Valiant Blogger Award


Recently my friend and fellow blogger Dolly nominated me for an award.  Thank you Dolly for nominating me for the Valiant Blogger Award; I am deeply honored.

Dolly and I have recently started following each other’s blogs and I feel fortunate our virtual paths have crossed.  Dolly, born in Russia is sharing her recipes on her blog koolkosherkitchen.  Please click her blog site name and visit her blog, you will not be disappointed.

If you visit the Hall of Valor you will find the following about this award –

The Valiant Blogger Award is for the blogger who is brave and courageous.  It is dedicated to someone who, despite being faced with the most difficult obstacles in life, chooses to fight on and never give up.  It is for the lionhearted, one who faces fears and challenges, who has become an inspiration to others along the way. 


The rules of the award are –

1.Post the award on your blog.

2.Provide a link to the Hall of Valor

3.In 200 words or less, share about the greatest challenge in your life and HOW you got through it.

4.Give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with something in their life.

5.Thank the person who nominated you, and nominate a new blogger for the award.


Many of you know I am dealing with cancer and most recently had a major surgery to remove organs that cancer had invaded.  After a couple of minor surgeries and chemotherapy last year you would think this is what I would use as my greatest challenge in my life.  But, it is not.

Back in July of last year, I wrote a post ‘Mother Mary‘, in which I wrote the following –

I talked with my mom a couple of weeks ago about this upcoming surgery, the most recent one; and I had told her, I said this is not the end, I feel it, I just know there is more to come.

And I told her also that I will get through it because this is not my greatest battle, my greatest battle has already occurred.  It was that depression, that great depression within me, about me that wanted to bring me down, wanted to end my life, kill me, destroy me – and I battled back, I found the strength and courage and I won that battle.  I overcame that which wanted to beat me down to nothing.

October of last year in my post ‘My Greatest Fight‘, I concluded with the following words –

At times of weakness I remind myself of the inner strength I have and the good mood returns.  As the fight and the battle continue, so does the mood continue to be good; for a good mood is strength to battle any fight.

This may not be my greatest battle; for now, this is my greatest fight.

My advice to everyone; no matter the struggle, battle or fight taking place –

From my post ‘strength‘ –

So, my post is about strength; I think that it is probably in all of us, it is in all of us somewhere.  And when we need it the most, I think we all can reach deep down and grab it and use it and get through any difficult situations we may be going through.  


The person I wish to nominate does not usually accept awards and she is deserving of many of them.  I am going to nominate her anyway because she is an inspiration to me and has had her share of difficult obstacles in which she never gave up and she overcame.

My nomination is Lynn over at LYNZ REAL COOKING

(Lynn, you are in no way obligated to respond or accept this award.)

Mystery Blogger Award

I am nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award.

A heartfelt thank you to fellow blogger sparksfromacombustiblemind for this nomination.

A portion of her ‘About’ page –

I have a twisted, rather bitter and cynical outlook on almost everything.  And an opinion.  Just ask me, you’ll find out.

And yes, folks those words describe her – and that is one reason I like her and consider her my friend.

Thank you Embeecee for this nomination.


“Mystery Blogger Award” was created by Okoto Enigma

Rules For The Nominees:

• Display the award logo on your blog. √

• List the Rules. √

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. √

• Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. √

• Tell your readers three things about yourself. √

• Answer five questions from the nominee. √

• Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers. √

• Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog. √

• Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question. √

• Share the link to your best post. √


Three Things About Me:

This is always difficult for me to answer because there is nothing I can write that is not already here on my blog somewhere.  How about single words to describe me –

Compulsive, Defective, Routines, Rocking, Impulsivity, Emotional, Addictions, Control, Evil, Drink, Slow, Spearfruit

Embeecee’s Five (Well SIX) Questions:

What is your biggest regret?

No regrets – I have never had regrets!

What is your favorite time of day/night?

Early, early morning – before anyone else is awake.

Your favorite beverage (alcoholic or non..)?

I drink lots of water, and less anything else – but I do like beer, vodka, milk, coffee and let’s not forget margaritas.

Do you enjoy the fall back or spring ahead time change more?

