Good Morning Fellow Bloggers !

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

It’s late Wednesday night, but I guess it’s actually early Thursday morning by now for me and I am still up.  I went to my Wednesday night Bingo at the Tides Beach Club which is an establishment owned and operated by Patrick Air Force Base, here in Coco Beach.  The evening starts with a full complementary dinner buffet (for club members) beginning at 5 PM and then the Bingo Games begin at 6 PM.  I usually don’t get back from the event till after 11 PM.  Last week (my first time) I didn’t win anything, but tonight I was a $ 75 dollar winner !!  I guess that means more Doggie treats for Roxy !!

Being it is so late, I thought I send the above video I did of just a small segment of some of the beautiful fireworks that I was fortunate to view with some new friends that I met this past weekend.  I will have much more to post about that event later on in the week with a lot of pictures.  You won’t be disappointed. At this point I’ll just keep you in suspense.  Trust me….you will enjoy the follow-one photos coming up in my future post.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Luv,  Gary

Bicycling Through The Countryside of France Today !

Hey all now that I got your attention through my blog title, I was actually bicycling through the countryside of France today at the Patrick Air Force Base Gym via the virtual bike video screens that they have there on their aerobics equipment.  You can key in all kinds of places around different parts of the world or go to many of our National Parks in the states or pick a type of terrain you would enjoy seeing on a particular day such as the mountains, the deserts, the ocean, the prairies, the forests, and then just bike to your hearts content right there in the safety of the gym while feeling like you are actually right in the environment that’s on your screen. “Osyth” from Halfbaked  will really enjoy this because right now she is living temporarily in France.  The video screens help to take the boredom out of just bicycling in one place and looking at the blank white walls.

I will end this post by attaching a few more photos of the other rooms at the Patrick Air Force Base gym and after this consider my gym rat series of posts of giving you tours of different parts the gym here to be complete as I will have many other things to share with you in the weeks ahead.  The remaining photos will give you the impression that the gym here on base is not that busy, but it actually it gets very busy.  I have just been taking the photos during non-peak times.  Enjoy.  Gary

A Debbie Downer Post

Hey All,

For the most part my posts have outwardly been somewhat upbeat and positive.  As you have seen from my videos and my detailed descriptions of where I am currently residing, I am trying to keep as active as I can and continue to look for as many opportunities for social events that I can find to keep up my spirits.

However, internally I am still hurting a lot about the loss of Terry and I do feel a great sense of  emptiness in my life.  I am also inwardly extremely bitter about what happened to Terry and all the discomfort that he had to contend with this past 1 1/2 years as he and I fought to try to overcome his terrible disease without success.  I do have the comfort to know that I did all I that I could to get him the best of care and to keep him comfortable  24/7 throughout his illness, but I feel that he was cheated of life at such a prime time when there was still so much more that we were looking forward to doing together.  I know life and death happens in so many different ways and we really can’t fully control our destiny and I still try to look at his death as just one more step in our eternal life and we will all be confronted with death at some point, however…..Terry’s medical issues just seemed to creep up so quickly and in a such dramatic fashion, that it still doesn’t seem possible that all this really happened.  I always had the comfort, until naturally Terry got very sick that we would grow old together and life would be peaceful and we would be content and would be able to live out our lives to the fullest.  Now all this has so dramatically changed for me. Once again, I am single and having to attempt to live life to the fullest once again on my own and quite frankly I am not so sure that I can do this so easily.  As you know, it is very tough to suddenly have to seek out and make new friends when you haven’t been on your own for so long. From my blog writings and videos to date…you probably will be surprise when I admit that I truly not that out-going and more of an introvert and really find it very hard to just go out there on my own to various events and activities and easily make new friends.  I think that the older you become, you become more set in your ways and it just is harder to do.

