Hey All,

On Sunday afternoon after completing my volunteer work in Saint Petersburg at the “It Takes A Village event” I walked about a mile with my friend Katherine (who is the main organizer of the Tampa Bay Adventurers) to another meetup event that was occuring in downtown Saint Petersburg. I will write about that other meetup tomorrow.

However, in the meantime while we were enroute to the other event, something caught my eye and I had to stop and take some photos. It was a small condo building that did such a clever job at advertising their building. The caption “People are Dying to Live Here” was so perfect and appropriate during the upcomming Halloween season. Their displays were first class in every respect!

I just had to stop and capture this great advertisement idea and all the cool Halloween displays, so that I could send them all to you all.

Enjoy !

The photo below is scary enough, but the Halloween ones are even more scarier!!

And my Mom “Stacia” from Salem Massachusetts thought she was the only last living witch. I proved her wrong…Now their are two living here in Florida!

A Tale of Two Feet & Michael

Hey All,

About 2 months ago, Beau and I has planned a trip to Ashville, North Carolina where we were going to stay at a mutual friend’s house along with several other friends. We were going to leave today (Monday, 10/15). My plan was to drive this past weekend to Beau’s house. We were then going to pick up our rental car on Sunday evening and then planned on leaving by 6 AM on Monday (today) for the 14 hour trip.

Beau had been there several times in the past, but I have never been to that part of North Carolina, which I have been told is very beautiful, especally at this time of year when all the leaves on the trees are changing color. We were also planning on attending several annual fall festivals and other on-going events in that area.

As you know, I still have a cast on my right foot due to a fractured foot which occurred while visiting my brother Randy and my Mom in the Fort Walton Beach area. I simply got off the couch and as I stood up to slip my feet into my sandles, the right one was a bit loose and my foot gave way and it twisted outward to inward and before I knew it I heard a crack and then my foot became very swollen. Because of the walking cast which I must wear for several more weeks, although I seem to be getting around pretty well, it would be a bit difficult for me to drive a long distance. Thus, Beau was planning on being the primary driver on our trip.

Now, here’s where it gets a bit interesting. Shortly after Beau and I returned home from our Las Vegas trip, Beau went to visit a friend in her local area. While she was there, she went to open up her friend’s refrigerator and as she did this, a glass jar on the door shelf which didn’t have a rail guard came toppling down on her right foot. Next minute she knew it, her left foot swelled up like a ballon and yes the end result was a left fractured foot which later required a walking cast just like mine! The problem is that Beau generally drives with her left foot due to some previous medical problems with her right one. Now we both are crippled!

We were still going to figure some way to drive up North for the trip to North Carolina, but then came Hurricaine “Michael” causing so much havoc to so many area besides its main impact in the panhandle of Florida. As Beau talked to our friend in North Carolina, due to all the heavy rains and high winds that occured there because of “Michael,” alot of tree limbs fell and many of the roadways leading to our friend’s place became damaged. Since his place is way up in the moutains and many of the roadways are unpaved this makes traveling there a bit dangerous.

Also because of these rains and high winds, a lot of the leaves have already fallen off the trees up there, so the foilage this year wasn’t that great we were told. Also many of the upcomming festivals and other activities in that area we heard may not occur as planned.

So because of our foot issues and because of what hurricaine “Michael” did to alot of the roadways along the east coast, we mutually agreed that it would best best to curtail our trip there. Safety first!

Oh well, there’s always next year!

Have a great day.

Giving Back To The Community…I Have A Mission!”

Hey All,

Great event I participated in yesterday to support many charitable organizations in the Saint Petersburg / Tampa area. The video and other photos I posted pretty much tell it all!

Have a great week.

How can you not want to help out these worthwhile organizations when you see a poster so impactful as this?

So glad I participated. It was a great way to learn about all the volunteer opportunities in the area and to get involved!

I’m At It Again (First Friday Fall Celebration In St Pete)

Hey All.

Now that I’m all settled back into my RV spot on MacDill AFB in Tampa and despite my health setbacks, decided I would venture out again and participate in one of my meetup group social events this past Friday.

Every first Friday of the month, St Pete closes down some of the blocks in the major part of town and has live entertainment in the streets for all to enjoy and all the restaurants and bars in the area are packed.

This is the first time I went to this particular monthly event and it was alot of fun.

Was good to see everyone again and to get back into the swing of things.

Have a great week!

Luv, Gary

The Date Is Set

Hey All,

I had several medical appointments at the Veterans Hospital in Tampa this past Thursday, Oct 4 to discuss my on-going health issues.

The video I’ve included was taken in a small park adjacent to the VA hospital constructed there to honor our fallen heroes. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. Very tranquil setting.

Now concerning my health:

Dermatology: The two spots of cancerous growth that were taken out of my lower left leg about 2 1/2 months ago are almost healed. However, a new spot of concern was found on my right hand, so a biopsy was taken. Hope it turns out to be benign? Hate tp have another large hole there to have to heal for 3 to 4 months again. Also, ever since I was on the Vegas trip, I have had an irritation on my lips. Dermatologst is concerned it might be cancerous and has put me on a gel medication for three months in that area to see if it clears up. If it doesn’t it will lead to future more evasive procedures which won’t be fun. Time will tell?

Ortho: New xray of right foot was taken. Fracture still shows up. Doctor wants me to remain in cast for 5 more weeks for greater healing and stability. If I twist my leg again, especially while it is weak and healing and I re-injure it, unfirtunately, it will require surgery.

