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This site was created to share my life; my life filled with failures, disappointments and successes. Why am I here? I live and do the same as others and I wonder why I am here? Starting this blog at age 55, I am nearer to death than I have ever been, but yet feel I have so much to accomplish and much more to experience. In my 20s I had many years of therapy to deal with depression and of the many things I learned, one still stands out: there are many other people that are not much different than me. Most of us haveΒ average lives, filled with disappointments and failures and through life we have issues to deal with due to events and other people and with ourselves. So, what makes my life more special than others? Well nothing really. The difference is this is my life that I am writing about. Maybe someone else can relate, and with my writings it may help them with their life. Then again with my writings, maybe I am just helping myself.

308 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Everybody has a story and yours is every bit as important as anyone else’s. Life is a series of ups and downs I’ve found. Like you I have passed the 50 mark and wonder why am I here quite often. I find writing gives me a creative outlet – not that what I have to say or share is original or special in any way, but if it gives somebody comfort, or helps in any small way it is worth the effort. I enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  2. its nice to meet some one who is willing to accept their failures, be candid and real about their experiences….. that was the reason I started blogging too… cause I have spend too much time caring about appearances. Its time to cast the johnas and jonnesses

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  3. Being a new blogger I love finding blogs like yours. Where you share your life just to share and you don’t limit yourself to just the good bits of life. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you! πŸ˜€

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  4. Thanks for sharing and yes, we all have ordinary lives but what we decide to do with them is what makes them extraordinary. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for the ‘like’. Peace and blessings πŸ™‚

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  5. Very good to meet you Spearfish, as a result of the like on one of my posts. It was good of you to stop by and I hope that there won’t be too many more disappointments in your life. I hope it’s going to be plain sailing from now on … πŸ™‚

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  6. Muchas gracias for liking my blog post. Very interesting name, “Spearfruit,” and I like it! I’ve suffered depression, as well, though fortunately nothing too serious. I find that blogging is great therapy. All the best to you, and wish you sunny skies ahead!

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  7. Just read your “Day After” blog and yes indeed, you take it easy okay? Okay. I’ll be glad to hear from you. You’ve been through a lot. And there’s a lot of good times waiting for you! so do what they say and move on!

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  8. I have sarcoidosis with some accompanying conditions which has made life, to say the least, challenging. Despite it all I think of myself as so blessed that I do not have depression, and from reading blog posts from people that experience it, all I have is admiration for those that are able to put out a blog with positivity. Keep it up.

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  9. I love your honesty with which you announce yourself, how you will deal with writing posts….i look forward to your writings as those as you who are intuitive about this amazing life have much to teach me and others…thank you kindly……Jan

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  10. Very inspiring!! At mid 30 something, I feel its too late while I am trying to figure out, what is that I want to do. But definitely understand there is no time to begin to start acting upon…..Love, Vannie from India.

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  11. Hi Terry, I have been following your blog and I like your optimistic and positive attitude inspite of your health challenge.please could you share your email with me. I will like to reach out to you with a few words of encouragement. Thank you.

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    • Hi CJ,
      Just saw that you tried to reach out to Terry. It is with a heavy heart to let you know that Terry passed away peacefully on Sep 1st, 2017. As a tribute to him, am keeping his blog intact indefinitely and I began posting blogs on it since the beginning of Sep. My blogs express how I have been trying to cope with his loss and howvzi have bern trying to be active and to find ways to positively move forward in life to the best of my ability. I appreciate you trying t reach out to him and for your past support. Gary


    • The original post where written by my spouse until late Aug 2017. My spouse past away from cancer on Sept 1, 2017. From that point onward, I decided to take over the blogging efforts and tried to portray to the readers, how I have been coping with my loss and doing everything I can to keep busy. My first post back into the 1st few day of Sept 2017 will provide a thankyou to Terry’s readers for all their support. I in my post have tried to keep an upbeat perspective as much as I can and I incorporate a lot of short video and photos in my blogs going forward. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for stopping by.

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