Neither, I no longer enjoy the time change, call me old – it is too difficult to recover from the change.

If you could have one wish (and you can’t say “more wishes”) what would it be?

I wish for no poverty and no one to go hungry in the world – and no diseases, is that more than one wish?

The Weird Question:  If you saw someone you didn’t know (a stranger) who was having a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ (i.e. their dress was stuck in their pantyhose or their trousers were unzipped; and stuff was showing) would you tell them or just look away and hope someone else spoke up)?

This is a good question that I am unsure how to answer.  I have seen people in this type of situation and did not say a word: I felt awkward to say anything.  I have had someone tell me my zipper was unzipped – I was thankful they told me.


Best Post:

I do not have a best post; I know which one is my worse – but I will not tell you which one that is.  The only reason I consider it my worse post is because the title was totally wrong.  I try to title my posts that make readers want to read them – my worse post – the title was totally wrong.

My nominees, you are not obligated to participate.  And yes, I am only nominating 5 fellow bloggers –

A Thomas Point of View

Never A Dull Moment

Bold Blind Beauty

What’s for Dinner Moms?

This is Another Story


My Questions to my nominees –

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

What’s your favorite holiday?

If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?

Do you ever talk to yourself? When and what do you say?

Cake or pie?

Thank you again Embeecee for this nomination.

MakeItUltra™Blogger Award

I was nominated for the MakeItUltra™Blogger Award by one of my favorite fellow bloggers and friend Kerry over at Postcards from Kerry.

Kerry is a storyteller of her life, her travels, a funny entertaining person and certainly a flirt.  Please take time to visit her blog, you will not be disappointed.


The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.


The Rules:

If you have been nominated for the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award and choose to accept it, write a blog post about the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award in which you:

– Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog. Take a moment to positively promote the person who nominated you.

– Display the award on your blog by adding it to your post and/or displaying it using a widget on your page (Save the image to your computer and upload it to your blog post). Don’t forget to use the tag #MyUltraAward when you make your post!

– Answer the following MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions.


The Questions:

– What is your name?

Terry, that is all I am providing as it took almost a year to reveal just my first name.  I need some sense of privacy in my life even though it is my life this blog is about.

– Where are you from?

I was born in Texas and lived there all my life until my recent move here to Florida about 7 weeks ago.

– How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

A little over 16 months ago was the beginning of my blog.  I started because I felt a need to record my life in writing; a book was my choice, though I do not know where to start with that – so this blog was born.

– What are you most proud of?

I am proud of many things; me overcoming a major depression in my twenties, my sons, my husband, but most of all – my ability to get up each and every day to fight the struggles that at times want to defeat me.

– What are your blogging goals?

When I started my blog, my original goals were to post every single day and to reveal this blog to my family after 1 year of its existence.  I achieved my goal for the first year to post every day and made this a goal again for another year.  My goal to reveal this blog to my family has not happened yet.  Why?  I am still scared to reveal many parts of me to my family, it is easy to reveal me to you, but to my family I feel a sense that they may be disappointed in me.

– How do you spend your free time?

Currently I spend my free time writing posts, reading other blogger’s posts, resting quite a bit – especially the days after chemo and taking walks when I feel the energy.


Nominate 1-8 blogs that you feel deserve the award and provide links.

Just as Kerry did, I am nominating just one person.  I have many wonderful followers and I appreciate each and every one of you.  I have nominated many of you for other awards and try to spread the awards around as much as I can.  So my choice is a lady who I feel I have a connection with in a cosmic sort of way.  I nominate my friend Osyth over at Half Baked in Paradise.

Once again, thank you Kerry for this nomination – you are my #1 girlfriend!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much Laurel over at My Journey Into Darkness/The Story Of A Life Wasted With A Lying, Cheating, Disease-Giving, Narcissistic Husband who nominated me for this award.  Okay let’s be honest here, if the name of her blog does not prompt you to go visit, then in Laurel’s own words maybe this will “unapologetic curse words, snarky remarks, biting humor, telling it like it is and roaring while you do it!”  Please go visit her, you will not be disappointed, she is kind and understanding and open, I think she is anyway.



– Display the award on your blog.