Rheumatology: Since the strength of my bones as seen on latest bone density test indicated a 6 % degradation since just one year ago, they put me back on a Fosemax regimine to hopefuuly stop the degradaion. Time will tell? Go back to them in mid December to evaluate progress.

Urology: The good news… no more Tuesday and Thursday painful injections in my sensitive area to reduce the internal scar tissue growth. The bad news is that medication used via injection has not helped. Will need to undergo a major operation (about 4 to 5 hours) to physically remove the internal growth. Operation takes a long time due to many nerves and vessels to be carefully moved around in that area to get at the scar tissue to remove it. There is also a risk of losing sensitivity and other manly functions for that area if complications develop. The surgery needs to be done to prevent future urinary problems from working properly since the scar tissue continues to grow. I was lucky to get this surgery scheduled for the Monday of Thanksgiving week as most folks don’t want to undergo surgery during the holidays. If I didn’t want that date, then I would have to wait until around Feb gor the operation. Best to just get it over with! Will remain overnight in hospital after that for one to two days. Full recovery will take at least 3 months at a minimum, even if operation goes well. I hope there are no complications and that life-changing events do not occur. Didn’t need this health issue right now as I continue to try to get socially active in the area and to make new friends. Oh well….no Turkey for me on Thanksgiving. Don’t think I will have a desire for it

I have to keep reminding myself that others have it worse and to be greatful for what I have, although things are not perfect. That’s life.

Take Care and have a great week.



The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

Here at the RV park on MacDill Air Force Base which is so popular to stay at due to it’s perfect location coveiniently located between the best of Tampa and Saint Peterburg, if you want to be able to get a spot here during peak snowbird season, you have to reserve early.

The policy is that if you want to stay here for the 1 October thru 31 March 2019 timeframe, you need to make your reservation as quick as you can right on or after 1 October 2018. The spots go quickly and the waiting list gets very long if you din’t secure your spot

I showed up 2 hours early, before the office actually opened on Monday to secure a reservation earlt for next season. There were already about 25 RVers waiting ahead of me! As the day progressed the crowds and length of the lines increased, so glad I went early.

Happy that I sucessfully secured my reservation and paid my deposit. Now I have peace of mind. Naturally, who knows what next year brings, but at least I will have flexibity to have a place for next yeat if i want to keep it or to be able to cancel the reservation later should my situation change.

Have a great day.

The two photos I’ve attached were taken 2 hours before the office opened, but still plenty of people and cars in the parking lot.

I’m A Happy Camper Again !

Hey All,

As you can see from my video in today’s blog, I’m pretty much established back in the RV park on MacDill AFB.

I chose the annex section of the park for this 6-month stay. The other section of the park where I stayed last time is about 1/2 miles away. Although the section that I’m now in is about 1/2 miles from the beach on base, rather than within walking distance, yhe section that I am now in it is much nicer I think than the other section as the RV spots have a better layout and the distance between each RV is greater, allowing for greater privacy. As all the snow birds start comming in over the next 2 weeks, it will be much better to be in a place where I don’t feel to close to one another (like sardines). I haven’t stayed here in the park when is at full capacity, so I thought this would be a much better option.

My brother Jan helped me the other day with sucessfully getting my RV out of storage and into my new spot as well a fixing a couple of my electrical issues.

The only negative thing is that today I had all kinds of problems trying to get cable TV but later found out that there was an issue within the park with the cable TV service and it might be some time for it to get resolved. Has to do with the government’s contract negotiation with Spectrum Cable. So for now and for the indefinite future I have very limited TV (only a few channels) and must rely on the receptiom from my antenna to view those few channels. I hope the service can eventually be improved so I can once again have better TV channel selection. For now I will have to watch alot of DVDs to keep me entertained.

Will spend a quiet weekend just relaxing in my new surrondings. Don’t feel like getting involved in any meetups as yet. Have alot of doctors appointmemts next week to make some decisions on how we best proceed with treating some of my on-going health challenges. Time will tell?

Have a great weekend!

Heading Back Home to Tampa Tomorrow !

Hey All,

I don’t know where the last 30 days went? The mandatory requirement for me to relocate my RV out of the MacDill Air Force Base RV park for 30 days before I am once again allowed to relocate there for another 6 months will be up tomorrow and I can now return home to Tampa.

I think breaking up my 30 days by first visiting my younger brother Randy and my mother Stacia in the Fort Walton Beach area, followed by a trip with Beau to Las Vegas and then a short visit to my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gsil’s house in Orlando was a good way to devide my time.

It is always nice to spend time with family and friends, but it is equally nice to get back home to my RV and my regular routine.

Naturally when I return home this time, I will have to deal with my foot cast for several more weeks and to begin making arrangements with my urology surgeon for a potential operation most likely to occur in late November or early December. Time will tell how all this works out? I’ll make the best of it.

I will end this blog with a few photo’s of my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s pool and back yard retreat. Not a bad place to relax for the ladt few days!

My brother Jan will once again be kind enough to follow me back to Tampa tommorrow (about a 2 hour ride) to help me hitch up and to move my RV back into the MacDill Air Force park and to assist me with a couple of small electrical repairs that need to be done on my RV. Thank you Jan!!! I really appreciate your help!!

Have a great rest of your week !

Jan and Gail’s mixed fruit tree above. It grows Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit. They also have an Orange and Tangerine and a nice herb garden. Very nice to have fresh fruit and herbs so handy!

Beautiful and extra long swimming pool that is readily enjoyed by Jan and Gail after work and on weekends when they are not at their beach condo or away on a trip.

Lake views from Jan and Gail’s dock.