Sad Bike Ride Yesterday on Bayshore Boulevard

Hey All,


As you know, I love to ride my bicycle each day along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.  The area is so beautiful and I love looking at the bay, wildlife, impeccably manicured gardens and the beautiful mansions all along this beautiful Boulevard.

While on my bicycle ride at about Noon on Wednesday I reached the point just to the right of the yellow tape that was attached to the sea wall and that extended across this entire street as seen in the photo below.  I literally had to come to complete stop there and eventually (after I got my composure) I had to detour around the yellow tape so that I could continue on my bicycle ride along the bay.

At that time when I arrived to that area, there were so many police and ambulances right there in front of me (literally within just 50 feet).  Naturally, I was not going to bother any of the police or medical personnel to get any details of what happened, as they naturally were busy attending to things, but I knew that something terrible occurred when I saw that baby carriage just lying there in the street.  My heart sank as I just sat there perched on my bicycle feeling a bit helpless and wishing there was something I could do.  I literally was only 5 minutes from arriving to that exact spot where this terrible tragedy happened.  I thought to myself, it could have been me that could have easily have been hit at that location that day as I often cross Bayshore Boulevard at that point to ride up and down some of the beautiful neighborhood streets in that area on the other side of that boulevard. It really made me think how fragile our lives are.  One minute everything is fine and the next minute you are gone !

I just saw that this accident was highlighted on this evening’s ABC National News with David Muir.  I did not catch the details on the local news last night of what actually had happened there of Bayshore Boulevard as I went to Saint Petersburg last night for a social function.  It wasn’t until tonight’s national news that I actually learned the details of what happened. I was literally right there just to the right of that black car in the photo. My heart sank to think that this poor mother of only 24 years was killed and now I have just learned this evening that her infant who was in the hospital fighting for her life did not survive and passed away this afternoon.  This is so sad and brings tears to my eyes.  When will people learn to drive more safely and to not do crazy things like these 3 teenagers did by racing down this residential road .  Because of their careless actions, these two “angels” are gone and so many lives who were family and friends of this young mother and infant will now be affected for the rest of their lives by this horrible tragedy.

Please say a prayer this evening on behalf of these victims who prior to this accident had a whole life ahead of them to look forward to.  May God now embrace them and welcome them into the gates of heaven and into eternal life.  I know that Terry will also be there to welcome them to heaven as well.

I wish you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend and hope you have an opportunity to be with your loved ones  and friends.

Luv Gary


Three arrested for street racing after mother fatally struck pushing stroller on Bayshore Boulevard

The race ended with the death of a 24-year-old mother struck while pushing her stroller across the boulevard, according to Tampa police.

The mother, Jessica Raubenolt of Jeromesville, Ohio, was rushed to nearby Tampa General Hospital for emergency medical treatment. That’s where she was pronounced dead.

Her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia, was also seriously injured in the crash.

Hours later, police made three arrests:

Cameron Coyle Herrin, 18, was driving the Mustang that struck the mother, police said. He face charges of vehicular homicide, street racing, and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury.

Riding with him was his brother, Tristan Christopher Herrin, 20, who as the passenger faces a misdemeanor charge of racing. Under state law, it is also illegal for someone to “knowingly ride as a passenger in any such race.” Police said they have no evidence he tried to stop the race or get out of the car.

The Nissan driver, John Alexander Barrineau, 17, was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide, street racing, and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury.

All three live within minutes of the crash scene. All three were booked into the Hillsborough County jail.

The crash took place at 11:43 a.m. at Bayshore Boulevard and W Knights Avenue. Raubenolt was visiting the bay area, according to police, and legally crossing the intersection using the pedestrian ramp when she was struck.

Witnesses estimated that the two cars may have been going as fast as 60 mph at some point while racing each other, but police could not confirm that, nor say how fast they were traveling when the pedestrian was struck.

The two cars involved in the incident remained at the scene. However, all three of the occupants declined to speak to officers.

When reached by phone, Raubenolt’s family declined to comment. The parents of the arrested could not be reached for comment.

Speeding is a perennial problem on Bayshore, said Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty. Hours before Wednesday’s incident, police were monitoring the road and cracking down on speeders.

“That is an issue on Bayshore,” he said. “We had motorcycle (officers) out writing tickets this morning.

