Anniversary Announcement

Today is the 27th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

Me (2)

Nothing clever in this post today.  No going back to a different age in my life to see what was taking place.  No interesting facts.  Actually, nothing interesting at all.

What is this anniversary post about?

I decided today is as good day as any to make an announcement, after all it is my blog anniversary.  When I started this blog 27 months ago, my goal was to post every day and I achieved this goal.  Now it is time to change because my health is declining and I no longer have the strength and I need my rest – lots and lots of rest.

Starting next week, I will be post 3-4 times per weeks and not every day.  My plan is to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and may be one weekend day.

I just need time to myself to take care of myself.

20170416_194313 (2)

Today is the 27th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

…moving the fluid.

In my post ‘lymphedema‘, I wrote the following –

This past Monday, I had a visit from home health care specialist to treat my lymphedema.  My current treatment involves the wrapping of my legs with hopes the fluid will flow back toward the trunk of my body.  With many of my lymph nodes having cancer, this process may be difficult and slow in progression or not work at all.  If this treatment is unsuccessful, then other treatments will be considered.

Image4Treatment along with exercise hopefully will help reduce the swelling at which time I will wear compression stockings for the unforeseen future.  My understanding is lymphedema can be temporary or permanent, therefore treatment will continue for as long as the lymphedema is present.  I hope eventually to reduce the swelling and improve my leg muscles so I have the ability to walk without the aid of a walker or cane.

In today’s post, I write the following –

For the past 2 weeks, up until this past Monday, my legs were wrapped.  You may remember in my video post ‘The Real Me Now‘, I showed my fully wrapped legs.  The fluid that was once in my lower legs and feet were forced up into my pelvic area and was causing me issues.  First the fluid did not appear to be leaving my body.  The process is this fluid travels through the lymph node system then enters the liver and exits through the urine.

With my usual issue of dealing with constipation vs a normal bowel movement, now my abdominal area was being filled with fluid.  This caused added discomfort and pain to an already beat up body full of other aches and agony.  So, the wrapping of the legs was removed this past Monday with a pending decision as to what the next step would be.


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This past Tuesday I met with my Oncologist Dr. L. to discuss my lymphedema and current overall pain I continue to feel.  His feeling on the lymphedema is to receive a different treatment that involves skin massaging and is referred to as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).  I also soon will begin wearing compression stockings during waking hours that should help in moving the fluid.

Yesterday my home health care specialist was here to begin the MLD treatment.  The treatment is being modified some because I am unable to lie flat on my back and laying on my stomach is not an option either.  So, yesterday’s treatment is the first of many and we are hoping for positive results.  Currently my feet, ankles, calves, thighs and waist are filled with fluid.  This makes it difficult for me to walk and many other daily activities we take for granted are now a huge effort for me.  The pain associated with daily routine activities are exhausting for me and drain my energy so fast, I accomplish very little during the day.

20170416_194313 (2)My days are filled with much rest – and that in itself can be stressful to prepare for.

My days are filled with much pain – and that in itself can be stressful to prepare for.

The effort to rest, the effort to treat pain, the effort to deal with everyday activities is difficult for me.

Much of my energy is drained – but I wake each morning to try again.

so Late so Soon?


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The last several days have proven to be time consuming for me.

I published a post yesterday and yesterday did not respond to comments.

How did it get so late so soon?

The last several days many activities have taken place.

I promise to about in future posts.

Be patient with me as I slowly catch-up on comments.

Be patient with me as I slowly catch-up on reading your posts.


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Writing Frustration

Lately I am tired quite a bit, the pain medications cause me to be drowsy.


Image Provided by:

I find it difficult to concentrate and therefore make many mistakes in my writing.


Image Provided by: That Cute Site

Most of the mistakes I find, because I must proof read everything these days.


Image Provided by: Heroes Get Made

The posts I write and the comments I leave on other’s posts and the response comments I leave on my posts; I must proof read them several times.


Image Provided by:

Upon proof reading, I have found I will leave a word completely out of a sentence.  My brain knows what words I what to type, but the fingers are not always typing those words.  I also am finding more errors with switching letters, you know that dyslexia that I have.


Image Provided by:

My tiredness and lack of concentration is causing me to make many mistakes.  And even after proof reading, I still find errors.


Image Provided by: Awesome Inventions

Writing Frustration.


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Today is the 24th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.


It is not just 24 months, but 2 years!

Multiple Awards Border

When I started this blog 2 years ago today, I had no idea where I was going with it and where it would take me.

