Unlucky 13

Hey All,

Decided to take my mother on a trip today to the Victory Casino Cruise Ship in Cape Canaveral.  I wanted to have a fun day with her and also to disprove an old saying that my mother has often said in the past that she was an “unlucky 13” being the she was born on March 13th.  My thought was that if she brought me luck by winning on the slots, then I would become rich and she could no longer could say that she was an unlucky 13.  I thought that this would be a “win-win” situation, especially given that in  past trips to the casino with Terry we usually had fun, but almost always came back as “losers”!

Well my hopes were far from becoming  a reality.  After “wining and dining” my Mom with a nice buffet meal and then having her sit on a chair to warm up my most favorite slot machine on the ship until it was legal to start playing the slots after the ship was at least 3 mile from shore…. I thought things would be a shoe in for a very successful day.  Well, once the slot machines were in operation, my Mom started off having a streak of luck and was quickly up about $ 75 dollars! Then we tried another slot machine and since we weren’t getting any real luck on that one, we decided to move on to try something different.  Wouldn’t you know it…. just after we got off that second machine, a lady began to play on that machine and in just one try she ended up hitting the jackpot which was about $ 3,000 !!  My heart sank just knowing what could have been, had we just played on that one slot machine just a  little bit  longer. As the day progressed, I continued to donate reluctantly to the Casino Cruise ship and although we had a fun time nothing else really went in our favor for the rest of the day.  All and in we had a fun day, but ended up coming back home this evening with a much lighter wallet!  Oh well…such is life ! Luv Gary20171210_0918061359717467.jpg20171210_1128441526567898.jpg20171210_1229291205598311.jpg20171210_181825602241655.jpg20171210_1912111624177529.jpg

Stacia Goes on Her Very First Hayride!

20171209_2002181630110647.jpg20171209_173344691668983.jpg20171209_1946061550438210.jpgStacia comfortably sitting at home in the RV awaiting our departure for dinner with friends to be followed by a Christmas hayride. Also a couple photos taken from the Long Doggers  Restaurant with some of the folks from the group and a few photos of the nice Christmas Village that was set up and on display at the place where we where we met to get onto the hayride carts. Finally a nice photo of my Mom with Santa. Will be sending a second follow-on blog with an actual video from the Hayride.  Enjoy!  Luv Gary


Christmas Light Display in RV Park on Patrick AFB

Hey All,  Just sharing a Christmas Light Display done by one of my neighbors in the RV Park.  I took this video several weeks ago before Thanksgiving.  Since then there are so many more neighbors that have added to the Holiday Cheer in the RV Park.  Thought this video was good to send you now since the weather here in Cocoa Beach will be changing in the upcoming day.  It is supposed to be in the low 50’s and may even get in the high 30’s at night !  I know that this is mild for you up north, but hey this is Florida and that temperature change is dramatic for us here!  Will be taking my Mom on a Holiday Lights Hayride on Saturday evening and it will be in the 40’s so it will probably make it feel more like Christmas here (of course without the snow!) Have a great weekend !  Luv Gary

Melbourne Community Orchestra Christmas Concert


Hey All,  Good Morning.  Took my Mom last night to a really nice Christmas Concert at the Melbourne Auditorium. The Melbourne Community Orchestra who were the performers are a non-profit organization in the Melbourne area dedicated to providing quality musical entertainment to the community at no cost.  The operate strictly on donations which attendees are more than happy to contribute to.  The concert was wonderful and got us into the Christmas Spirit.  I learned about it from one of my meetup groups in Melbourne.  We had about 30 members from our group in attendance and my Mom enjoyed meeting some of my friends within that group.  Hope you particularly enjoy the video I took of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.  The Maestro of the Orchestra had such a wonderful voice!  Luv Gary

Kareoke Stacia at 95 Years Young !!!

Okay everyone…. You’re in for a real treat !  Got my mother up on the stage to Karaoke for the first time.  Not bad for a 95 year old young lady!  She had a lot of fun and everyone in the audience loved it.  We did the kareoking in the clubhouse at the RV Park on Patrick Air Force Base.  Okay….she can now cross this one off on her bucket list !  Enjoy.  Luv Gary

The Gathering

Was invited yesterday afternoon to a little neighborhood gathering at the home of one of my neighbors in the RV Park for some food, wine and socializing.  Mom and I had a nice time.  Everyone in the park here are so nice.  It’s a pleasant atmosphere to be among friends. 20171203_1646091020113410.jpg20171203_1556271462754608.jpg