“People aren’t happy about it, but that’s what we do to remind people you’re not supposed to drive fast out there. We make an effort to slow things down but we’re not out there 24-7. We can’t be out there 24-7.”

Bayshore Boulevard is a four-lane roadway divided by a wide median of grass and trees with sidewalks along both sides. On one side are some of the city’s most expensive mansions. On the other, along the water, there is a linear park and a signature balustrade.

In February 2004, 39-year-old jogger Melissa McKenzie was struck and killed on the grassy median along Bayshore Boulevard. Tampa police said then that the motorcyclist they arrested was doing up to 80 mph at the time.

The death prompted then-Mayor Pam Iorio to form a task force to examine ways to make Bayshore safer. In the years since, pedestrian safety projects were completed, bicycle lanes and signage added and signals upgraded. But speeding and safety remain serious problems there.

There are no crosswalks along the nearly two-mile stretch from Gandy Boulevard north to Bay to Bay Boulevard, the area where Wednesday’s fatal incident took place. The speed limit for much of the stretch is 40 mph. Neighborhood efforts in recent years to reduce the speed limit along part of the route have been unsuccessful.

Brian Butterly, 56, who normally walks Bayshore Boulevard with a group of five people once a week, said they didn’t want to walk after the incident.

“It’s almost impossible to cross the road because there are no crosswalks,” Butterly said. “You have to fight two lanes of traffic going in both directions and the speed limit … is almost always ignored.”

What was unusual about Wednesday’s fatality, Hegarty said, were the allegations of racing.

“Although speeding is an ongoing problem on Bayshore, racing has not really been a problem,” he said. “We see that sort of thing on the bridges.

“But the kinds of problems that we get on Bayshore are that people are just going over the speed limit.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story identified Jessica Raubenolt incorrectly by her maiden name.

Staff writers Jonathan Capriel and Will Kennedy contributed to this report. Contact Tim Fanning at        



Pushing the stroller, mashing the gas pedal: A fatal encounter on Bayshore

Pushing the stroller, mashing the gas pedal: A fatal encounter on Bayshore

TAMPA — Jessica Raubenolt seized on the sunshine and blue skies at mid-day Wednesday to take her daughter out in the stroller for a walk along scenic Bayshore Boulevard. Visiting from Ohio, the family had been cursed by rain all week.At the same time…
Updated: 9 minutes ago

One day after fatal accident, Tampa moves to lower speed limit on Bayshore Blvd

One day after fatal accident, Tampa moves to lower speed limit on Bayshore Blvd

TAMPA — City officials announced Thursday they are reducing the speed limit on Bayshore Boulevard, one day after a mother was struck and killed by a speeding car while pushing her 21-month-old daughter across the street in a stroller.Starting today, …
Updated: 2 hours ago

Three men charged with street racing in Bayshore Boulevard crash are recent graduates of Tampa Catholic High School

Three men charged with street racing in Bayshore Boulevard crash are recent graduates of Tampa Catholic High School

TAMPA— The Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg confirmed Thursday that the three men involved in the Bayshore Boulevard crash that killed an Ohio mother and critically injured her 21-month-old daughter are recent graduates of Tampa Catholic High Schoo…
Updated: 7 hours ago

GoFundMe page for woman killed on Bayshore has raised more than 10 times its goal

GoFundMe page for woman killed on Bayshore has raised more than 10 times its goal

TAMPA — Friends were hoping to use GoFundMe to raise $2,000 for the family of Jessica Raubenolt, who was struck and killed Wednesday while pushing her 21-month-old daughter in a stroller across Bayshore Boulevard.As of Thursday morning, more than $20…
Updated: 7 hours ago

Three arrested for street racing after mother fatally struck pushing stroller on Bayshore Boulevard

Three arrested for street racing after mother fatally struck pushing stroller on Bayshore Boulevard

TAMPA — The two cars raced each other along Bayshore Boulevard just before noon, witnesses told police. One was a black 2018 Mustang. The other a gold Nissan. They sped side-by-side, trading the lead, police said, despite the traffic and pedestrians …
Updated: 1 hour ago

Clearwater deputy fire chief resigns as report on sick leave abuse is released

Clearwater deputy fire chief resigns as report on sick leave abuse is released

TAMPA — A pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle while crossing N 40th Street near E Hanlon Street on Wednesday night, according to Tampa police.The crash took place just before 8 p.m. The driver was heading north on 40th Street before strikin…
Published: 05/23/18

Coast Guard suspends search for man missing from Tampa cruise

Boating+Kayaking+Beer+Food+Friends+Beach +Sun = Fun !