– Thank the person who nominated you.

– Share 7 facts about yourself.

– Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the award.



For each award I receive that ask me to give facts about myself, what do I do?  I respond by writing everything you know about me is here somewhere in a post.  So my usual response is to refer you to a past post and if you are interested you can read more about me.

1946 – 1964

That’s Stupid Definition

The White Picket Fence

Shackles & Chains

I was living in a rich man’s world

A Team Player

Small Fear of Water



– Tony over at sonofabeach96

– Sarah over at Travels with Choppy

– Tony over at The Tony Burgess Blog

– Maniparna over at Scattered Thoughts

– Yinglan over at THIS IS ANOTHER STORY


My fellow bloggers no need to participate if you are not interested – I understand.

Thank you again Laurel, I appreciate you and I appreciate the nomination.

Spirit Animal Award Nomination

Recently, well over a month ago; Jennie from A Teacher’s Reflections nominated me for the Spirit Animal Award Nomination.  Jennie is a 30 years plus school teacher to preschool kids.  And from the posts I read on her blog, I know she is the best teacher those kids can have.  Please take time to visit her blog and Jennie I apologize for taking so long to respond, that is not the usual me, but then I am not in my usual state of mine recently.


The rules of the award:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to his/her blog.

– Post the award picture on your blog.

– Write a short paragraph about your blog and what it means to you.

– Answer this question: if you could be any animal, what would it be?

– Choose and notify ten nominees


What does my blog mean to me?

This blog at this time in my life is so much more than I would have ever expected.  I started my blog a little over 16 months ago for reasons of non-other than to write about my life; where I had been, what is occurring today, where am I going into the future.  That was it, nothing really special in that I am just an ordinary person living an ordinary life.  Over the past year as you know life threw me a curveball, an unexpected event that would lead me through a journey with cancer.  This blog now is an important part of my support that I have from you; my supporters, my cheering section, my shoulders to cry on, my rocks of faith.  In the past couple of weeks, I thought about giving up my writings and completely deleting my WP blog.  That is how this cancer is affecting me; it wants me to give up and call it quits.  But, I am stronger than that and I have you my wonderful friends, who I truly appreciate seeing each and every day.  So my blog will continue.


What animal would I choose to be?

This was and is a difficult question for me as I honestly do not know what animal I would be.  There are animals that display strength, animals that are weaker in appearance; then there are animals that are fighters and animals that are cuddlers.  I think I am all the above depending on the day, how I am feeling and what I am in need of to take on each day as it comes.  Today with the current happenings in my life, I choose a canine, yes a dog.  Maybe that comes across as an easy pick amongst all animals in the world.  But think about it; dogs display strength and sometimes appear weak in appearance; they can be fighters and they can certainly be cuddlers.  My dog Roxy depends on me as I depend on others.  I choose to be a dog.


My Spirited Nominees:

– Tikeetha over at A Thomas Point of View

– Tanya over at

– Cindy over at

– Alexis over at UNTANGLED

– Paula over at Never A Dull Bling

– David over at Life and Random Thinking

– Marci over at What’s for Dinner Moms?

– Bernadette over at HADDON MUSINGS

– Sadie over at SADIE’S NEST

– Clare over at Around ZuZu’s Barn


Thank you again Jennie for this nomination – I appreciate you very much.

Move over Jack Nicholson

I am nominated for 4 awards!

Cool, right?

Well yes, except I have been busy with packing and downsizing I am running way late on responding to them.  I was thinking if it is okay with you, I could combine 2 awards in this post.  If you missed my earlier post of my other 2 awards click here ‘Move over Meryl Streep‘.   If you get through this whole post, you get a gold star – lots of information here.

Multiple Awards Border

These 2 awards I have not previously been nominated for.  So here we go –

My friend Embeecee over at sparksfromacombustiblemind nominated me for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award.  She is a wonderful lady and I would encourage everyone to visit her blog.  She is honest in her blog and I certainly enjoy reading her posts.  Thank you Embeecee very much for this nomination.

Black Cat Blue Sea Award

The rules of this nomination are:

1.Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.

2. Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions. If any of the questions asked are offensive or one simply does not want to answer, it’s all good.  You still get the award.  You put in the work, right?