Also, I hate to say…..I also have a deep sense of hurt in that there were so many people in both Terry’s and my life that even after I made a concerted effort to get the word out to everyone we knew about Terry’s death, so few actually took the time to reach back out to show their genuine love and concern.  I truly got more love and support from you all during Terry’s illness and then immediately after his death, than I did from so many others that we have known throughout the years. As one example, I think back to the last place that we lived in Dallas and our little cul-de-sac of 10 homes.  Terry and I were always there to help out all our neighbors and to show out thoughtfulness to them, however to this date, other than a brief visit to Tampa by our former next door neighbors when they were in the area on vacation and from one other neighbor there who also genuinely cared….  none of the others there to date have taken the time to reach out me (even via email or text) to offer their love and support after Terry’s death.  I also reached out to a bunch of Terry’s old friends and former work associates to let them know what was going on with him, but after that initial attempt to make them aware of Terry’s grave illness none of them have ever followed through with any words of encouragement or to check in to see how things were going with Terry as he struggled with his illness.  The there was our former couples group in Dallas that was affiliated with a church that were used to attend.  I can only count on one hand, on those who took the time to reach out to us.  I cannot say in enough words that truly, it was you all that kept Terry and I going through all this and who were there to the very end and who continue to offer me the love and support that I still so tremendously need and truly will need for a long time.

I know that Terry did not want any service and just simply wanted to be cremated and his ashes simply sent back in a basic cardboard box to him Mom and I respected his wishes and did exactly as e instructed.  However, although Terry never asked for this but in essence when I decided to take over his blog, Terry’s eulogy and his funeral was done virtually on line with you all which in my heart I now realize were his true friends.

So I will end this Debbie Downer  blog here and just say once again thank you to you all for your great support and love.  I really appreciate you all for really caring.

I promise that my blogs for the rest of the week will be dramatically much more upbeat and fun. I did a lot recently and have some great upcoming photos to share that just may surprise you !

Luv Gary





Patrick Air Force Base Social Activities

Hey All,

Been on Patrick Air Force Base in Coco Beach, FL for just a little over one week and I’m pretty much settled in.  I am trying to get as involved in the community that I can so that I remain active.   I am doing my best to go to the gymnasium for a couple of hours each day because I think it is important to try to stay in shape.  Right across the street from the gymnasium is the Base Library.  I went over there the other day and got myself a library card.  The library has a wide selection of DVD’s that can be signed out for a week (6 maximum at a tie and they are free of charge!)  Since the RV park doesn’t have cable service capability I am kind of stuck with basic TV (antenna service only) here (although the antenna reception is great and I get me the main channels and some others up to about 40 or so) but it is nice that I can supplement the basic TV with the capability to occasionally watch a DVD movie and it is very convenient for me to just swap a few movies out every few days when leaving the gym and on my way back home (saves me time rather than having to make two trips).  At some point I might look into getting DISH service, which I think is available, but I will wait a few weeks to re-evaluate if I actually think this will be necessary.  Also in the park free Whi-Fi is available but only in the club house, so when I want to access the internet from my RV I must do it via my hotspot, which has been working fine for me thus far.  I have 10 GB’s available per month, which so far seems to be sufficient for me thus far.  Only issue is that when I am on my cell phone, I can’t simultaneously be on the internet, but I am adjusting to working around this.

I also joined 2 social clubs on base this past week.  One is the Tides Club and the other the Marina Club.  The monthly dues are very reasonable….$ 10/month for the Tides Club and $ 9/month for the Marina Club.  As a member of the Tides Club you get a 10 % discount on all meals, they have a monthly complementary breakfast for  members, they do the Bingo Wednesday nights (with $ 5 off your bingo  package) and you have the complementary spread of food  items prior to the bingo which I described in a former post. They also have several other complementary events throughout the year and also snacks and giveaways if you go in there on football Sundays. As a member of the Marina Club you get a weekly free hot food snacks on Friday happy hour, plus you are automatically  entered to possibly win the weekly jackpot which is currently $ 1,000. Once a month this club offers a free Pancake breakfast, they have a quarterly appreciation dinner, run special customer parties for things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc;  Also on Wednesdays they have a Trivia Team contest with prize giveaways and the also have on Sunday’s a football frenzy get together with free food and snacks.