Hey All,

To continue on my weekend adventures. On Satutday morning I got up early after a late Friday night and was trying to decide if I wanted to make the 1 hour drive to Dunedin to link up with one of my other meetup groups called “The Tampa Bay Adventurers w”ho were going to Kayak or Boat to Caladesi Island on Honeymoon Bay. I could just go to the gym like I would normally do as part of my regular routine and then just hill for the rest of the afternoon since the weather initially looked like it might rain, but that would make for a boring day or I could take the chance and make the drive to Dunedin and see what happens. I decided to just go for the gusto and off to Dunedin I went.

Because of my recent leg issues and some biopsies that were recently done, I decided it was best to minimize getting my leg to wet, so I decided to just drive to Honeymoon State Park and then take the ferry over to Caladesi Island, walk the mile along the beach and then meet up with everyone in the group that way.

The day really turned out to alot of fun. I didn’t really know that many of the people from this group initially, but by the end of the day, I made so many new friends!  “The Tampa Bay Adventures” do so many things in the Tampa/St Petersburg and surrounding area from boating, kayaking, beaching, dancing, going to concerts and festivals, biking, dining and of course drinking cocktails! The group has over 1,200 members, so they are quite active and there are so many things that people within the group organize and you can just pick and choose which ones interest you and just RSVP on line.

For the event on Saturday, we had about 150 people attend and the event was combined with another group called “The Slackers” which means simply Laidback Adventures, Campers  and Kayakers who primarily do alot of outdoor stuff.

I really hit it off with the main hosts from both of the groups rather quickly. Sheila from The Slackers and Katherine from The Tampa Bay Adventurers were so much fun and they quickly introduced me to so many people. It truly was a great day and the weather turned out to be just perfect! I’m glad I decided to go !

Hope you enjoy all the photos and short video clips that I will post in this blog…. as they say….pictures speak a thousand words!

Boating over to Caledesi Island

Photo below of me walking the mile along the beach to meet the group.

Shiela is the “Slacker” host in the “cowperson” hat and Katherine the “Tampa Bay Adventurers” host is the brunet with the yellow sun glasses to the left of Shiela. They were so welcoming and so much fun!

Hollywood, Jet-Set Crew!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s just a guy who had too many jello shots and had no idea what he was doing!

The video above is of a guy trying to ride the bull without falling off. A lot of people had so much fun with this float! Was tougher to do the more beers or jello shots you had!

The above video was so funny and I was lucky to capture it. While this guy (Jonny) was leaning on the boat, he didn’t realize that the boat was starting to drift. He lost his balance and ended up falling right into the water! He was caught off guard! I should sent this video clip to the  America Funniest Videos show.  May take 1st place!

Later in the day, the guy that owned this boat (Grant from South Africa) offered to give me a lift back to Honeymoon State Park, rather than to have me walk the mile along the beach and then wait for the ferry. I took him and the others in his crew up on the offer. While enroute back, we rescued one of the kayaking crews that capsized while they were enroute back to the shore. Unfortunately the girl lost her I-Phone in the water. The next three photos shows this rescue.

The girl in this photo was just sitting there on the boat enjoying her beer and didn’t realize that there was a big sea monster (see large hand to the left of her) ready to steal her beer! Never can be too careful!  This was an interesting photo shot !

We even got a chance to swim with the Dophins!

After the event, I went ahead and met my boat crew along with some others at a place called “Marker 8” where we drank some more cocktails and socialized for several more hours.

Our live entertainment at “Marker 8”

0ur waitress at the bar and restaurant. She was so sweet!

Have A Great Week!


Another Great Weekend

Hey All,

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Been a little rainy in Florida the last several days, but fortunately the weather was just perfect on Friday evening when I participated in a Taco and Beer Fiesta in St Pete with some of my friends from one of my meetup groups. I will post some of the photos from that event in this blog and save the photos and videos of another great boating, kayaking and island beach event that I did on Saturday for a follow-on blog. Luckily, the weather cooperated for most of the day yesterday as well.

