like having a treat every day.  So, Gary makes sure I am stocked on ice, popsicles and the like.

The first week with Hospice has gone well and I am grateful to be home.

It feels like a dream


Image Provided by: http://www.freepik.com

It feels like a dream

This reality of mine

For it seems only yesterday

My days were always full of sunshine


Now no matter the day

With the sunshine or none

I wake every morning

Waiting for the day to be done


For each passing day

Takes me closer to it

That all important day

When my breath is ready to quit


Each day becomes difficult

Some a little, some a lot

This is not what I envisioned

This is not what I had thought


It feels like a dream

This reality of mine

The daily pains, the daily struggles

It must be a sign


This body of mine

The look and the feel

My cancer in my body

It all seems unreal


Image Provided by: More Sky

Cancer will take my life

In my post ‘I will see her again‘, I concluded with the following –

These family members know my life may be short.  The once small cancer that was found almost 2 years ago, is now taking over my body.  The treatments may help slow down the progression, but ultimately my cancer will take my life.

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

In last Friday’s post ‘…out of my nose soon‘, I wrote about a small surgery to take place to insert a ‘G Tube’, from my stomach to the outside of my body.  This ‘G Tube’ will provide me a way to release the pressure from my stomach and small intestines without a tube going through my nose.  This ‘G Tube’ should bring me some relieve, however it brings on a whole another set of challenges.  With this tube, I will no longer eat through my mouth; but instead through an IV.

The surgery last Thursday was a success and after several more days of observation it was time to leave the hospital.

I spent my last 13 days in the hospital and arrived home again yesterday to the RV.  I am very glad to be out of the hospital and to be feeling better today.

Did you notice the pictures associated with last Friday’s post?  JImage2ust viewing some of the pictures, some of you know, a few may not have figured it out, and it may be others are not ready to accept or acknowledge.

I did not need to write the words, the associated pictures displayed the words in plain for all to see.

I left the hospital yesterday and now am back home in my RV to start my Hospice care.

Cancer will take my life.  I have always referred to this cancer in my body as my cancer as it does not belong to anyone else.  My cancer will take my life.  Those pictures associated to last Friday’s post revealed just how much my cancer has taken over and my fight is coming to an end.  My body and mind are worn and it is time to prepare for what is ultimately to take place.

20170416_194313 (2)The family visits of past weeks are over and my body is tired and mind is ready.

Hospice will begin this week and changes will take place in many areas for both Gary and me.  If you read my post yesterday, starting this week; the amount of posts will be reduced.

As always, I appreciate every one of you for stopping by each day to read and comment.  You my friends; your support and encouragement all have a huge positive impact on me.

But, now it is time – time for my cancer to take my life.


A week ago, in my post ‘Daily Struggles‘, I concluded with the following –

I wake each morning knowing what the new day will bring and go to sleep each night knowing the struggles I face.


Image Provided by: http://www.cafepress.com

I continue the current treatment in hopes there is some good to come out of what is very bad right now.

Honestly, I feel my days are numbered and with each passing day my death will arrive much sooner than much later.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Last Tuesday I entered the hospital and today I remain.  Most likely several more days this week I remain here with hopes of feeling much better when I leave.  So, why did Dr. C. decide I needed to be in the hospital?  And what is taking so long to keep me here before I can leave?

A couple of weeks ago when my lymphedema was increasing with fluid in my legs and trying to push up and out of my body, my abdominal region began to increase and bloat.  This was about the weekend my mom, sister and brother were here visiting.  Image3At that time, it was assumed the bloating was a result of the lymphedema fluid being pushed into this area and not properly exiting my body.  The bloating never really reduced and instead became worse over the weeks with finally causing issues the weekend immediately prior to entering the hospital.

Over the past weeks of experiencing the abdominal bloating, my appetite decreased as did my activity level; with the pain level increasing.  This was the main reason for my appointment with Dr. C.; the abdominal bloating and the review of my pain management.

Let’s go back to Saturday a week ago and I was feeling horrible that evening and I was losing at the tiredness war and losing at the trying to eat conflict.  Gary indicated I needed something in me and suggested I try drinking Gatorade to replenish my electrolytes and other nutrients I had been losing for the previous weeks.

One small sip and I was then hit with nausea.  The nausea was then following by large amounts of vomiting that proceeded off and on for the next 3 days.  I entered the hospital on Tuesday at which time a tube was inserted through my nose to start reducing the fluid that had built up the previous weeks.  I thought this would never end and was amazed how much fluid was in my stomach, small and large intestines.

What caused this fluid buildup?

After a scan had taken place, it was determined I have a blockage between my small and larger intestines.  20170416_194313 (2)It is believed the blockage is caused by my cancer.  It is certain it will have to be dealt with before going back home.

7 days later and I continue to be in the hospital and be treated well enough I hope to go home soon.

But what about fixing the blockage?

I should know more today concerning what is next with this blockage issue.  I should be able to let you know later this week with better, up-to-date information.

But for now, I appreciate you allowing me this past weekend to rest and take some time to catch-up on me.