Fish Without Feet

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Fish Without Feet

Fish Without Feet –

So, I was minding my own business, you know swimming around looking for food.  Then it happened!

Really, who knew?

I was picked up and taken away far from the water.

The wind blew and the waters swelled and there I went up and over the rocks.

Really, who knew?

All I need now is to be put back into the water so I can continue looking for food.

I am a fish without feet and therefore unable to walk back.

I would greatly appreciate your help today.

Life as a Goldfish

In my post ‘Life begins out of my comfort zone‘, I ended with the following –

images5FY7ICW1I will leave the home comfort zone as the current home is being sold.  I will leave my set ways, my current habits and start anew.  I will do this: but I will admit I have some uncertainty and some fear.  But then again if I do not try my life will not begin again.  The time is ticking, am I ready?  The current home is selling, am I ready?  The decision has been made, am I ready?

Life begins out of my comfort zone, am I ready?

In today’s post, I start with the following –

Not long ago, I read a post titled ‘Are you a goldfish’ on the blog theutopiauniverse.  Please go over and visit Brooke’s site as there are a great many interesting and inspirational posts there.

That post, I connected with and felt it applied to me and my life.  That post is about us living in a goldfish bowl doing the same thing and not pushing ourselves to do something different.  I am leaving my goldfish bowl to venture out into uncharted waters to explore the unknown.  What will I encounter and will I be fearful to what l find in those waters?  Will I be like Ishmael from the book Moby Dick who believes he has signed up for a routine commission only to find a tragic ending?  Or will I be like Dory from the movie Finding Nemo and speak whale and find a happy ending, find my way back home safely, wherever it may be? article ‘Why leaving your comfort zone can be so rewarding’ includes the following –

So, why should we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone from time to time?

You can achieve more

You’ll lead a more fulfilled life

You’ll deal with change better

You’ll be more creative

In my post I wrote last year ‘The Home Comfort Zone‘, I concluded with the following –

My comfort zone that is my current home is holding me back from living and growing – soon, I believe the moving from my comfort zone will take place!

In today’s post I conclude with the summary of a book I read as a child –

From ‘A Fish Out Of Water’ –

The story is about a boy who buys a fish, named Otto, from a pet store. The store owner, Mr. Carp, gives the boy instructions on how to care for the fish, including strict feeding instructions: “Never feed him a lot. Never more than a spot! Or something may happen.


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You never know what.” When the boy disobeys these instructions out of compassion for his new pet, Otto begins to outgrow his fishbowl. This leads the boy to move him into lots of vases and a bathtub until he floods the house.

The boy requests help from a police officer and the fire department, who help him take Otto down to the local pool. There, they drop the fish in, causing it to expand to the size of the pool and scare off all of the swimmers. Unsure of what to do, the boy calls Mr. Carp. He is not surprised as boys always ignore his feeding instructions. When Mr. Carp arrives, he dives into the pool and pulls Otto below. Eventually, he emerges with the fish, back to its normal size. He refuses to say how he did it but tells the boy to never overfeed Otto again, and the boy takes his advice to heart.

What is the meaning of this story?  Don’t feed a fish too much food?  Or maybe as we grow; leaving the fishbowl into a large vase or bathtub or even a large swimming pool can be a good thing, right?