Today it has remained rainy all day. I guess you can’t have good weather all the time (even in Florida).

Have a great week!

Luv Gary

Playing Catchup: Cinco de Mayo Party in St Pete

Hey All,

Playing a bit of catchup here. Went to a Cinco de Mayo party a few weeks ago at a place called the Red Mesa (a Mexican Restaurant) in Saint Petersburg. Sincd we had such a large group (over 150 people we took over the entire ballroom) The event was sponsored by one of my meetup groups called Tampa Bay Adventurers. After the get together a bunch of us then went to place down the road called “Ringside” where we did a bit of dancing. Overall a fun night! Including some pictures and a few short videos below for your enjoyment. Sorry, no selfee’s of me this time!

Have a great upcomming weekend.

Luv Gary

Marathon Weekend-“Beau” Came to Visit Me in Tampa-Post 2 of 2

20180415_022454_001409155432.jpgHey All,

As promised, this is the continuation of my Marathon weekend with “Beau”. Already covered the Sailing adventure on Tampa Bay in my Post yesterday (See Post 1 of 2 with the same title as above).

In today’s post I will try to cover the rest of the weelend’s events.

Early on Friday morning, “Beau” took a trip with me to the Tampa VA Hospital. I had an appointment with my Dermatologist to see how things were progressing with my “Ugly Duckling” legs.

I had two large spots on my lower left leg that the Dermatologist decided to do a biopsy on as they looked like they could be cancer. So now I have two big holes in that leg that need to heal as I await those results. The dermatologist also injected several spots with a steroid to see it that would minimize my irritation in some of those areas. Cordran Tape was also prescribed for me. The intent is to cut small pieces of the tape that contain a slow releasing steroid and to place those pieces of tape every 12 hours over several of my problem spots. The tape will hopefully help to hopefully soften and stop the growth and development of rough skin in some of my problem areas. “Beau” also showed me a technique in the interim that she uses to cover up some of the shite spots so that my legs will look somewhat normal when I go out. She even brought for me a tube of dark tan makeup that I can use and demonstrated for me how well this works for her. (She had a minor accident the week before and sent me some pictures” earlier that week to show me how this stuff works wonders.

Wow, I have become so “High Maintenance !” I have follow-on appointment with my dermatologist in 1 month. We will see were I am at that time.

After my Dermatology appointment, I had an Optometry Appointment where I ended up being prescribed near-sited and far-sited glasses. “Beau” and I had fun picking out just the right glass frames for me and since she thought they looked so good on me, she decided to get a matching pair!

After these medical appointments it was time for lunch and “Beau” said that she wanted to treat me to lunch at one of her favorite eating establishments. What an unusual lunch. We went to the Deli in the Public’s Grocery Store where we got one of their large signature submarines with all the toppings and a couple of cold drinks. We then went outside and ate our meal right in the parking lot of the grocery store on the back door of my truck bed. It was a tailgate lunch and we had so much fun doing this !

Next we went to the Hard Rock Casino where “Beau” and I gambled for a total of 5 hours. We pooled our funds and worked as a team on the slot machines. We decided that either we would go home collectively as winners or go home as losers. To my surprise…we actually finished up as “winners !” We won a total of about $ 100 ! What a nice change for me, as I usually lose my money at the casino!

After the Casino we drove to Saint Petersburg to meet up with friends at a real cool microbrewery that also had live entertainment. After that “Beau” and I ended the night by going to a local Mexican restaurant for a late night snack.

The next morning on Saturday, Beau and I went to the MacDill Air Force Base “Air Fest”. This is a really big airshow that has great aerial entertainment to include the “Blue Angels” and super food and static displays of interesting stuff. Sorry, but didn’t take many photos while we were there. Recall Terry did an excellent post on the Blue Angels called Rocket Man back in November of 2016 when we went to the homecoming show on Pensacola Naval Air Station. Sorry, don’t know how to put his link here.  You can go to Terry’s Video Log category and search back to that great video he did if you want.

That late afternoon, we were then off once again to Saint Petersburg to meet up with another of my favorite social groups. We met a group of about 80 folks and went on an Art Walk for about 4 hours to about 20 unique galleries in a very interesting area of Saint Petersburg. We had such a great time, drinking wine, eat complementary hors d’oeuvres, seeing some great artwork and getting to see some great demonstrations of how glass art structures are created. I have so many pictures of that event that I will be sharing them here with you in this blog. This was truly a 5-Star event! Make sure you check out the few video I have included in the photos below. Especially the one with the round mirror.  It’s very interesting !

