Easter Dinner with Family and Friends

Yesterday on Easter Sunday “Beau” was invited by my brother Jan and my sister-in-law Gail to join us for Easter Dinner.

It was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida.

Beau as usual arrived with gifts. Easter cards for myself and for my brother and his wife, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely dessert.

Jan started the day off the day right by pouring us all a shot of his home made lemoncello which was wonderful.

A short while was first spent conversing and catching up with Beau.

This was followed by Jan being busy out on his grill cooking a wonderful roast of lamb, while Gail with the help of Beau was busy in the kitchen preparing the side dishes for dinner which included mashed potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob and fresh rolls.

Since the weather was so nice we decided to dine outdoors on the beautiful patio.

Overall a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends.

Luv, Gary

The Annual Trailblazer Easter Party In Melbourne, FL (Sat: Apr 20, 2019)

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter!

This is a very long, but fun post. There are a lot of videos ( 13 in all) and many still photos from the annual Trailblazers Easter Party that I attended with “Beau” on Saturday, April 20th , 2019 in Melbourne, FL

The videos and pictures tell it all. What a fun party!

I did a seperate post on one special video, that I think you all will enjoy and hopefully will bring a smile to your face on Easter Morning.

On The Road Again

Hey All,

It’s Good Friday and in a few hours I’ll be on the road again. Will be making the 7 hour drive from my brother Randy’s home in Crestview, FL to my other brother Jan’s and sister-in-law Gail’s house in Oviedo, Fl (near Orlando).

Will stay in Oviedo until next Wednesday, 4/24. My brother Jan will follow me back to Tampa on that morning and help me hitch, move, un-hitch, level and set up my RV for another stay on MacDill Air Force Base.

As my mother always says about herself (my brother’s and I really don’t know why?)…”I feel like a gypsy…going from place to place”. I guess somewhere in her mind she remembers that after her husband (my father) died over 10 years ago, we used to have her stay with one of us in the fall/winter months and then bring her back to her home in Massachusetts for the Spring and Summer. However, for the last several years, she has now been permanently settled at my younger brother Randy’s house and her home in Massachusetts is now sold and no longer anything we need to worry about anymore.

As for me…yes I guess I am a gypsy…going from place to place. Someday I’ll figure out what will be best for me, but for now I’m content and try to just live one day at time and work around my current medical challenges.

The truck is fueled and ready for the trip this morning and soon after finishing my healthy breakfast I’ll be on the road! Randy’s neighbor, Lucy brought over these wonderful donuts to me yesterday as a going away present. I did not workout on Thursday and will not be working out for the next few days.

The donuts were given to me at noon yesterday:

As of 7 Am this morning…look what’s left!

Oh well…guess I got hungry thru the middle of the night! So no need for me to make any food fuel stops on the trip this morning!

Have a great Easter Weekend!

My Brother Randy’s House

https://youtu.be/rRKRnnxmop8Good morning everyoneLast day at my brother’s house in Crestview, FL. On the road on Friday morning (7 hour drive) to my older brother’s house in the Orlando area where I’ll stay until next Wednesday, then back home to Tampa! The month flew by!Already showed my brother’s back yard in a video last time I was here. Here’s a few still pictures.Last night Randy made homemade lasagna and homemade garlic bread. Added some salad to go along with it.Have a great day!Gary

My Daily Work Outs on Eglin AFB

Hey All,

While I’ve been away at my brother’s home in Crestview, FL (near Fort Walton Beach/Destin) I have tried to continue to consistently go to the gym each day for a workout. The gym on Eglin AFB is about a 30 to 40 mile ride from my brother’s house, so not right around the corner from me like on MacDill AFB, but the longer distance has not stopped me. As I mentioned in previous posts…I am a gym rat by nature!