I just decided at that time 2 years ago I wanted to write about my life; after all I had been thinking about it for; well, all my life.

For this post, I debated on whether I should reveal to you my stats, are they really important?  Do you really care about them?

I do look at my stats, but I don’t put a great deal of time into analyzing them.


But, it is 2 years today that I have been writing about my life – so I must give some sort of figure that is significant to what I am doing here on WP.

These are the only stats I am revealing –

I have written 752 posts.

If I were to count the words in those post (and I did), it would be 286,750.  (yes, I actually went back to verify the word count – OCD?)

My goal for year 1 – to publish one post per day.  I easily accomplished this goal with some days publishing 2 posts.

My goal for year 2 – again to publish one post per day, I again easily accomplished this goal because my cancer gave me more to write about.


Image Provided by:

My goal for year 3 – I am unsure as of today it I can publish one post per day.  It is not that I do not have enough to write about, it is about finding the time.  You might think to yourself since I do not work, I would have plenty of time on my hands – and I do.

The problem is because of my cancer and the effects it is having on me, I am needing to rest more, somedays all day.  Much of my time right now is consumed with rest and sleep and that takes away from my writing.  Plus, the pain pills I am on make me drowsy and this is affecting my concentration and overall thinking.

So, I am making no promises about publishing one post a day.  I have a few ideas about making it easier for me to do so; we shall see if I can incorporate these ideas soon.  Again, my time is being stolen by rest and sleep and the concentration skills are lacking.

So, year 3 begins today and never would I have imagined I would make it this far.  I never imagined I would have written 752 posts.  I never imagined I would write 286,750 words.

I also never would have imagined I would have cancer.

I refer to it as my cancer, because it belongs to no one else, just me.  My cancer is attacking my body the way it wants to, the way it sees fit to.  And right now, my cancer is attaching very toughly.

I am fighting back, but I will be honest, my strength is becoming limited and weak.

I continue to do my best to write and publish one post per day – this is a goal – I need a goal at this time in my life.  No goals leave me with nothing to keep me focus, even when that focus is difficult at times.

I want to thank you all for following my blog and for your comments of support and encouragement.  I have many wonderful friendships that are priceless.  You helped me write those 752 posts with 286,750 words.  I want to continue to write posts and words for as long as my body allows; because I enjoy seeing and hearing from you each day.  I enjoy the communication with you, the many wonderful friends from all over the world.

You brighten my day; and for that I say, ‘Thank you and have a Happy Day’.

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Today is the 24th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.


Tuesday night very late, Gary and I arrived in Tampa, Florida.

Wednesday, we setup, unpacked and cleaned the RV at our new RV park on the MacDill Air Force Base.

The last few days have been extremely busy and caused me to become behind on reading other’s posts and responding to comments.

What has made this worse is the limited internet connection.


Image Provided by: Daily Times


The new RV park location has a lousy connection.

When no internet connection is available we use our phone’s hotspot.

Yes, we do.


Image Provided by: TechFresh


Our cellphone provider connection is lousy at our new RV park location.

You know I am desperate when I drive to a different location to receive a better connection to publish my posts.

I have come to realize the following –


Image Provided by: FakePlus


I am kidding of course.

The internet issue is supposed to be fixed later today.

What should I do if it is not?


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Come & Go

One Lovely Blog Award Border

Come & Go, I see it often

Sometimes I think about is it them or me

If it is me than I cannot be soften

One Lovely Blog Award BorderI am me & they are them

And we cannot all agree

But is it me, her or him

One Lovely Blog Award Border& I try my best to be for all

Though I know this is beyond my control

I do my best to make the call

One Lovely Blog Award BorderCome & Go, I see it more and more

But that is ok, because I myself sometimes

Will take advantage and even the score

One Lovely Blog Award Border

‘The Switch’

Google ‘Switch’ and you get the following definition –

a device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit.


Image Provided by: Exporters India

Wikipedia has the following –

Switches are most efficient (i.e., painful and durable) if made of a strong but flexible type of wood, such as hazel (also used for a very severe birch) or hickory; as the use of their names for disciplinary implements

Oh yes, I remember those days – those switches

How do these definitions relate to today?  In absolutely no way!

‘The Switch’ was made early this morning – it had to be done – he was unprepared for today – something must be wrong.

That he is me and ‘The Switch’ relates to my posts, as I was unprepared; something must be wrong.