This video above is really interesting.  Watch what sneaks by in the mirror!

Pretty Kitty video !

Video of how glass art is made.  Quite a process.  Only included one short video here although I did several others, but too lengthy to attach.

I think the girl in the above painting looks a lot like “Beau” !

This guys shirt is art by itself. So fitting attire for this event!

After the Art Walk, we went with a group of friends to a local hangout and danced the night away. We didn’t get back home to after3 AM, yes…3 AM ! I haven’t done that in a long time. Also, check out the video I’m posting below.  Took “Beau” briefly to a “Drag Queen” show at the end of the night (or I should say morning).  Video is not that great but “Beau” loved it!  It posted for some reason at the top of this blog, sorry ?

We had such a fun weekend and we’re on the go the entire time. What a marathon weekend !!!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Luv Gary

P.S. Had to include this nice photo of “Beau” from a Kentucky Derby party she went to the weekend before visiting with me here in Tampa. Great photo and wonderful hat!

Marathon Weekend–“Beau” Came To Visit Me in Tampa! (Post 1 of 2)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted a blog for awhile. No real excuse, I guess I just needed a little break while dealing with some of my on-going health issues.

On Thursday afternoon of this past week Beau came to visit me in Tampa for the weekend.

We were on the go from the minute she arrived on Thursday afternoon right up until Sunday morning when she left for her return trip home.

On Thurday evening I took her sailing on the Tampa Bay. On Friday early morning Beau accompanied me to the Veterans Administration Hospital for some early morning medical appointments. This was followed by a unique lunch, a trip to the Hardrock Casino, an evening with a meetup group in Saint Petersburg at a micro brewery, followed by a late evening Mexican meal. On Saturday we attended the MacDill Airfest Show during the daytime and then had an evening of fun with another one of my meetup groups where we participated in wonderful “Art Walk” excursion in Saint Petersburg. This was followed by dancing the rest of the night away at a popular establishment until almost 3 AM, yes ….3 AM ! Haven’t done that in awhile !

Hard to include all the Pics and videos in just one blog, so I’ll concentrate here on just posting some photos and short videos clips from our Thursday night sailing excursion. Will post more Pics and videos of some of other stuff we did from the weekend in a follow-on post probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a great night!




Celebrating The Pink Moon on Maderia Beach with The Tampa Bay Adventures.

Hey All,

So sorry but due to my on-going health issues (some of which I have already posted and some other physical health problems which are being evaluated and just too personal to discuss right now) I have just not had the drive this week to post many blogs or to read and comment yet on yours, but I will eventually catch up.

A few weeks ago I met up on Maderia Beach with a new meetup group called Tampa Bay Adventurers. It was a beautiful Saturday evening and we had about 150 in attendance. A few people brought their guitars and so we just socialized, drank a bit and sang along with the guitar players. A really nice time with a great group of folks.

Including a bunch of photos. Enjoy!


The Ugly Duckling


Hey All,

Sorry haven’t blogged much these past few weeks. Been a bit down due to some recent health issues I’ve been dealing with as well as I have been thinking about Terry a lot and how much I miss his presence.

Haven’t done as much socializing via my meetup groups lately, but I promise I will eventually post about the ones I have done in the next few weeks.

One of the health issues I’m presently dealing with is a lot of pre-cancerous actvity and dermatosis especially on my legs and some on my arms and hands. The dermatologist went crazy on me a few weeks ago with her liquid nitrogen which I think made things worse. The healing of my sores have not gone well and they are cacky, white and itchy all the time and really stand out on my dark skin, making me self-contious especially when I want to go out in shorts. I am trying to get this under control by using a lot of moisturizers, creams, ointments, vitamin E, etc; but they just won’t go away. I go back to the dematologist this Friday and I am sure she will want to hit all these spots again with the liquid nitrogen which I am sure will add to the trauma. I hate this!  Not the best time of year to do this and I am supposed to be leaving for Key West in a few weeks for 5 days with one of my groups from thee Cocoa beach, Melbourne area.  If these don’t get better soon, I will not have a good time while there.

