Things Are Really Beginning To Get Rough Around The Edges!!

Ok for a small bit of Humor. Not sure if you’re all having issues with getting toilet paper in the stores around you…but there is absolutely nothing to be found on the shelves here in Florida! This is because all the stupid hoarders out there who have over bought more toilet paper than they needed, have left nothing for everyone else! (What a bunch of inconsiderate A_ _ H_ _ _ s_)! So, now I’m in deep “S_ _ t”! I must now use old newspapers (like they did or still might do in a 3rd world countries) just to take care of essential bodily functions! Let’s just say…it’s “getting a bit ruff around the edges” in the area where the sun doesn’t shine (unless of course you belong to a nudist colony where the sun shines everywhere)!

So, since I didn’t plan ahead very well, I had an idea! I decided to publish a news paper ad in my local neighborhood website here in Clearwater, Fl to get sone immediate help before” the s _ _ t hits the fan!” The ad goes as follows:

Hey Wonderful, Thoughtful, Kind, Giving Neighbors. I am in deep deep “S _ _ t”! I am in desperate and immediate need of toilet paper! Any style, size, color, ply, scent etc. will do..I’m really not that fussy and I’ll take whatever I can get ! All I ask is that the toilet paper you have for me not be used! I might be desperate, but giving me used old dirty toilet paper would be so disgusting! So …Please Please new toilet paper only!!

I am willing to trade with you! I don’t expect to get the toilet paper for nothing. If you give me 6 rolls of your precious, soft, wonderful fresh and much needed toilet paper, I will reward you with a 4 oz bottle of highly sought-after Premium Hand Sanitizer (see pic) that I am so lucky to have and to use as part of our trade. Also, as an added bonus, if your respond back to my request within 15 minutes and to help offset the cost of gas to deliver the toilet paper to me ..I am throwing in a “Brand Name” 2 oz size bottle of Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitzer… guaranteed to keep Covid-19 away from you as you travel out there in unprotected territory.

It’s a dangerous world out there right now to move about freely and without fear, so please remain safe and cognizant of the potential positive carriers around you! Don’t trust anyone and keep your distance!

Make sure you bring me the toilet paper quickly before you get potentially get sick, come down with symptoms and have to go under quarantine! Then I’d be screwed! Thanks in advance for your help and consideration to take care of me while you’re still able to!

Please Note: The picture in the background of my Ad is not included in the trade! I need it for my motivation to know that one day the beaches will reopen and all will be well!

Please private message me to coordinate the exchange. My “A _ _ H _ _e” will be forever greatful!

Ok.. Now for a little extra added fun. For those of you who are familiar with the Charmin Toilet Paper adds with the Bears… you have got to Watch “Charmin Bears Enjoy The Go Funny Toilet Paper Commercials” on YouTube. This is so funny and absolutely brilliant!

Ah…these were the good old days …when all things were plentiful ! Pre Covid-19 that is!.. Lets squash the bug!!!.

Hey…Just had another great idea… Ok so we all know we are supposed to be using hand sanitizer to keep the bug away or to destroy it should it land on our skin. So why doesn’t someone just make a “bug” zillion cans of aerosol hand spray and then ensure one can was distributed to every living being on this earth. Then at a specified and agreed upon universal time all people in the world would go outside and begin spraying all areas within a 12 foot radius of themselves. Then the entire world would all be hand-sanitized at the same time and all the damn viral bugs would die off once and for all!

When we are sll spraying our hand sanitzers we can make it even a little bit more fun. Why don’t we blare that famous theme song from the old “Ghost Busters” movie. Then as the song comes on and as we are dancing in the streets and spraying our aerosol hand sanotizer cans, as that famous line comes on that says “who ya going to call….the world can shout out “Bug” busters (instead of “Ghost”Busters). Would be so cool!

Ok Ok …I know I’m getting way too carried away here but aren’t we having fun and you are laughing a bit by now?

Ok one last thing (I promise). If we could all do this world-wide simultaneous “bug riding” endeavor on or befire this comming Saturday…then we could “kill two bugs with one stone” and sucessfully achieve President Trump’s vision for the U.S. and possibly the world as a whole when he stated last week”Wouldn’t it be a beatiful thing if we could all go to our churches on Easter Sunday and give thanks to the Lord for performing a miracle and helping us to rid the bug once and for all”! The church bells would be ringing in joy for our resurrection back into a safe, loving and carefree world!

The End…good night!

Happy 60 th Birthday Sherry & Terry !

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

It was exactly 60 years ago today that God blessed Don Tidwell and Mary (Cole) Rawls with the birth of what would be their youngest child….”Terry”. It was also a doubly special occasion because on that very same day and just moments before “Terry” was born God also brought into this world his twin sibling sister “Sherry”. A double miracle to the Tidwell family and to mankind!

Who would have ever thought that the youngest child in the Tidwell family would be ” specially selected” by our maker to ultimately go to the front of the line and be the first to enter into the gates of heaven well before me, any o his immediate family members and all his friends still residing here on earth on a short and temporary basis.

I always think it’s important to recognize and to reflect back on one’s short time while on this dear earth of ours. Also, I try to look at one’s passing with a positive spin and in a unique way. It helps me to move forward in life and to know that all will be okay. Death is not the end (it’s a rebirth) …It is merely just the beginning of the next step that ultimately transitions our soul to our ever eternal life with God and gives us the opportunity to be reunited with all our loved ones and friends who have passed before us.

