What are you looking at?

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at? –

Okay, I was minding my own business, you know doing the things hens do.  And then he starts strutting his stuff.

Really?  And why would you do that here?  The city is allowing us to roam free amongst others and you go and spoil it.

What do you mean, I am making a scene, you started it! Why are you talking to me that way?  Go back to Rooster land or where ever you came from.

Hey, you with the camera.

What are you looking at?


My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


Dank –

Once again alone, Dank the duck sat quietly waiting for their approach.  Would they come this time?  He had forgotten when the last he saw them.  And how did he get left behind?

It seems like yesterday, but no it was already a couple of seasons ago, they were all here on their trek to the south, to the warmer climate.  Dank as usual would not stay with the group, but instead go exploring the surroundings.  He had been there before, but still the exploring brought new exciting adventures.  It only took 1 exciting adventure and they left and he was left behind alone.

Now it was time.  Would they come back this way?  Dank the duck sat quietly waiting for their approach.  Would they come this time?

The loquacious BBQ guest

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


The loquacious BBQ guest –

The evening BBQ started with beer, wine or other beverages of choice and pleasant conversation amongst the guest.  As the sun begin its decent into the horizon and the beverages continued to flow, so did the conversations.  But there is always that one, you know the one that hogs the conversations and makes it all about themselves.  But, I can’t help it, I like to talk about me and my advocacy toward the destruction of those like me to aid in one’s appearance.   The belts, the handbags and really the shoes?  Please, do we really need to talk about the shoes?  So yes, the drinking continued and I kept the conversations about me and the others and you felt it was enough.  So, you have the audacity to call the authorities and have me arrested?  And then the unthinkable, the tape started and I became muffled….

Mrmph mmmrpph mmmrrrmph


You know the nursery rhyme –

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey;

Along came a spider

Who sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Wikipedia.org has the following –

A tuffet, pouffe, or hassock is a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool in that it is completely covered in cloth so that no legs are visible, and is essentially a large hard cushion that may have an internal wooden frame to give it more rigidity.

Do you remember this picture?


It is displayed in my post ‘mushrooms‘.  All the pictures I take are with my smartphone; with some pictures turning out better than I expect compared to others.  I never change the settings on my camera, and depending the time of the day and lights and other conditions out of my control; I just hope for a good picture.  I always take at least 2 pictures of the same subject and sometimes more; my thinking one might turn out better than the other(s).  For a while I was in search of the perfect mushroom or in this case mushrooms for my previously mentioned post.  The great photo almighty knew this and these mushrooms popped up one day right outside of our RV.  Lucky me!

So my usual 2 pictures were taken of the mushrooms.  And when deciding which to use for my mushrooms post, upon further inspection of the 2 pictures, I decided to use the above picture – picture #2.  I had a very good reason, because upon further inspection, picture #1 provided me another post for another day – that would be this post.

I never saw little Miss Muffet sitting on the tuffet eating her curds and whey.  I was going to actually write here ‘Who actually eats curds and whey?’, but I goggled it and come to find out, I do.  Google has the following –

Actually, you’ve probably eaten curds and whey without knowing it. Curds and whey are actually the lumps and liquid found in cottage cheese. If you didn’t know, cottage cheese is made from skim milk.

Back to my story –

Along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.  This is most likely the reason for me not seeing little Miss Muffet, because I did see the spider.

That spider decided to photobomb my picture!

Google has the following –


a photograph that has been spoiled by the unexpected appearance of an unintended subject in the camera’s field of view as the picture was taken.

It is okay little spider; you did not spoil my photo; after all you gave me another idea for a post.

Here is my picture #1.  Do you see the spider that frightened Miss Muffet away?


I zoomed in, do you see it now?


There he or she is – I was photobombed!

Spirit Animal Award Nomination

Recently, well over a month ago; Jennie from A Teacher’s Reflections nominated me for the Spirit Animal Award Nomination.  Jennie is a 30 years plus school teacher to preschool kids.  And from the posts I read on her blog, I know she is the best teacher those kids can have.  Please take time to visit her blog and Jennie I apologize for taking so long to respond, that is not the usual me, but then I am not in my usual state of mine recently.


The rules of the award:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to his/her blog.

– Post the award picture on your blog.

– Write a short paragraph about your blog and what it means to you.

– Answer this question: if you could be any animal, what would it be?

– Choose and notify ten nominees


What does my blog mean to me?

This blog at this time in my life is so much more than I would have ever expected.  I started my blog a little over 16 months ago for reasons of non-other than to write about my life; where I had been, what is occurring today, where am I going into the future.  That was it, nothing really special in that I am just an ordinary person living an ordinary life.  Over the past year as you know life threw me a curveball, an unexpected event that would lead me through a journey with cancer.  This blog now is an important part of my support that I have from you; my supporters, my cheering section, my shoulders to cry on, my rocks of faith.  In the past couple of weeks, I thought about giving up my writings and completely deleting my WP blog.  That is how this cancer is affecting me; it wants me to give up and call it quits.  But, I am stronger than that and I have you my wonderful friends, who I truly appreciate seeing each and every day.  So my blog will continue.


What animal would I choose to be?

This was and is a difficult question for me as I honestly do not know what animal I would be.  There are animals that display strength, animals that are weaker in appearance; then there are animals that are fighters and animals that are cuddlers.  I think I am all the above depending on the day, how I am feeling and what I am in need of to take on each day as it comes.  Today with the current happenings in my life, I choose a canine, yes a dog.  Maybe that comes across as an easy pick amongst all animals in the world.  But think about it; dogs display strength and sometimes appear weak in appearance; they can be fighters and they can certainly be cuddlers.  My dog Roxy depends on me as I depend on others.  I choose to be a dog.


My Spirited Nominees:

– Tikeetha over at A Thomas Point of View

– Tanya over at postprodigal.com

– Cindy over at cindyknoke.com

– Alexis over at UNTANGLED

– Paula over at Never A Dull Bling

– David over at Life and Random Thinking

– Marci over at What’s for Dinner Moms?

– Bernadette over at HADDON MUSINGS

– Sadie over at SADIE’S NEST

– Clare over at Around ZuZu’s Barn


Thank you again Jennie for this nomination – I appreciate you very much.


My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.



It was the usual trek home after a night of working the neighborhood.  The journey back to the home was slow this morning as the tiredness from the previous night’s events were beginning to take its toll.  The fences seem higher this morning and not as easy to maneuver.  With the breeze blowing oh so lightly and the coolness of the air made for a relaxing stroll.  But the tiredness kept its grip and increased with each small step.  The home base seemed forever in the future to arrive and the trek started becoming slow.

The slowness and tiredness were interrupted by the noise that came from below!  That creature again, why is it there and what is its intentions?  The journey stopped and played the ever so popular game to not gain additional attention – but to no avail.   For the creature’s noise had alerted them again and the search had begun.

As the motionless was instilled with the journey no longer the event, there came the alerted one.  The noise stopped and the alerted one became interested and the tiredness that was once now was alert.  Then slightly the turn and the look –