Snowboard season in the RV park really doesn’t start until mid November, but once the park gets completely full here I also understand that there are a number of activities that are coordinated directly here such as pot lucks, karaoke nights, poker nights, bingo, day trip excursions, etc.

All the above is in addition to other activities that happen on the base like special Halloween Parties, family cookout events, sports team championships, craft work activities, the movie theater that has current movies that can be see at reasonable rates.

So as you can see…there are so many things to keep me occupied just here on base, however future posts will discuss some other things I have been doing as well to keep me well-rounded.

The attached photos are the monthly leaflets from the Tides and the Marina Club just to give you a further appreciation of what they have to offer.  Sorry the quality of those photos aren’t the best.

Luv Gary



B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O and “Bingo” was his name !

Hey All,

I hoped you enjoy the Bingo Video….the song brings back memories and although it lasts almost as long as the 4 hours of Bingo that I played this evening…consider the video to be your workout it you follow along.  I might even take the video to the gym tomorrow and incorporate it into my workout. The Bingo session that I participated in was held at the Tides Club right on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and it is owned and run by Patrick Air Force Base.  I joined the club there yesterday and they have bingo every Wednesday evening, so I thought I would give it a try.  Prior to the start of Bingo, they offer a complementary (free) dinner buffet for club members.  I was impressed with the spread of food which included a salad, soup, 4 vegetables (broccoli, corn, beans, mashed potatoes), 3 meats (chicken, pork and beef), dinner rolls, blueberry cobbler, coffee and iced tea.  The cost for Bingo was a bit steeper than I expected ($ 45), but they give you a bunch of cards and there are about 20-25 games played with prizes running anywhere from $ 50 to $ 1,000 per game.  So, I guess if you win at least one of the games, the winnings easily paid for your cost.  Naturally, because, I generally am not very lucky…..I ended up finishing the night without winning a thing, but I did have fun and will certainly do it again,  It was a challenge keeping up with the announcer as I was managing 12 separate cards all at one time for each game.  So, you definitely have to stay on top of things and not get sleepy or you may miss out.  Well I guess that ‘s about all for now as it is getting late and I have to get some sleep.  I want to try to go to the gym a little earlier than usual tomorrow so I can do a few errands afterwards and then come back and mow the grass around my recreational vehicle. Yes, even though I’m living in an RV, I still do manage to do some yardwork as it makes things a bit more pleasant me.  Good night everyone and pleasant dreams !

Visit to the Beach on the Atlantic Ocean

Hey All,  Did a video on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean, right across the street from Patrick Air Force Base.  The video has an interesting ending as I didn’t realize the recording button was still on. There’s probably an easy way to edit the video, but I didn’t want to mess it up or inadvertently delete it.  So, it may make you a bit dizzy at the end, sorry !   In addition, I’ve also included a couple of other photos for you above.  The one of the beach was taken in the same vicinity of where I did this video.  The other two photos were take on the Indian River side of the air base directly opposite the Atlantic Ocean,  Enjoy !! Gary

Cruising, Boozing and Definitely Not Snoozing !

Had 20171008_0111551759165288.jpg

Had a blast last night.  The photo was taken about 1:30 AM while we were heading back into the port.

When I went yesterday to purchase the ticket at our Travel office on the airbase, I was initially disappointed because they told me that they ran out of the discounted cruise tickets.  So, I called the Casio cruise line office and asked them if there was some way that they could honor the military discount directly with them.  About 1 hour later, I got a call from the promotions director of the cruise line who went ahead and made  reservations for me for the cruise boat ride, the buffet and arranged for the $ 20 dollars in promotional slot play money and said that she was doing the entire cruise promotion package for free for me at no charge !  That was fantastic and greatly appreciated.

The second video is of people having fun on the desk of the boat, just dancing the night away.  Sorry no bogy blogging for me this time !!  I know you miss the ones Terry used to do !!  Had to send this second video as a separate Blog, because didn’t know how to incorporate it into this one.