Birthdays are truly just a number and although they can signify milestones in our lives and are generally celebrated in the company of family and friends, I remember Terry often saying to me that as each bithday comes and goes, a person merely moves up one notch closer toward reaching the gates of heaven. Terry was certainly right about that and he always looked at his future passing not to be the end or a bad thing. but just the beginning. I believe that God specially selects each of us at a certain time and at a specific location and for a certain reason and according to his plan to be in a much better place with him for eternity.

Today April 5th also marks the 3rd year anniversary of when Terry and I first arrived to MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. It was actually Terry’s 57th birthday on that very day 3 years ago. In honor of Terry we chose back then RV spot # 57 to reside in. Ironically this was the very same spot (now sacred) that ultimately became the place where Terry’s spirit ascended to heaven on September 1st, 2017.

From that point of arriving to MacDill AFB and going forward, as you all remember from Terry’s previous blogs, it was 5 full months of constant health challenges. It was at that time period that Terry’s body started to become much weaker as each day passed. Remarkably however, his spirit and his inner strength (and of course mine as well bring his 24/7 caregiver) become ever stronger despite so many obvious signs of cancer ultimately taking over.

Things as I always try to remind myself happen for a reason and we have to accept these realities as part of God’s ultimate plan as they are out of our direct control.

So, on this special day.. I wanted to wish you “Sherry,” a very happy 60 th birthday and I know that your dear twin brother “Terry” is smiling down upon you and the rest of us as we remember and celebrate you and your brother Terry’s special day!

The selfie video of Terry that I have attachd below will bring back memories of Terry from exactly 3 years ago, as he and I were enroute from northern Florida with our RV, excited about what was to be our new and temporary home here in Tampa, FL as we would begin to work with experts in the oncology field to evaluate and treat Terry’s condition and provide hope. As I mentioned before…despite all the medical assistance..God truly had a bigger plan for Terry and according to that plan… called Terry early to come be with him behind the glorious gates of heaven.

I raise my glass of wine to honor both you Sherry and you Terry on your special 60th birthday!

I hope tthe video of Terry that I’ve included brought you Sherry and the rest of the Tidwell family and other friends a true reminder that Terry’s spirit is and always will continue to remain alive within each of our hearts.

With Love.


It’s Ground Hog Day All Over Again!

Hey All….My video pretty much tells it all. Just like the ground hog back in February who didn’t see his shadow and had to go back into hibernation for awhile….I too have a while to go before I can enjoy the Spring, the beautiful sunny 85 degree weather we are having and getting in ny meaniful.and socially distant exercise that I crave to do. Per my surgeon’s orders…my leg must stay elevated and wrapped, no physical activity or sun for the forthcoming weeks, etc. So….. back into my cave I go awaiting to try again to see my shadow in several more weeks! By that time it’ll almost be summer!!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!!

These Happy Guys Are Way Too Cute! They Can Teach Us Something !

Hey All

Being that it’s Monday and we are all still trying to cope with our new “temporary” way of living as a result of the Corona Virus Pademic, these cute critters with their happy faces reminded me of a few things. If we keep a positive attitude, we will all eventually get through all this turmoil.

We just need to be patient,venture out when only essential, be considerate of our other neighbors, and always take safe precautionary measures.

Soon we will be be back to our more normal way of living and be happy and content again just like these cute smiling critters! Hang in there! All will be well!

Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine

Hey All

I hope and pray that you and your family and friends are safe and doing well as we all cooperatively do our parts to rid the world of this terrible CV-19 Pandemic

So many people have become infected, are critically ill or have unfortunately died from this virus! My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all these innocent people, so sad and seems so surreal.

Although others at least to this date might not have yet become “infected” by this virus, we are ALL in some way or another AFFECTED by this pandemic and are trying to cope and to cooperate with helping to stop the growing spread of this disease by practicing social distancing, going on lockdown mode or self-quaranting oneself if having knowingly been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

In trying to cope with all this, it certainly leads to a lot of anxiety and stress because it has drastically affected our current way of living and has affected our job security (in many cases) and has had a profound negative impact on our hard earned retirement savings (to include me!)

Yes…through all this, it has resulted in a lot of temporary inconveniences in our lives such as reduced hours and store closures, long lines, select items on shelves being temporarily out of stock (like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, etc), many restaurants being closed, on reduced ours or only having take out orders available and of course little to no on site social events or interactions with others. (Luckily..some groups have recently been finding innovative ways to have virtual social gatherings thru communication modes such as Zoom, etc).which helps a bit, but it’s still not the same as direct on site personal interaction.

Having said all this… sadness, anxiety, depression and dealing with all these temporaryv inconveniences have definitely added to our stress levels! I will be the first to admit.. it has definitely gotten to me (futher further complicated because of other mobility restructions for me right now because of my recent surgery).

In light of all this…sometimes we just need a little stress release and laughter in our lives, if only for a brief moment.

A friend on mine recently sent me these two attached you tube videos to me and I will admit. .they really helped to give me a moment of laughter and stress relief! This confirms the accuracy of my blog title that “Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine” especially at a time like this! Hoped these videos give you a moment of laughter and stress relief and help to start out your dayvon a brighter and more positive way!

Pleae my friends..thru all this..remain cautious, practce social responsibility to minimize direct exposure to others and please stay safe.

I wish you and your families all the best and hope you remain well.

Love, Gary

Watch “I’m Alive and Doing (?)”

Hey Everyone,

So sorry that I haven’t been on WordPress for awhile, just been busy wiyh other things that I needed to get done and so on-going health issues.

I guess we all have periods in our lives where other things sometimes need a bit more attention.

I am going to begin posting new blogs again soon.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

I wish you all well, especially under the current Corona Virus Pandemic. Please stay safe! Inluding a you tube video below. Take care…