about being present – a Visual Recite

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I have taken many pictures over the years and I share them with you with a recite.

about being present

about being present –

I wrote about wasting time, which I suppose is a part of the great human journey. We’re supposed to wallow, to go through the desert without water for a long time so that when we finally drink it, we’ll truly need it and we won’t spill a drop. It’s about being present.

–          Walton Goggins

Central Florida Visit

A couple of weeks ago in my post ‘Look Forward‘, I wrote the following –

This past Tuesday in my post ‘Seeking a Home Base’, I mentioned Gary and I are searching for a location to plant roots and use as our home base.  A trip is planned in a couple of weeks and we will be visiting different locations that best meet our needs.  The trip will also include visiting a major Cancer Center located in Tampa, Florida.  A referral is submitted and a consultation appointment is in place.


Image Provided by: thewholeworldatyourhands.blogspot.com

Currently there is much planning taking place for a future move to a more permanent location and finding a new medical facility for my healthcare.  As indicated a couple of days ago in my post ‘Exactly 1 Month‘, I am feeling good with my recovery.  I will admit though, I do not feel excellent as I am having difficulties with some pain and other minor issues.  I am not sure if they are related to the surgery or my cancer diagnoses and if over time I will overcome these minor issues.

In today’s post, I write the following –

We left the Naval Air Station Pensacola RV Park 2 days ago, and stored the RV for the next couple of weeks.

Gary and I are driving to Orlando, Florida today and we will be staying at Gary’s older brother’s home and taking care of his mom while his brother and wife are out of town for a week.  This coming week we will be visiting locations for a possible permanent location to call home base.  I will fill you in on what we are looking at for a permanent residence in a future post.

This coming Monday I will have an appointment with a new Oncologist Dr. L. with Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.  Per U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals for Cancer rankings 2016-2017, Moffitt Cancer Center is ranked #1 in the Southeast and in the state of Florida and #6 in the nation.  After visiting their website and the recent communication I have had so far has me impressed with them and my hope is this feeling will continue after my appointment this next Monday.


Image Provided by: moffitt.org

In about 10 days we will make our way back to Pensacola.  Depending on our visits this coming week, upon our return to Pensacola, our plan may well be to hook the RV to the truck and drive immediately back to central Florida.

We feel strongly about locating ourselves in central Florida and we still have plans for some future travel adventures.  The period of our initial stay in central Florida depends on my health because the first part of April is when the next round of image tests will take place.  The results of these tests will dictate our immediate future plans upon our relocation.

an end to downsizing

In my post ’18 days and counting!‘, I wrote the following –

The PODS container was delivered yesterday.  Items we are keeping and storing are now starting to make their way into the container.  Much downsizing has taken place over the past year and a little more to go with regards to ridding of un-needed items.  Tomorrow we are having an Estate Sale and hope to downsize considerably more items.  The PODS container will be sitting in our driveway for 2 weeks at which time it will be picked up and stored.


In today’s post, I write the following –

The PODS container will be picked up this Thursday.  Since it was delivered, we quickly filled it, with no room to spare.

A week ago this past Saturday, we had the Estate Sale and it was a success and in that 2 of 3 larger items we had left sold.  These 2 items were a brass bed with mattress set and the baby grand piano.  Last week we sold additional smaller items and the last remaining large item sold this past weekend; a couch.  This past Saturday we had a moving sale and sold our remaining smaller items.

These past weeks we have continued our downsizing and with the combined garage sales of last year, we have rid of approximately 90% of our possessions.  Remember we lived in a 3,800 sq. ft. home and are moving into an 5th wheel with about 300 sq. ft.  Possessions we are not taking with us in our 5th wheel are in the PODS container that is about 200 sq. ft.  Having much less possessions is an amazing freeing feeling.  I am glad Gary and I decided to downsize considerably and decide to ‘go tiny’ in our next living situation.  I am unsure what the future holds for us with regards to where we finally end up living on a permanent basis, but at this time, the ‘go tiny’ works for us.


With 1 week to go, the house is nearly completely empty.  By Thursday, the last item to be placed in the PODS container will be the one and only remaining mattress.  For the past 2 weeks it has been on the floor in the master bedroom for us to sleep on.  After Thursday once the PODS container is picked up, I guess we will be sleeping on the floor.  Friday we plan to bring the 5th wheel back home and park it in our next door neighbor’s driveway.  They will be out of town this next weekend and are allowing us to park the 5th wheel there.  We will load the 5th wheel with the remaining items from the house and be ready to leave promptly on Tuesday of next week once house closing papers are signed.

With 1 week to go, a year’s effort of downsizing is coming to an end.  This chapter that Gary and I have experienced for quite some time is coming to an end.  And the next chapter soon will begin.