3 questions I was asked –

What is the wisest thing anyone ever told you?  Do you still quote it back to other people today?  Do you follow the advice?

Good question, I cannot think of any specific wise thing anyone has told me – sorry.  I do know people I consider wise who were a big influence on me.

2.Do you like cats or dogs better?   No right answer for this one, I’m just nosy.

Dogs, they are normal, some cats are weird!

3.Coke or Pepsi?   Or are you a person who prefers neither and thinks the whole ‘war’ between these two colas is a publicity gimmick designed to get us to drink more of our chosen beverage?  Tell us what you do like to drink!

Neither – I do not drink soft drinks or pop, or coke or soda – depending on what part of the country you are from.  I drink lots of water!

My 3 questions for my nominees –

1.What is your perfect pizza?

2.What is your greatest fear in the world?

3.It you could do something over again in your life, what would it be and why?

My nominees – (no pressure to accept my friends)

Roberta over at Chorizo & Thyme

Tony over at sonofabeach96

Lynn over at Lynn Thaler

Chevvy over at CHEVVY’S STUDIO

Multiple Awards Border

Another friend Laurel at My Journey Into Darkness/The Story Of A Life Wasted With A Lying, Cheating, Disease-Giving, Narcissistic Husband nominated me for the Entertainer Blogger Award.  Another great blog, interesting posts, very honest person here – please take a visit to her blog.  Thank you Laurel for the nomination.

Entertainer Award

The Rules:

• Write a post with the award picture shown above.

•  Nominate up to 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most of all ENTERTAINING!

•  Thank the person who nominated you by tagging their blog.

•  Answer the five questions listed below.

The five questions are:

1. Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I want to write a book about my life and thought a blog would be a good starting point.

2. What is your favorite book?

I do not have one – I have not read many books in my life.

3. What do you dislike the most?

Drivers who do not use there blinkers when turning or changing lanes.

4. What is your favorite food item from the mall?

I don’t have one – if there is a Chinese place, I usually go with that.

5.  What is your favorite pastime activity?

Lately blogging.

My nominees: (no pressure – you do have awesome blogs)

Tanya over at

Cheryl over at Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser

Irene over at IreneDesign2011

Gama over at pritamode

Multiple Awards Border

Once again thank you very much to the following for the nomination –

My friend Embeecee over at sparksfromacombustiblemind

Another friend Laurel at My Journey Into Darkness/The Story Of A Life Wasted With A Lying, Cheating, Disease-Giving, Narcissistic Husband

Move over Meryl Streep

I am nominated for 4 awards!

Cool, right?

Well yes, except I have been busy with packing and downsizing I am running way late on responding to them.  I was thinking if it is okay with you, I could combine 2 awards in this post and later today, I will have another post with the other 2 awards.  If you get through this whole post, you get a gold star – lots of information here.

Multiple Awards Border

These 2 awards I have previously been nominated for.  So here we go –

Charles over at Charles French Words Reading and Writing nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  If you have not visited Charles blog, please do so.  His blog is full of interesting posts that relate to ‘An Exploration of Writing and Reading’.  Thank you very much Charles for this nomination.

One Lovely Blog Award

The Rules:

*Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog.

*List the rules.

*Display the image of the award on your post.

*List seven facts about yourself.

*Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them.

Seven Facts About Me:

Everything and anything about me is on this blog somewhere.  Instead of listing them here, I will let you go read about them in previous posts –

I like routines, do you?

Do Not Disturb

– the ‘unsocial me’

Drink, Drink, Drink

The Great Depression of the 1980s

It was time to end my life

Killing Me Softly

My Nominees: (no pressure to accept – I do like your blog)

Jessica over at Send Sunshine

Asha over at Asha’s Blog

Van over at vanbytheriver

Chris over at pearsnotparsnipsdotcom

Lori over at LoriGreerInPortland

Multiple Awards Border

Sarah over at Secret Art Expedition nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Please visit Sarah’s blog, as you will be inspired by her paintings, drawings, potteries and other artistic posts.  Thank you very much Sarah for this nomination.