You know, I love the sunshine and while it causes me issues with the potential for skin cancer, the sun does on the other hand help me tremendously with my psoriasis flare ups. So, kind of a dilemna for me.  The sun helps me in one area but hurts me in another. I admit, I tend to make the sores on my legs worse, because I am always picking at them because they are always so flaky and itchy, which inhbits their healing and makes them worse. It has become a vicious cycle for me.

Now I require alot of high maintenance just to go out as I must try to cover up all the  blotches with moisturizers and tints so they aren’t so noticeable especially on my dark skin.  This is so time consuming and frustrating.

I hope this clears up soon, so I can feel more comfortable to do things again in shorts as the weather here is becoming extremely hot and I want to enjoy the summer and not have to deal with all this.

Oh well.  Hopefully I will get through this.


(7 x 25)+67=8

Hey All,

You are probably wondering, does Gary have a clue at doing math calculations? How can the above numbers to the left of the equal sign result in the number “8” to the right of the equal sign ? For your info, in my younger days I was a mathematical wizard.

Remember that I told you in another recent post that I have been bicycling about 25 miles round trip almost daily and that last Friday afternoon I did a very long round trip bike ride from MacDill AFB in south Tampa to St Petersburg Beach, FL (actually equaling 67 miles) to challenge myself and to meet up with a meetup group for Happy Hour. This long bike ride and the 7 X 25 mile daily round trips equated to a total of 242 miles of bicycle riding in just 8 days! Surprisingly, I really didn’t’ have any significant aftermath hurt in my legs from doing all those miles!  This amazes me in that I have just started bike riding in the beginning of April and prior to that, I thnk I may hve only bicycled about 5 times in the last 15 years. As you all know I am very consistent in going to the gym ever since I was about 15 years old, so I guess I am in some sort of decent physical shape, despite a few health issues that have developed lately.

The number “8” to the right of the equal sign does not actually relate to the last 8 days of bike riding. It actually refers to my 8 month anniversary of blogging and more importantly 8 months since Terry left this earth and went directly to heaven on September 1st.   If you add up all the days in the last 8 months it coincidentally equates to exhactly 242 days since Terry’s passed away as of 1 May.  So there my equation above was correct, except that it was an apples to orange comparison (miles traveled by bike) verses (number of days that have passed since September 1st).

Although the long amounts of bike riding have not hurt my legs, the 242 days that have now past without Terry physically here with me, continues to break my heart each and every day. He remains constantly in my mind.

As I ride my bicycle each day from the MacDill airforce base to the long stretch along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, I have really enjoyed the scenery and the wonders of nature along the bay. However, I realized yesterday that during my return trips of 12.5 miles while enroute back to the base, I subcontinously think about Terry and continually think back to our 16 years of life together (both in the good times and in the more difficult times while Terry was suffering with his cancer). These memories that all that has happend with Terry constantly brings tears to my eyes while along my bike trip home, especially knowing that when my ride is finished, I am returning back to an empty RV (no Terry or Roxy physically with me anymore). It really hasn’t got much easier dealing with the loss, despite my many attempts to get out and about with all my meetup groupsso as  to remain busy and to try to move forward in life. However, I must admit that a day doesn’t go by that I revert back to my saddness and depression when I return back home to an empty space. It still seems so surreal to me and hard to accept that Terry (and Roxy too) have actually departed this earth in the last 8 months. but hopefully for a better place.

Howevwr, there is one bright spot to all of this. Remember in a former post I told you of the 4 baby birds that were born on Terry’s birthday of 4/5/18 in the crevice of my RV hitch. About a week after their birth, I sprinkled a very small amount of Terry’s ashes on the nest when the Mama and Papa birds were away so as to bring them good luck in their health with hopes that someday they will leave the nest and possibly fly by your homes someday carrying Terry’s spirit with them.  As of this date today, three of the baby birds have flown the coupe, however one seems to just want to stick around and stay with me and his Mama. I have named him “Terry Jr”.  I actually look forward to seeing him each day on my return trips back home after my bike ride.  In some ways I feel Terry’s spirit is within this baby bird, who seems to be just comfortable living in that little space. It beings me comfort knowing that “Terry Jr” wants to continue sticking around to provide me some joy.  Thank you “Terry” for bringing me this special gift.

Luv Gary