As you can see in the video, my nose is all bandaged up to cover some of my ugly wounds. I am really hating the ongoing recovery process after my nose surgery. This has been much more involved than the I originally anticipated. I thought that after my March 12th surgery I’d be as good as new 6 weeks later. That’s not the case. Plastic surgery on the nose is difficult and the healing and back to some normalcy can take well over a year! This will be a bit more complicated in my case as I will need a revision surgery or two to undergo over the next several months when I get back to Tampa, as the incision down my nose has not fused well. I am really hating all this and it is definitely going to curtail attending a lot of social events this Spring and Summer, as I am just too sensitive about the way I look right now to meet new people or to get involved with any other new groups. I anticipate my next stay on MacDill to be a bit boring since, I’ll have a tendency to just want to keep to myself and not get out as much as I’ve done in the past. I just want all these medical issues and surgeries that I’ve had over the past 8 months to STOP!! I am so over all this!

A couple picks of how I’m looking after 5 weeks of recovery, as you can see…not very good.

Enjoy this second video as well. I saw some military folks undergoing some agility training in one of the basket ball courts in the gym as I was leaving, so I decided to go get my cell phone that was in my truck and go back in to take a short video clip.

Now the main reason I’ve been going to the gym is because I’ve been eating way too much at my brother Randy’s home. Just look at my plate below which was the meal waiting for me when I returned back from the gym late Sunday afternoon. Chicken breast stuffed with pepperoni, ham and motzeralla cheese, seasoned with Italian herbs and breadcrumbs and sides consisting of mixed roasted red amd golden new potatoes and a medley of zucchini, summer squash and sweet onions. Then..2 heaping bowls of ice cream afterwards! Plus..getting up in the middle of the night for snacks!

Soon, l’ll be returning home and it’ll be back to TV dinners for me. I’m a simple cook. Less fuss and mess in the kitchen the better.

Have a great day.


Another Birthday Passes By

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

It was exactly 59 years ago today that God blessed the Tidwell family with the birth of what would be their youngest child….”Terry”. It was also on that special day that God also brought into this world his twin sibling sister named “Sherry”. A double miracle to the Tidwell family and mankind.

Who would have ever thought that the youngest child in the Tidwell family would be the privileged one specially selected by our maker to go to the front of the line and to be the first to enter into heaven’s gates well before his other family members.

I have to look at one’s passing in a positive way. It is the only way for me to move forward in my temporary life here on this earth. Death is not the end….it is merely just one step in our lives which we all will eventually reach that ultimately transitions our soul to ever eternal life with God our maker and all our loved ones and friends that have passed before us.

Birthdays are truly just a number and although they are generally celebrated in the company of family and friends, I remember Terry often stating that as each bithday comes and goes, one is all the more closer to death. Terry was certainly right about that and he always looked at his future passing to not be the end or a bad thing but just the beginning of God calling us according to his plan to be in a much better place.

Today also marks the 2nd year anniversary of when Terry and I 1st arrived in our RV to begin residing on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. It was Terry’s 57th birthday at that time and we chose spot # 57 to reside in to honor his birthday. Ironically this spot also became the actual place where Terry’s spirit ascended to heaven on September 1st, 2017.

From that point going forward as you all remember from Terry’s previous blogs, it was 5 full months of constant health challenges. It was a time for Terry’s body to become much weaker by the day, but his spirit and his inner strength (and of course mine as well as his 24/7 caregiver) to become ever stronger.

Things as I always try to remind myself happen for a reason and we have to accept these realities as part of God’s ultimate plan.

We wish you a very happy 59th birthday dear “Terry” and we know your spirit is smiling down upon us as we remember your special day!

The selfie video of Terry below brings back memories from exactly 2 years ago.


With Love, Gary

57 + 96 = 153 Years

Hey All,

Today Saturday, March 30th is my younger brother Randy’s 57 th birthday. My mother Stacia, celebrated her 96 th birthday on March 13 th.

Since I am here visiting with them for a few weeks, I picked up a birthday cake, a nice house plant and treated them both to a dinner on me at the Texas Roadhouse this evening in honor of their birthdays.

Nice to have a chance to honor family members on their special day especially when I have an opportunity to be here in person!