Sunshine Blogger Award_1

The rules:

1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2.Answer the 11 questions from your nominator.

3.Nominate 11 bloggers.

4.Give them 11 questions to answer.

Questions for me:

1.What do you prefer: shopping or reading a book?

Tough question, because I really dislike shopping and reading a book would be difficult for me.  When I shop, I go for a particular product.  When I read, my attention span is short, therefore I prefer reading blog posts instead of books.

2.Did you ever sing karaoke in public?

I have once that I can remember.  I actually have a post about this in the coming weeks that will be part of my ‘Pictures & Stories’ category.

3.You´ve won 1 million US-Dollars but can´t keep it for yourself – what would you do with it instead?

Give it to my sons.

4.If time-travels were possible where – oops!  when would you travel: future or the past?

I would say the past.  I prefer to leave the future a mystery and not know what will take place.

5.What brings sunshine into your life? (apart from the sun, of course😉 )

Ice Cream, Cake, Cookies, Cup Cakes, did I mention Ice Cream?

6.What kind of super-power would you like to have? (like telepathy, flying etc.)

Teleportation – the ability to travel fast from one place to another.

7.Have you ever encountered a “troll” in the blogosphere? And how did you handle it?

Oh you know I have – read these posts: ‘It’s about you – not me’ & ‘You know who you are

8.Do you watch documentaries?

Occasionally when I happen to come across one.

9.What aspect of blogging do you like the most?

The interaction with wonderful friends I have met here.

10.If you could start your own business – what would it be?

Making cupcakes that bring happiness to people’s lives.  Did I mention, I would serve the cupcakes with a side of ice cream!

11.Pop Corn – with salt or sugar?

Salt and please lots of butter!

My Questions:

1.If you were ruler of the world what laws would you make?

2.If you were a super hero what would your hero name be?

3.What would you do if you won the lottery?

4.What talents do you have?

5.What is your favorite holiday?

6.If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

7.If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

8.Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?

9.How long could you go without talking?

10.What was your favorite birthday?

11.What historical Figure would you love to see in 21st century life?

My Nominees: (no pressure to accept my friends)

My friend over at Tarnished Soul

Val over at Find Your Middle Ground

Freda over at Aromatic Essence

Joan over at Retirement and beyond

Tikeetha over at A Thomas Point of View

Jennie over at A Teacher’s Reflections

Lynn over at An Encore Voyage

Derrick over at derrickjknight

Choppy over at TRAVELS WITH CHOPPY (sorry Sarah)

Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

David over at Life and Random Thinking

Multiple Awards Border

Once again thank you very much to the following for the nomination –

Charles over at Charles French Words Reading and Writing

Sarah over at Secret Art Expedition

Sorry it took me so long to respond – I appreciate the nominations!

Real Neat Blog Award

Very cool – I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by my friend laurel over at myjourneyintodarkness.

She has a very interesting blog that displays the following ‘This is the story of a life wasted on a lying, cheating, disease-giving, narcissistic husband.’

Please go visit her blog, you will not be disappointed.

Real Neat Blog Award


  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers you like.
  4. Let them know you nominated them.
  5. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
Real Neat Blog Award Border

Image Provided by:


  1. What is the strangest, most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to you?

Years ago I was taking a nap and woke up in a corn field in Kansas!  Seriously, many people say I am strange therefore unexplainable. 

  1. A candy bar or a doughnut?

Oh a candy bar – chocolate, peanut butter – you know like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

  1. Would you give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a homeless person?

Absolutely yes!  To help save another person’s life would be an honor for me.

  1. What movie could you watch over and over?

The Sound of Music

  1. What is something that would be almost impossible for you to give up?

This was a tough question for me to answer, because I feel I could give up any and everything that is a possession.  I did like to smoke and I gave that up and I do like to drink, and that would be difficult to give up.  So, I would have to say something that is important that I take for granted each and every day.  Okay, I know, because of my recent health issue – it would be almost impossible for me to give up my bladder.  But, one day I may have to. 

  1. What is the worst punishment you suffered as a child?

My form of punishment was a ping pong paddle! 