Image Provided by: Point the Power

I originally planned to published a video post of me today.  To publish that post today, my intentions were to record yesterday, but that never happened.  There was a hospital visit yesterday followed by an errand that needed to take place prior to my surgery.  So, the day slipped by and I in my usual pain became irritable, tried and worn out.  Honestly, I had just enough energy to respond to comments yesterday before I went to bed for the night – this occurred about 6:00 PM.

‘The Switch’ took place this morning and this post originally planned for Saturday is published today.  A video post of me will now be scheduled for Saturday.

Changes were made to this post, but here some of the original words –

My plan is to post every day, because this is a personal goal of mine and I see no reason I will be unable to continue it.  So, my posts for next week will be scheduled and ready to publish my usual time of 8:45 AM CST.  As I did while on my cruise back in December, I plan to disable comments, because honestly, I will not be able to respond to them next week immediately after surgery.  I am being optimistic in my recovery and my hope is I will be able to start responding to comments by next Saturday.  With that said, I will make adjustments along the way if necessary.

Some of you have asked me about whether Gary will be updating you on my status for next week.  The answer is no, he will not.  Gary is a wonderful man as you know, but he is somewhat technology challenged.  It would not be safe for him to be in my WP account, as it might accidently be deleted – sorry Gary.

As soon as I am able, I will be back online to let you know I am fine – that is my promise to you.


Image Provided by:

I am confident I will get through this surgery and initial recovery next week without issues.  I will make extra efforts to do so and I have Gary with me as my motivator.

And for the weeks to follow my recovery will be assisted by you, because each one of you motivates me.

As usual, I appreciate each of you and I am fortunate to have you as friends.

Thanks you!

blooper: an error

From my post ‘photobombed‘, I wrote the following –

All the pictures I take are with my smartphone; with some pictures turning out better than I expect compared to others.  I never change the settings on my camera, and depending the time of the day and lights and other conditions out of my control; I just hope for a good picture.  I always take at least 2 pictures of the same subject and sometimes more; my thinking one might turn out better than the other(s).

In today’s post, I write the following –

From –


1. an error

2. an embarrassing error that has to be removed from the show or movie.

I recently decided to get a new smartphone, not necessarily because I needed one, but just because I wanted one.  Having a new smartphone sometimes involves new apps, new ways of doing things and some learning of new skills.  I am not advertising here, but I always buy Samsung because I like their products even though they are having issues with their latest smartphone; which I do not own that particular one by the way.

I take lots of pictures with the new smartphone and you would think with as many pictures I take I would know what I am doing, right?

LOL, wrong!

Some Bloopers –

I will keep taking pictures, even though it appears I do not know what I am doing.

It started with 4 ‘Likes’

Today is the 12th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.


A year ago today in my first post ‘Hello World, this is my blog.‘, I wrote the following –

This is my very first post. What should I write that may be of interest to others?  Not much and then again maybe I do have many things I can write about.  I am an ordinary person, just like many others who live ordinary lives and do ordinary things.  I have many opinions about the everyday stuff, some important and some not so important.

The words I write, some readers may not like, others just will not read them, but others may find very interesting.  My words are my own and do not belong to anyone else.  The writing comes from me: my opinions, thoughts and ideas may change daily, over a longer period of time or never.

I will start soon writing about something and see where it goes from there.

In today’s post, I write the following –

With that first post, I had an idea of what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to be honest, sincere and true to me and in my written words.  I try not to sugarcoat my posts, I just write my thoughts down and the words flow and the posts are created as a result of me and my life.

I received 4 ‘Likes’ on that post a year ago today.  I think the fellow bloggers who ‘Liked’ that post; well they were being nice as that post was really not very interesting.  In the past year I have written 385 posts, with 156,147 words that received 8,751 likes and 6,963 comments from 4,601 visitors that resulted in 18,369 views.  WOW – AMAZING!

Now if I take the amount of words and equate that to miles and stay on the equator of Earth, I will travel around the world a little more than 6 times.

This means my blog is traveling much further than I could have ever anticipated.

Now if I take the amount of comments and equate that to smiles, I have smiles to last a lifetime.

This means my blog is producing many smiles in this world other than my own.

Now if I take the amount of posts and equate that to whews, I have scored a lot of points in Scrabble.

This means my blog is amounting to many more points than any game I have ever played.

Now it I take the amount of likes and equate that to thank you, I have a great many polite expressions I need to make.

This means me and my blog are thanking each one of you the followers and readers from the bottom of my heart –

Thank You!


What do all these interesting facts have to do with my blog – everything –

And I could not have achieved them without every one of you!

Today is the 12th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.