Warning Warning!! Don’t Overdue Your Yardwork!

Hey Fellow Bloggers….look what happened to these guys in the photos I’m attaching here! These home owners were dying to get out there to work on their landscape and win the “yard of the month” ! Look what happened to them!! Yikes!! Do your gardening chores in moderation and be safe out there! The bones get brittle and the joints become stiffer the older ya get!! HaHa

Memorial Service (Celebration of Life) on Maidera Beach, Florida for a Dear Friend

Hey fellow bloggers,

A week ago on Sunday, September 27th one of the groups I belong to.. ‘ ‘The Tampa Bay Adventurers” had a memorial.sevice for our beloved friend “TJ” who committed suicide back in late March just near the start of the Covid Pandemic. No one saw thus comming! “TJ”  was a very personable guy and so caring and loved by everyone. No one had  any idea nor were there  any signs that he was vulnerable to take his own life? “TJ” was the group’s volley ball couch and was also designated to become the leader or the “Tampa Bay Adventurers”. He was found at the shore of Honeymoon Bay in  Dunedin Fl. Apparently one evening he took his Kayak out on the water and inflicted a gun shot wound to his head. So sad.

Our group has been waiting so long to have this memorial service, but due to Covid restrictions we had to wait. Since the beaches in Florida were now open we thought it was as good a time as any to do this outdoor service.

There will be a nice memorial bench that we have ordered in memory of “TJ” and with the approval of Maderia Beach park officials it will be permanently installed in a few weeks by the beach and walkway.

Enjoy the videos… especially of my friend “Dave”the vocolist who wrote and sang an original song in “TJ’s” honor.

Also, wanted to let yoi know that Terry’s father “Don”  passed away earlier his week in the Dallas area. He is now at peace in Heaven with his beloved Terry our dear friend. Both Don and Terry are smiling down upon us all and watching over us. Their spirits remain forever in the hearts of family, friends and others they’ve impacted throughout their lives on Earth   With Loving memory, Gary

Bike Ride to Philippe Park and downtown Safety Harbor, Florida

Hey fellow bloggers. Last night I ventured on another one of my long bike excursions… this time to a beautiful nature park in Safety Harbor, Florida. The bike ride was so enjoyable and the area has a rich history. The park was originally founded by a French aristocrat from Leon, France just a few years after the start of the start of the French Revolution. Besides my selfie videos of the actual park and downtown Safety Harbor, I am going to include a couple of other videos that will explain much more about this wonderful park and Safety Harbor. Enjoy the videos and have a great day and please stay safe and be well! Gary

Please bear in mind as I was doing the selfie video in the park I was also filming it to send out to a meetup group of mine as a possible site for a future potluck and social.

Also, despite mentioning in one of the above videos that I was going to also do a film showing some of the mega mansions along the way on my trip back, after viewing that video it came out too dark for you to see and appreciate. So I’ll redo it and show you in another blog in the future.

All Is Ok !

Hey fellow bloggers..just a quick note to let you know that all is Ok with me.

Just decided to take several week’s break from blogging to concentrate on my health issues and some other stuff I needed to attend to.

Recovered pretty well from my left elbow and left hand surgery I had back on 6/12 (Operation # 13) but do have a bit of residual pain in left hand. Surgeon injected some steroid in the left hand joint on this past Monday to help with the discomfort.

On 7/17 I had vascular surgery (Operation # 14) on my right leg and then on 7/31 I had vascular surgery (Operation # 15) on my left leg. Both went well with no najor complications, but I’ve got to wear emboli stockings for the next two weeks which isn’t much fun in the Florida hot summer heat!!

All my family and friends are doing fine with Covid. Plan to go visit my Mom and younger brother for a short while in the forthcoming weeks. Beau is planning on going with me.

Other than that…been pretty boring recently due to limited social activities and restrictions because of Covid. I think you all can relate to that as well!

Did manage to get out a bit with a friend on Sunday Aug 2 on my 64th birthday but tried to remain safety conscious and practice social distancing while out in public, not like some USA “pseudo” leaders I know in Washington DC!

Ok..about all for now. Take care, be safe and stay well! Will try to get back into blogging more regularly soon!

Love, Gary

Trying out to play “Mary Poppins” in a movie sequel! Seeing if I can sucessfullt fly in the air using one of these umbrellas !

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4th of July Eve Dinner Party! A Total Success!!

Hey All… Had a great 4th of July Eve Dinner Party at my condo last evening. Beau who is visiting here with me this weekend helped me to prepare and pull off this awesome party! We made a great team planning the event, purchasing the food, prepping the condo and deciding how best to set up the food presention then acuslly undergoing the preparation and then cooking of the food and finally and most importantly being the prefect host and hostess to our invited guests!

The Host and Hostess with the Mostess!
Appetizer Display

Table Set Up for 8

The Tools of the Trade for Grilling
The Stocked Fridge


Hey Fellow Bloggers. Here’s an update on some future travels that I have been coordinating. Sure hope that we don’t end up having a second wave of the Corona Virus to require cancellation. of these 2 trips. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy the first video…which I’ve included to set the mood! Have a great Sunday!