  1. When was the last time you lied and to whom?  (I hope it wasn’t me.)

Umm, I really do not lie.  I am a very honest person which is not necessarily a good trait. 

Real Neat Blog Award Border

Image Provided by:


1.What did you do on your last vacation?

2.If you opened a business, what kind would it be?

3.Water skiing or snow skiing?

4.Sunset or Sunrise – why?

5.If you could have an answer to one question about your future – what question would that be?

6.What is the best app you have on your smartphone?

7.If you were reincarnated as a fruit – which one would it be?

Real Neat Blog Award Border

Image Provided by:

NOMINEES: (you are not obligated to accept – no pressure)

Cheryl over at Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser

Chevvy over at Chevvy’s Studio

Paula over at Never A Dull Bling

Paula over at sanseilife

Sarah over at Secret Art Expedition

The Creative Blogger Award

Yes, another award – from my good friend Lynne over at LYNNE’S RECIPE TRAILS

Lynne visits my blog every day and always leaves me kind comments.  I encourage everyone to pop over and visit her blog; it is full of delicious recipes.

Creative Blog Award

Rules –

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

List the rules.

Write a blog post, showing the Award.

Share 5 facts about yourself.

Nominate at least 5 bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.

Keep the rules as you see them in your post.

Creative Blog Border

Five Facts About Me –

It is difficult to provide you 5 new facts about me that are not already here somewhere on my blog.  So, I decided that I would provide 5 facts about me that I previously wrote about and you can choose to go read the post.

At one time I ate ice cream with my fingers.  You can find why by reading this post ‘Eating Ice Cream with My Fingers’.

I trim the edge of the grass in my yard with scissors.  You can find why by reading this post ‘Trimming Grass With Scissors‘.

I am a compulsive rocker.  You can find why by reading this post ‘Rocking‘.

I sometimes walk on a treadmill backwards.  You can find why by reading this post ‘Walking On The Treadmill Backwards‘.

I like to lay out in the sun and tan.  You can find why by reading this post ‘Daily Dose of Vitamin D‘.

Creative Blog Border

My Nominees – (participation voluntary)

Sadie over at Sadie’s Nest

Catherine over at atypical60

Maya over at Sacrificial Chain Breaker

Jerry over at Mommy Man

Wallace over at WRITING IN REAL TIME

Creative Blog Border

Again, a big thank you to Lynne for nominating me – you are a sweetheart!

Have a happy day everyone!

Music & Words Award

I am running behind on responding to my award nominations – my apologies.  Awhile back I was nominated for another award.   The award Music & Words was bestowed on me by Brooke over at theutopiauniverse.  I encourage you to go over and visit Brooke’s magnificent blog.

Music & Words Award

The rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you

Answer these questions with words and music

Pass the award to 5 bloggers who inspire you with posts about music & words.

Show the award on your blog

Quote these 5 rules and award icon in your post.


What does music mean to you?

Music to me is memories.  I do not listen to current music very often: I am stuck in the ‘70’s.  I have a category on my blog titled ‘My 70’s Music Collection’ and several of my posts have a music video associated to them.  I have many memories from the 1970s; good and bad and the music from that time brings these memories back to me.  And from these memories I write the posts.

What is your first music related memory?

Honestly I do not know.  I remember my mom and dad listening to Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck and others of the day – this would be the late 1960s & early 1970s.

What’s the first album you purchased yourself?

I have no idea!  I remember the most important CD I brought; The Hits – Chapter One.  Do you remember why?

What’s the latest music you’ve purchased?

I have not purchased music in many years.  Sorry call me cheap, but I feel no need to ‘buy’ music when I can listen to it free.

Your guilty pleasures?

I have no pleasures that I feel guilty about.  Sorry, I live my life without regret and guilt.  Some of you may remember why this is my most favorite song in the world!

Here are my nominees for this award –


Joyce over at Poppies and Popcorn

David over at Life and Random Thinking

Maniparna over at SCATTERED THOUGHTS

Bernadette over at HADDON MUSINGS

You do not have to accept this award, but it is an opportunity to learn about your musical side.  Once again I would ask you go visit Brooke over at theutopiauniverse.

Thank you again Brooke, and I hope everyone enjoyed my music side.